Meet My Dolls!

Hi! Here is where you can meet my dolls!:)
Name: Elizabeth
Nickname: Liz, Lizzy
Age: 9
Favorite Color: PINK
What She Likes: fashion, doing her hair, dabbling in make up, shopping, doing her nails
What She Doesn't Like: the outside, walking, sweating, exercising, dirt
Personality: A bit snobby and bratty, also a diva
Awesome Fact: She mainly only wears dresses
Dream Job: A fashion consultant or a professional shopper.;)
Favorite TV Show/Movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Favorite Book: The Wide-Awake Princess
Favorite Food: Milkshakes and fries
Best Friend: She kinda doesn't like anybody that much...but she gets along fine with Molly mostly.

Name: Molly
Nickname: Mols
Age: 8
Favorite Color: Blue
What She Likes: hairstyling, ice skating, blogging
What She Doesn't Like: salad, her glasses
Personality: Molly is a girl who was lost for a very long time in what her talent was, she mostly found her identity in not knowing who she was, so her personality is sorta a mystery, but she is pretty dramatic! She is a nice girl who can do a lot of things. She likes animals too.
Awesome Fact: She can say the alphabet backwards
Dream Job: A hairstylist
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Frozen
Favorite Book: Waggit's Trilogy
Favorite Food: Coconut Cream Pie
Best Friend: Emily, who is her neighbor
Name: Jess
Nickname: Jess is short enough, dont'cha think?;)
Age: 16
Favorite Color: Orange and Yellow and Purple
What She Likes: reading, taking charge, helping out, ice skating, singing
What She Doesn't Like: people being immature, pranks, incorrect spelling
Personality: Jess is a very take charge kind of girl, and being the oldest, she does it a lot, she is a very caring girl and she loves her family
Awesome Fact: She has travelled a lot!
Dream Job: Maybe a Lawyer or a business person?
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Sherlock, When Calls The Heart, Pirates of the Caribbean
Favorite Book: The Two Princesses of Bamarre
Favorite Food: Guacamole and chips and burritos. Most any Mexican food.:)
Best Friend: She loves everybody a ton, but especially Nikki since she's almost the same age.
 Name: Nikki
Nickname: Nick
Favorite Color: Anything that looks good with cowboy boots
What She Likes: horseback riding, doodling, exploring, her horse Jackson
What She Doesn't Like: fashion, showering, cleaning
Personality: sloppy, horseback riding is her life, and she loves to go outside
Awesome Fact: She can ride her horse without a saddle
Dream Job: Horse Rider
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Sherlock, LOTR, Monsters University
Favorite Book: She actually hates reading.....
Favorite Food: Sloppy Joes, and Pizza
Best Friend: Jess, Julie, and Saige
Name: Julie
Nickname: Jules
Age: 12
Favorite Color: Green, like her uniform
What She Likes: basketball and sports
What She Doesn't Like: cleaning, homework, staying home for a while
Personality: She breathes basketball like it's air, but she also loves all sports
Awesome Fact: She is the captain of the basketball team
Dream Job: Professional basketball player
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Sherlock, Air Bud
Favorite Book: Basketball for Dummy's
Favorite Food: Smoothies with extra boosts, anything to keep her energy up
Best Friend: Ivy, who lives around the corner, Nikki, and Caroline
Name: Cecile
Nickname: Cece
Age: 9
Favorite Color: Turquoise and red
What She Likes: her hair, exploring, adventures, and singing
What She Doesn't Like: staying home, bananas, the feel of rubber
Personality: very adventurous and can be rebellious, but other then that, she's a very nice girl
Awesome Fact: She has the curliest hair in the house
Dream Job: A singer
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Book: Out Of My Mind
Favorite Food: Brownies
Best Friend: Isabelle and Caroline

Name: Saige
Nickname: None
Age: 12
Favorite Color: Blue and Gold
What She Likes: spying on people, drawing, painting, curling her hair
What She Doesn't Like: heels, creaky floor boards, dry paintbrushes, dull pencils, crumpled paper
Personality: Saige is an artsy spy! She loves spending time sneaking around the house
Awesome Fact: She sells her drawings and paintings at craft fairs
Dream Job: A spy
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Thor, Sherlock
Favorite Book: Nancy Drew and Harriet the Spy
Favorite Food: Burritos and beans
Best Friend: Nikki

Name: Sloan
Nickname: None
Age: 13
Favorite Color: Indigo and white
What She Likes: Going outside, dresses, contacts, texting, archery
What She Doesn't Like: Being grounded, her glasses, Staying inside, swimming
Personality: Sloan loves going outside and exploring and usually is found outside practicing archery
Awesome Fact: Isn't doing archery awesome enough?
Dream Job: A professional archer
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Maleficent, How To Train Your Dragon
Favorite Book: InkHeart and Ribsy
Favorite Food: Pizza and Meatballs
Best Friend: Isabelle and Adam

Name: Isabelle
Nickname: Iz, Izzy
Age: 12
Favorite Color: Army green and salmon
What She Likes: reading, dancing, sewing, rain, Jelsa
What She Doesn't Like: going out, warm weather, people being loud
Personality: Isabelle likes to imagine and is quiet, she usually is found reading in her bed
Awesome Fact: She is trying to read every book in the house
Dream Job: A Librarian or a stay at home mom
Favorite TV Show/Movie: LOTR, Frozen, and The Rise of the Guardians
Favorite Book: Ummmmmm, every single book she's read?;)
Favorite Food: Tea, scones, and cupcakes
Best Friend: Sloan, Sophie, and Faye

Name: Sophie Foster
Nickname: Foster
Age: 13
Favorite Color: Any neutral colors, but people have said she looks good in red.:)
What She Likes: animals, being with her friends, playing Base Quest, She likes figuring puzzles out
What She Doesn't Like: scary dreams, doctors, sedatives, when her friends are hurt, when she's anxious, standing out
Personality: She's a very friend-centered person, she loves her friends and being with people, and helping people. Sometimes she ends up breaking rules too. She gets along with adults also. She can be overly excited though.:) She can bring blame on herself when the blame really wasn't on her. She has a nervous habit of picking out her eyelashes.
Awesome Fact: She can sometimes tell what people are thinking and she has a photographic memory. I got her because she looked like my favorite girl book character.
Dream Job: She doesn't really have one
Favorite TV Show/Movie: She likes learning, so documentaries are good, she also likes Sherlock since he figures things out so cleverly
Favorite Book: She likes so many!
Favorite Food: All of the foods that she had when she was in her old house, like mallowmelt and custard bursts.
Best Friend: Her old friends Fitz, Keefe, Dex, and Biana, but here in our house she likes Isabelle, but her best friend is Eden.:)

Name: Eden Fitzgerald
Nickname: None
Age: 14
Favorite Color: Turquoise and Purple
What She Likes: singing, hanging around Sophie, being a normal girl and doing normal things, reading
What She Doesn't Like: mean people, bossy people, braces, acne
Personality: She is a loving girl who makes friends easily, she's very loyal and sweet, but she's mischevious too!;) She also has a flair for vintage things
Awesome Fact: She was a famous singer and tours around the state occasionally
Dream Job: When she's older she wants to continue singing and touring
Favorite TV Show/Movie: How to Rock and I Love Lucy
Favorite Book: The Keeper of the Lost Cities
Favorite Food: Burgers and Milkshakes and Meatballs
Best Friend: Sophie and Hailey

Name: Hailey Kate
Nickname: None
Age: 14
Favorite Color: She loves all colors, but especially reds, oranges, and yellows
What She Likes: Sewing, crocheting, knitting, gardening, piano, cooking and baking, being polite and sweet to people
What She Doesn't Like: when Faye is super fan girly and she has to pretend she cares. She actually has made rules for Faye about how much she can watch new trailers and etc.;)
Personality: She is super nice and polite, mostly shy, but she has to take the reigns occasionally and speak up. She is an absolute homebody and hates going out and doing anything that might be dangerous
Awesome Fact: She is Australian, but doesn't have an accent
Dream Job: She wants to be a stay at home mom.:)
Favorite TV Show/Movie: She isn't a huge fan of TV shows or movies, but she likes Andy Griffith and cooking shows
Favorite Book: She likes older books, like classics- The Little Princess, Treasure Island, and The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
Favorite Food: Anything home-made
Best Friend: Faye and Eden

Name: Faye Edaline
Nickname: None
Age: 14
Favorite Color: Pinks and Blues
What She Likes: ANY MOVIE! Watching movies, texting, STARBUCKS, Loki, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Steve Rogers, Chris Pine, Idina Menzel, reading books, fan girling, doing anything that is AMAZING!
What She Doesn't Like: When people kill her favorite book characters, nuts
Personality: She is a huge fan girl. If there is something that is sorta good, it's THE BEST THING!
Awesome Fact: She has 'hermited' over a movie for over a week. Also, she is also Australian without an accent.;)
Dream Job: A professional fan girl
Favorite TV Show/Movie: LOTR, Sherlock, OUAT, Phineas and Ferb, Avengers, Avengers 2, Thor, Captain America, Thor 2, Enchanted, The Chronicles of Narnia, Into the Woods, and Mirror Mirror (and that's just a few)
Favorite Book: Half Upon a Time, Seven Wonders, The Wide-Awake Princess, The Hope Chest, Sparkers, and so many more!
Favorite Food: Starbucks
Best Friend: Isabelle and Hailey

Name: Caroline
Nickname: Carly
Age: 13
Favorite Color: Blue and Red
What She Likes: history, learning about history, writing, exploring, travelling, trying new things, nature, tropical foods, outfits, etc,. being inspired, the beach, surfing, swimming, summer
What She Doesn't Like: cats, pink, having to repeat herself, being stressed, due dates, roller coasters, and not being able to do something she wants (like writing or travelling)
Personality: Caroline is super laid back and loves doing adventurous things! She goes with the flow and is willing to try anything.
Awesome Fact: She speaks Portuguese
Dream Job: A writer
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Soul Surfer, Pride and Prejudice, any history movie
Favorite Book: Brooklyn Rose, The Romeo and Juliet Code, and the Hope Chest
Favorite Food: Pineapples, mangos, papayas, and dragon fruit
Best Friend: Cecile and Julie

Name: Emerson
Nickname: Em, Emmy
Age: 12
Favorite Color: Purple
What She Likes: Archaeology, history, learning about the past, frozen yogurt, doing nothing except watching TV, standing up for what she believes in, including everyone, the saying 'Girl Power', hanging out with friends, sleepovers, anything social, pop music, summer, being comfortable
What She Doesn't Like: Injustice, reading, brain freezes, chores, being late (although it happens all of the time), being cold, when she can't have a relaxation day once every week, waking up early, having to do things she doesn't want to do
Personality: Emerson is a contradiction. She wants to stand up for injustice and unfairness, but only when she feels like it. She is often lazy and is found lounging around, but when she's really needed she'll stand by you. She has a deep passion for archaeology and the past, but most of all, she loves her friends and family above anything else in the world.
Awesome Fact: She got to go to a dig once
Dream Job: Archaeologist
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Marvel movies, iCarly, Victorious, Lord of the Rings, Frozen
Favorite Book: no.
Favorite Food: FROZEN YOGURT
Best Friend: Leah and Caroline

Name: Leah
Nickname: None
Age: 13
Favorite Color: Green and turquoise
What She Likes: hiking, rock climbing, anything adventurous, animals, nature, camping, spending time outdoors, being active, waking up early, being productive, positivity, trying new things, exploring, winter
What She Doesn't Like: doing nothing, staying inside, being bored, organizing, planning, people who don't try things, being lazy, watching TV, school, plane rides
Personality: Leah is a super active, fit girl who loves to spend her time outside enjoying the world God has given us. She is enthusiastic and will help her friends push their limits. She loves animals, too, and connects with them just as well as she does with people.
Awesome Fact: She is 1/8 Brazilian
Dream Job: She isn't sure, but anything outside would be nice.
Favorite TV Show/Movie: She would much rather go out and do something then stay inside and watch a movie, but she likes any adventurous movies like The Avengers.:)
Favorite Book: Doesn't have one
Favorite Food: pineapple, mangos, fruit smoothies, anything tropical!
Best Friend: Emerson


Name: Adam Marshall
Age: 14
Favorite Color: Blue
What He Likes: video games, exploring with Sloan, his pet, Martin, archery
What He Doesn't Like: he thinks Elizabeth is pretty annoying, when people are picky
Personality: He is a sweet boy who loves video games and spending time with his best friend, Sloan
Awesome Fact: He has a hedgehog
Dream Job: A video game maker
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Monsters University, The Avengers, LOTR, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, The HULK
Favorite Book: comics
Favorite Food: Burgers
Best Friend: Sloan and Martin, his hedgehog


Apple White
Name: Apple White
Nickname: Apple
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Red and Gold
What She Likes: her friends, school, fashion, counseling
What She Doesn't Like: tights, people who eat with their mouths open, slippers
Personality: She loves her job as the counselor but she also loves shopping and she's a very patient person
Awesome Fact: I know how to make clothing for myself
Dream Job: Counselor
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Ella Enchanted, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (It's such an honor to see her mom in work)
Favorite Book: Things Not Seen
Favorite Food: Apples!
Best Friend: Briar Beauty

Cerise Hood
Name: Cerise Hood
Nickname: Cerise
Age: 18
Favorite Color: Black and Silver and Scarlet
What She Likes: Being the guitar player in her band, quiet, reading
What She Doesn't Like: Math, Green beans, cats, loudness
Personality: Cerise is a quiet girl who is often found wandering the school with her nose in a book or found practicing with her band
Awesome Fact: She has wolf ears
Dream Job: Playing guitar in her band
Favorite TV Show/Movie: The Lego Movie
Favorite Book: Storybound
Favorite Food: Funnel Cake
Best Friend: Madi Hatter and Raven Queen, who live next door

C.A. Cupid
Name: C. A. Cupid
Nickname: Cupid
Favorite Color: Pink
What She Likes: cotton candy, archery, love, her bows and arrows
What She Doesn't Like: Raven Queen gets on her nerves, black, when people use her bow without asking, Frozen
Personality: Cupid is a very bubbly, crazy, (A bit dramatic), and is seen practicing archery a lot
Awesome Fact: She can make love arrows
Dream Job: Archer
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Hercules
Favorite Book: Pegasus
Favorite Food: Cotton Candy
Best Friend: She doesn't have one, but she likes to hang out with Cerise to bug her

Briar Beauty
Name: Briar Beauty
Nickname: Briar
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Purple and Pink
What She Likes: SHOPPING, pink, roses, fashion, Nancy Drew Games, Chanel, Prada
What She Doesn't Like: yoga pants, messy stuff, bugs
Personality: Briar Beauty is a shopaholic fashionista, and often skips class to go shopping
Awesome Fact: She has maxed out 18 credit cards and has 32 pairs of shoes
Dream Job: Uh, who has time for a job when the new fall line is coming out?
Favorite TV Show/Movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Favorite Book: Um, reading? That's soooooo 1940's
Favorite Food: Anything that is quick to get at the mall, we can't spend forever waiting for food, there's shopping to do!
Best Friend: Apple White

Cedar Wood
Name: Cedar Wood
Nickname: Cedar
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Purple
What She Likes: talking, being around people, trees, forests, her parents
What She Doesn't Like: telling the truth always, when she can't find the right word to describe what she's talking about
Personality: She is always over thinking things, and she rambles on, she has to tell the truth at all times
Awesome Fact: She literally can not lie
Dream Job: Being the next Pinocchio
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Any Disney movies
Favorite Book: She likes a couple books, but doesn't have a favorite
Favorite Food: Coffee
Best Friend: Cerise and C. A. Cupid

Ashlynn Ella
Name: Ashlynn Ella
Nickname: Ash, Ashlynn
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Green
What She Likes: Learning about astronomy, space, stars, Mars, science, gardening, stargazing, ice skating, decorating rooms, hiking
What She Doesn't Like: the sound of plastic crunching, food noises, punctuation, the word floral, wool blankets
Personality: She is a nice girl who is centered around astronomy, she loves space and all of its aspects. She is very clever also and is known for being especially smart. She can also worry a lot.
Awesome Fact: It's not "awesome" but it's a fact- she is afraid of heights...sort of tragic since she is on a high shelf...
Dream Job: Manager at NASA
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Inception
Favorite Book: A Wrinkle in Time
Favorite Food: Lasagna and potato chips
Best Friend: Apple White and Cerise

Faybelle Thorn
Name: Faybelle Thorn
Nickname: Faybelle
Age: 18
Favorite Color: Blue and Gray
What She Likes: Pranking people, making mischief, singing, cheerleading, sweets, being a rebel, having her nails painted, churros, creepy and scary stories, children, and hoodies.
What She Doesn't Like: Getting in trouble, when pranks backfire on her, cartoons, the color red, learning new languages, and garlic
Personality: Faybelle is a girl who loves to pull pranks and make mischief, she is really sarcastic and forgets her manners often. She's not one to worry about things.
Awesome Fact: She once got grounded for half a year!
Dream Job: Famous singer
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Maleficent
Favorite Book: Pillage, Choke, Ambush
Favorite Food: French fries and churros
Best Friend: Briar Beauty and Raven Queen

Gingerbread House

Name: Gingerbread House
Nickname: Ginger
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Pink and Orange
What She Likes: baking, cooking, eating, giving to people, decorating, cook books, the smell of chocolate, birds
What She Doesn't Like: Being talked over, being left out of things, people thinking she's a villain because her mom was one, when her recipes don't turn out well, scary movies, things that are frightening, spiders
Personality: Gingerbread is sweet yet shy and has a hard time saying what she wants, but when she does, you can't make her change her mind. Her life revolves around baking and helping other people and she cares deeply for her friends.
Awesome Fact: She has made over 400 recipes!
Dream Job: Baker
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Cupcake Wars, any cooking or baking shows or movies
Favorite Book: Bliss, Sprinkles and Secrets, any cooking or baking books
Favorite Food: She loves them all, but she has a certain love for cupcakes and cakes of all kinds
Best Friend: Ashlynn Ella and Duchess Swan

Duchess Swan
Name: Duchess Swan
Nickname: Duchess
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Purple and Gray
What She Likes: dancing, ballet, performing, doing her hair, herself, shopping, being recognized for the truly beautiful and graceful princess she is, purple, tutus, swans
What She Doesn't Like: When people say she's not a real princess, the feeling of tulle scratching on her skin, most people, when people are bossy
Personality: Duchess Swan is extremely selfish, controlling, and not fun, but sometimes she'll warm up on someone and they can be friends. She is self-absorbed and proud, yet she is amazing at dancing, which is her main hobby.
Awesome Fact: She's held a grudge for a couple of years
Dream Job: A Professional Ballet Dancer
Favorite TV Show/Movie: She prefers ballets such as Swan Lake
Favorite Book: Books? Who has time for books when there is dancing to do?
Favorite Food: A veggie burger from In-N-Out... she's a vegetarian.
Best Friend: Faybelle Thorn and Gingerbread House

Lizzie Hearts
Name: Lizzie Hearts
Nickname: Lizzie, Liz
Age: 16
Favorite Color: Red, of course
What She Likes: croquet, being better than others, her hair, fashion, creating new outfits, crowns, shouting "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" (but not really following through)
What She Doesn't Like: spinach, wet hair, the word "rectangle", talking to people who are lesser than her
Personality: Despite her description, Lizzie is mostly very nice. Of course, she has her quirks, and she thinks certain people are lesser than. She loves to spend time with her friends playing croquet or just talking. She's a bit uptight, but she'll loosen up when she's comfortable.
Awesome Fact: She's the Queen of Croquet
Dream Job: Queen of Wonderland
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Alice in Wonderland, Alice Through the Looking Glass
Favorite Book: Look at the answer above
Favorite Food: Anything from Wonderland
Best Friend: Madi Hatter and Darling Charming

Madeline Hatter
Name: Madeline Hatter
Nickname: Madi
Age: 16
Favorite Color: Aqua and Purple
What She Likes: tea, baking, anything crazy, speaking in riddlish, riddles, food, dessert, TEA, TEA, TEA, Star Wars
What She Doesn't Like: people who are stuck up, when people don't understand her, when people tell her to calm down
Personality: Madi is a super energetic, hyper, tea-loving girl who has a knack for baking. She loves to hang out around the kitchen with her friends or do whatever they want to do! She's a huge Star Wars fan girl, but that's her only fandom
Awesome Fact: She once drank thirteen cups of tea in one day
Dream Job: to work at a tea shop
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Star Wars and any silly cartoons
Favorite Book: "Wonderland Desserts". It's a cook book.;)
Favorite Food: TEA!!!
Best Friend: Lizzie Hearts and Darling Charming

Darling Charming
Name: Darling Charming
Nickname: Darling
Age: 17
Favorite Color: Silver and Light Blue
What She Likes: saving the day, armor, being strong, being athletic, shocking people, classes that have to do with being a knight in shining armor, helping others
What She Doesn't Like: Discrimination
Personality: Darling is a girl who is ready for women rights and loves to prove that she's just as capable as any guy.
Awesome Fact: She once won a battle with a dragon
Dream Job: Knight in Shining Armor
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Pride and Prejudice
Favorite Book: Land of Stories
Favorite Food: Cake
Best Friend: Lizzie Hearts and Madi Hatter


Name: Alice
Nickname: She doesn't have one
Age: 19
Favorite Color: Pink
What She Likes: Being the center of attention, fashion
What She Doesn't Like: sweat pants, her twin sister Barbie, Barbie, and Barbie
Personality: Alice is a diva, amd that's an understatement, she is often trying to be better then her twin, Barbie, as in THE Barbie. She is also very fickle and is in-and-out of a relationship with Kendall, Ken's twin brother.
Awesome Fact: She was my first Barbie
Dream Job: Being better then Barbie
Favorite TV Show/Movie: 101 Dalmations, The Devil Wears Prada
Favorite Book: How to be better then Barbie by Alice
Favorite Food: She doesn't have one
Best Friend: No one really likes her... Kendall
Name: Nicole
Age: 20
Favorite Color: Purple
What She Likes: art, art, art
What She Doesn't Like: Alice
Personality: She doesn't really do much, but she loves art and has a tendency to forget that there is such a thing as other stuff that isnt art
Awesome Fact: No one knows this, but she's a secret spy
Dream Job: Undercover spy
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Sherlock, Barbie and the Three Musketeers
Favorite Book: She doesn't read
Favorite Food: Yogurt
Best Friend: Her paintbrush, Vivienne

Name: Rosie
Nickname: Rose, Ro
Age: 18
Favorite Color: Pink
What She Likes: pink, roses, ballet, tutus, gymnastics
What She Doesn't Like: Alice
Personality: Rosie is a hardcore ballerina, her life is all about being a PROCLAIMER OF THE DANCING ARTS! (It's her catch phrase) She was also a former gymnast
Awesome Fact: She has her own catch phrase
Dream Job: Ballerina
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Barbie in Swan Lake, Barbie in The Twelve Dancing Princesses, Barbie in the Pink Shoes
Favorite Book: Half Upon A Time Trilogy
Favorite Food: Juice
Best Friend: Her brother, Sigfried

Name: Scarlet
Age: 19
Favorite Color: Red
What She Likes: Song writing, DJ-ing, singing
What She Doesn't Like: Alice, people singing who really don't know how to sing, so in other words- Alice
Personality: Scarlet is very quiet and introverted but is very passionate about her song writing and usually locks herself (along with Midge, her singer) in her studio
Awesome Fact: She has written every song in Barbie World
Dream Job: Song Writer
Favorite TV Show/Movie: The Princess and The Popstar
Favorite Book: The Wolf Princess
Favorite Food: Bagels
Best Friend: Midge, who lives next door and Heidi

Name: Lindsey
Age: 18
Favorite Color: Pink
What She Likes: texting, taking selfies, adding filters to her pics, and hanging with the other Barbie's
What She Doesn't Like: photobombers, so in other words; Alice
Personality: Lindsey is a very bubbly, (sorta stupid) airhead, (She is a common dumb blonde) she is very "hashtag this" "hashtag that" sorta person, she often says LOL instead of laughing.
Awesome Fact: She's a Valley Girl
Dream Job: She says: "#LOLno"
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Legally Blondes
Favorite Book: Does magazines count?
Favorite Food: Anything with sugar
Best Friend: Everyone is her BFF

Name: Kendall
Age: 19
Favorite Color: Pink
What He Likes: Hanging with his cousin Sigfried, being with Alice
What He Doesn't Like: His twin brother, Ken
Personality: He is very crazy, he is often found with Alice (Unless they have broken-up)
Awesome Fact: He doesn't have one
Dream Job: Being the ULTIMATE boyfriend (he even made a shirt)
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Whatever Alice likes
Favorite Book: Whatever Alice Likes
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Best Friend: Alice and Sigfried

Name: Diane
Age: 18
Favorite Color: Pink
What She Likes: Pink, flying around, making friends
What She Doesn't Like: She LOVES EVERYTHING (minus Alice)
Personality: She is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzy, and has an extreme case of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) she can not stay on subject for the life of her---currently she's talking about Finding Nemo
Awesome Fact: She's a fairy
Dream Job: She doesn't have one
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Finding Nemo
Favorite Book: No comment
Favorite Food: CHOCOLATE ROCKS!!!
Best Friend: EVERYONE

Name: Chelsea
Nickname: Chels
Age: 6
Favorite Color: Pink
What She Likes: happiness, My Little Pony, butterflies, stuffed animals, UNICORNS!!
What She Doesn't Like: Alice and black
Personality: She is a average 6 yr old- she loves everything and is super happy 24/7
Awesome Fact: She's Barbie and Alice's younger sister
Dream Job: She's 6, she doesn't have one
Favorite TV Show/Movie: My Little Pony
Favorite Book: She can't read
Favorite Food: SUGAAAAR
Best Friend: Her bunny stuffed animal

Name: Jessica
Age: 19
Favorite Color: Purple
What She Likes: dogs, animals, making dogs smell nice
What She Doesn't Like: dirt, smelly-ness
Personality: She loves animals! She's a dog groomer and is super nice and sweet and is very real and down to earth
Awesome Fact: She owns a poodle
Dream Job: Pet groomer
Favorite TV Show/Movie:Barbie and the Three Musketeers
Favorite Book: CIRCLE series
Favorite Food: Sandwiches
Best Friend: Lindsey and Elsa

Name: Elsa
Age: 21
Favorite Color: Blue
What She Likes: ice, her sister, Anna, snow, building snowmans
What She Doesn't Like: Hans, people who get married when they met the man that day, being alone
Personality: She is a quiet person but has a soft spot in her heart for her sister, Anna
Awesome Fact: She has ice powers
Dream Job: Being the Queen of Arendelle
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Frozen
Favorite Book: She doesn't care to read
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Best Friend: Anna

Name: Janis
Age: 18
Favorite Color: Green and Red
What She Likes: Christmas, presents, stockings, Christmas trees, pine trees, candy canes
What She Doesn't Like: Alice
Personality: She is crazy about Christmas, she thinks about it 24/7 365 days of the year
Dream Job: Going with a crew to Antarctica where they can find the North Pole
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Elf, ANY CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!!
Favorite Book: She doesn't have one
Favorite Food: Candy canes
Best Friend: Lindsey and Diane

Name: Peyton
Age: 20
Favorite Color: Pink
What She Likes: Fashion, shopping, acting, making movies, starring in movies
What She Doesn't Like: Alice
Personality: She's a super actress! She is in most all of the movies in Barbie World and she remembers every line she has ever said, but she's a slight diva
Awesome Fact: She is starring as Barbie in the newest musical in Barbie Land- BARBIE!
Dream Job: Actress
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Anything with her in it
Favorite Book: In The Spotlight by Peyton (It's her bio)
Favorite Food: Anything with low calories, we can't be getting a tummy!
Best Friend: Barbie

Name: Prince Hans of the Southern Isles
Age: 23
Favorite Color: Anything
What He Likes: Sandwiches, girls with white hair, Anna, being king, finishing eachothers sandwiches
What He Doesn't Like: People who interfer with his plans, Marshmallow, when people turn into ice sculptures
Personality: He's just like Hans from the movie: A horrible, murderous butt, but he still is trying to marry Anna or Elsa----(seriously?)
Awesome Fact: He has 12 older brothers
Dream Job: Being a King
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Frozen
Favorite Book: 101 ways to kill somebody to become king by Hans
Favorite Food: Sandwiches
Best Friend: None

Name: Heidi
Age: 19
Favorite Color: Orange
What She Likes: babysitting, kids, being a teacher
What She Doesn't Like: unruly kids and Alice
Personality: Heidi is a quiet, but brave person, she loves spending time with the kids at school
Awesome Fact: She's the 'kid whisperer'
Dream Job: A teacher
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Anything that the kids like
Favorite Book: Too many to list
Favorite Food: Animal Crackers
Best Friend: Scarlet

Name: Zarina
Nickname: none
Age: 16
Favorite Color: Any of them are fine
What She Likes: annoying people, using her sword, flying
What She Doesn't Like: when people make her stop bugging them, people in general
Personality: annoying, very annoying, she interrupts things and she's just so annoying
Awesome Fact: She's very talented as a swordman or swordfairy
Dream Job: Pirate
Favorite Show/Movie: The Pirates of the Carribean
Favorite Book: none
Favorite Food: Pizza
Best Friend: It's sort of a love hate relationship, but she likes Molly

Mother Gothel

Name: Mother Gothel
Nickname: Gothel
Age: thousands of years old
Favorite Color: Dark red
What She Likes: beauty treatments, beauty, flowers, brushing hair
What She Doesn't Like: When people say she's the bad guy, mumbling, people defying her
Personality: She's obsessed with keeping herself looking young and beautiful, but she's not obvious about it. She's just like how she is in the movie.;)
Awesome Fact: She's been alive for centuries...
Dream Job: Mother?
Favorite Show/Movie: Tangled
Favorite Book: None
Favorite Food: Anything
Best Friend: None except Hans...bad guys of a feather stick together

Name: Rapunzel
Nickname: Blondie
Age: 18
Favorite Color: Pink and purple
What She Likes: painting, sewing, cleaning, her friends, her family, singing, dancing, baking
What She Doesn't Like: when people betray her, Mother Gothel, evil people, brushing her hair, routine, when her life won't begin
Personality: She's just like her movie self, fun, kind, enjoyable to be around!;)
Awesome Fact: She has a dream.;)
Dream Job: artist, princess
Favorite Show/Movie: Tangled
Favorite Book: None
Favorite Food: Hazelnut soup
Best Friend: Elsa

Name: Merida
Nickname: None
Age: 18
Favorite Color: Green
What She Likes: archery, days off, sleeping in, talking to her horse, Angus, her horse, apples, being adventurous, being free, riding her horse, her family
What She Doesn't Like: early mornings, princess training, witches, when people don't listen
Personality: She's exactly like how she is in the movie. She craves adventure, is independent and brav, and loves being her own person.
Awesome Fact: She once turned her mother into a bear...and her brothers.
Dream Job: to be a professional wanderer.;)
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Brave
Favorite Book: None
Favorite Food: apples
Best Friend: Angus, Elsa, and Rapunzel

Disney Toddler Dolls

Name: Elsa
Nickname: Elsie
Age: 6
Favorite Color: Blue
What She Likes: spending time with Anna, playing with her ice powers, Anna, her parents, building snowmen, being a big sister
What She Doesn't Like: gloves, when Anna wakes her up in the middle of the night
Personality: Young Elsa is just like young Elsa in the movies- full of love and happiness but a bit more responsible than Anna.;)
Awesome Fact: She has ice powers
Dream Job: Queen of Arendelle
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Frozen
Favorite Book: None
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Best Friend: Anna and Aurora

Name: Aurora
Nickname: None
Age: 5
Favorite Color: Pink
What She Likes: singing, cookies, day dreaming, napping, being read stories
What She Doesn't Like: being sad
Personality: Aurora is always found day dreaming and most of her life is in her mind.;)
Awesome Fact: None
Dream Job: Singer
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Elena of Avalor
Favorite Book: None
Favorite Food: Cookies!
Best Friend: Elsa



  1. Gorgeous dolls Emma!!!! Awesome page! You must have worked so hard on it!

  2. AWESOMENESS!!!!!!! I'd love it if you could add how you got them!

  3. you mean, waggit again, waggit tale and waggit returns?

    1. Yep! I'm guessing you've read them?:)

  4. I loved reading about all of your dolls! Especially the Barbies, they just sound too funny!! I feel bad for Alice, though...none of the Barbies seem to like her. ;-)

    1. Thank you!:) Well, she's an awful person! XD

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    Anyways....could you do a review of Sophie for me? I would really appreciate it!


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  13. Okay, I HATE to be critical here, but er... You said Nikki would like to be a "Horse Rider". Do you mean she wants to teach people to ride, breed horses, race horses, show, or what? I know you probably don't know much about horses but it bugs me that you just said Horse Rider. It's your choice if you want to change that, it's just a suggestion. ;)


    Oh and also, "riding without a saddle" is called riding Bareback.

    1. Hi, Tenley!:)
      I understand that this can be a pet peeve for you, but I don't see any need to change it.:) She wants to ride horses as a living, she doesn't really care what she does as long as she gets to be with horses. I don't know that much about horses myself, so there's not a way that I would know the names of the careers and such that riders can pursue.;)
      I'm in no way trying to be mean or anything in that category, I'm just sharing my opinion as well!:D

    2. Totally understandable! I don't mind at all that you're not changing it! I'm sorry my comment was very rude! It wasn't meant to sound like that! I'm sorry!!!


    3. No problem!:) It's good that we can all share our thoughts!:D


    1. Well, Alice is just a really terrible doll and she's a diva and is vain, heartless, self-absorbed, mean, and you get the idea. They all have their own issues with her.;)

  15. So cool! How do u keep Molly's hair so nice.
    Geeky_Girl of The Dolls of Texas (Thx for commenting) ;)

    1. Thank you! Actually, her hair is one of the worst wigs in my doll family! But I just brush it and usually braid it.:)
      PS- You're welcome! Your blog is very nice!:)

  16. Hey, Emma, can you do a review on Elizabeth for me? I just got her for Christmas, and I was like "Oh! Maybe Emma could do a review of her!"

    1. Yeah, sure! I'll try to get it up as soon as possible, hopefully up in January!:D

  17. I love Emerson's profile! "She wants to stand up for injustice and unfairness, but only when she feels like it." LOL! That sounds kinda like me... XD

    1. Thanks! LOL! Yeah, that was sort of modeled off of me when I'm in certain moods!;P

  18. Replies
    1. She says thank you, and that she knows.;D She's a tad vain.XD

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    1. Thank you! They really are gorgeous dolls, American Girl knows how to make 'em!;D

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    1. LOL! She's glad. She says you've picked the right spirit animal.XD

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