Saturday, November 22, 2014


Hey everyone! I decided I wanted to make another post! How about WHAT IS SHE DOING??
Just so you know, the bottle says "glue" it's a little bit cut off though!;)
So what do you think went on here? Write down the conversation you think went on here!:D I'll post my three favorites, then you guys can vote on which one you like best!:D I'll post the favorites on Decemeber 2. GET THINKING!;)


  1. Sloan: Um, Cecile. Why is Saige glued to the wall?
    Cecile: We were working on an art project and Saige got some glue on her hands. I decided to go wash my hands too, so we went together. But I accidentally bumped her into the wall.
    Saige: That's not true! You pushed me to the wall!
    Sloan: Well, in a situation like this, we just have to check the security camera.
    *Sloan climbs on a stool and pulls off a security camera.*
    Cecile: Uh-oh.
    *Sloan plays the camera footage.*
    *Cecile slowly backs away into the bathroom.*
    Sloan: Cecile! Come back here!
    Cecile: Oh no!

  2. Sloan: Why is Saige crying?
    Cecile: no reason... You know Saige is quite touchy.
    Sloan: I don't know if I believe that...
    *A bit later, after Saige has composed herself*
    Sloan: Why were you drying, Saige?
    Saige (beginning to cry again): Cecile got glue on my dress because she was making a Thanksgiving decoration!
    Sloan: Is that bad? It'll wash out.
    Saige: But the glue had dye in it!

    Hope you like it!


  3. Cecile: Want to know how to keep Saige busy?
    Sloan: How?
    Cecile: Glue a snowflake high on the wall with superglue, and tell her if she can get it down, you'll give her ten bucks.
    Saige: Just...a...little...higher!
    Cecile: He he!