Wednesday, November 19, 2014

PJ Game Night!

Hey everyone! So sorry this is coming late, posting completely slipped my mind!
Tonight was PJ Game Night at our house. 
Isabelle and Cecile were playing a board game.
"5! YES!" Cecile cried happily.
"What are you doing Elizabeth?" Saige asked.
"I'm looking at this Justice catalog! They just started selling doll clothing!" Elizabeth replied.
"OOOH! I want this one!"
"Everybody! Josefina said she could come!" Everybody cheered. Josefina hardly ever came over, she was so busy with school.

Josefina sat down next to Julie and they started talking.
Jess joined her.
"I LOST!" Isabelle said.
"Okay everyone! Time to go to bed!" Jess declared.
The lights switched off and they all had a peaceful sleep.
I hope you enjoyed the photostory! Until tomorrow, that's it!:)
         Do you like sleepovers?


  1. Cute photostory, Emma! Who's Josepfina doll is that? She doesnt look familiar. ;)
    Justice really sells doll clothes now? Cool!! I'm a huge Justice fan :)

    1. Thank you!
      She's actually mine, but she has a bald spot and completely horrid hair so that's why she never shows up!

    2. Ohhhhh......... Interesting!!

  2. Sleepovers are really fun(well, I've never actually been to one or had one, but my dolls like them)! I am actually having a photo contest on my blog that has the them of sleepover/bedtime/pajama, so if you wanted to, you could enter one of those photos! It ends soon, though-I'll be posting the photos on Saturday. But, if you are interested, here is the link to the contest rules: