Sunday, November 9, 2014

Elsa And Anna

Hi everyone!
Yesterday, I had told you that I would have a special surprise for you- the surprise is---- A COLLAB WITH GINGER SPICE! Yay! We went to the park and we brought along our Frozen dolls! The park was beautiful and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!
It was a beautiful sunny day!
The sun was making Elsa's hair glow! (She looks like Rapunzel, her cousin!!)
Elsa was with her sister, Anna. They had planned on coming here for weeks!
Anna had gone and decided she'd climb some trees. I decided I'd take some pictures of Elsa while Anna was gone.;)
 This tree was so cool! It was gorgeous!
Elsa looked stunning!:)
I love this picture of Elsa! She just looks so icy! Go figure right?;)
Anna had wanted Elsa to come climbing trees with her, Elsa was hesitant at first, but then decided to try it!:)
Elsa grabbed at the cracks in the tree but she couldn't pull herself up.
 "I think these trees are really big for us to climb-let's try that one over there!" Elsa pointed to a tree that had low hanging branches. Anna agreed and they walked over to the tree.
Elsa easily hoisted herself up on to the branches.
Elsa was looking so beautiful!
"The view is so nice from up here," Elsa sighed happily.
"Nice shoes!" Anna said.
Anna and Elsa sat on the branch talking about the weather and their days in Arendelle.
"Remember that time where I spilled cake all over your dress in front of the King of Efintosh!?" Anna burst out laughing.
"Yes, I remember!" Elsa laughed.
"OH! Your face!" Anna continued to giggle
Anna and Elsa posed for a picture. (This is one of my favorite pictures!)
I took Elsa aside for a few minutes for a mini photoshoot!:)
 After I took a few pictures, Elsa went back to Anna, but she couldn't find her.
"ANNA!" Elsa called. Elsa looked up and saw her silly sister hanging from the branches!
"There you are!"
I hope you liked the pictures as much as I do!
Can you pick a favorite picture?