Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Isabelle Talks Books!

Hi everyone!:D
Isabelle wanted to make a post about some of her favorite books!:) So, I'll hand it over to her now...
It's Isabelle now!
I am always on the hunt for good books, and I thought it would be nice to make a post about some random books that I really like! None of these are in order of which I like better and I am excluding a lot of other favorites of mine, I just grabbed a few books I saw first that I loved! 
The first one, and definitely one of my top favorites, is Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger, I am sure most of you already know about this book series, but it's one of the best ones I've ever read! It's a must read for anyone that enjoys fantasy books!
I-I just love this book series so much...and-and....how could he??
*sobs as I think about Neverseen*
I am so excited for the next book, Lodestar!!:D 
The next book is A Question of Magic by E.D. Baker. This book was really different, focusing on a different kind of mythical being, the Baba Yaga! She's a type of witch that answers one question, any question, for each person, but grows older with every question. I loved it! 
Almost every book I've read by E.D. Baker, such as The Wide-Awake Princess, is great!:D 
This book series, The Missing, is more of a sci-fi novel with time traveling and history involved. I love the characters and the plot twists and now I really want to reread the series! 
*clears throat*
Someone needs to buy the next book in the series... 
(Emma: I have a feeling she means me...)
The Unwanteds series is amazing! I love magic and school environments, so this book was so much fun! It's a big series and I really want the next book! 
The second book had a subject that I was a little sensitive about, but other than that I love the series and recommend it! 
I hope you enjoyed learning about new books I love, have you read any of them? Do you want to read any of them? 
That's all for now! Have fun reading!
It's Emma again!:) Who was surprised to see Keeper in the stack?
*no one raises their hand*
Yeah, everyone needs to read that book series.XD LOL! I hope you have a great day, bye!:)
What's your favorite book? I'd love to know!
Bonus Picture- 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Dress - A Photoshoot

Happy Easter!
I took these pictures yesterday of Caroline in her Easter dress, thinking it would be a fun photoshoot.:)

Did you all have a nice Easter? I got a new dress and was so excited to wear it!:) Although the dress was really fun, it's important to know the real reason of Easter, Jesus rising from the dead!:D Did you do anything special for Easter?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Name That Doll!

Hi everyone!
I am here with a NTD!:) If you don't know how to play--- you look at the doll and comment a name or names that you would name her!:D
This is the doll you are naming-
 I was searching through the TM dolls and found this doll and I thought she looked really unique! I love her olive green eyes.:)
So, what would you name her? I think I would name her Olive possibly!;) Or Ollie... Okay, well anyway, yeah! I will post my favorite 3 to 5 top favorite names suggested on the 1st!:)
Now get naming!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How to Add Freckles to Your American Girls - A Tutorial

Hi everyone!
I am here with a how-to on adding freckles to your dolls.:) Let's get to it!
What You'll Need:
A damp washcloth (make sure it's not at all wet, but only a little moist.:))
A brown marker (I am using a washable marker, so that I can take the freckles off at the end.:D)
A doll 
(I would also recommend a hairbow so you can keep your doll's hair out of her face.)
Using a washable marker will mean that these freckles can be temporary, but if you want these to be permanent, use one that isn't washable.:) 
I started dotting Molly's cheek, trying to vary the spot size to make it look more realistic. 
Next, I dabbed the barely wet washcloth on the freckles to fade them and make them look more natural and not so pronounced. I like to use the corner of the washcloth so that I can be more precise with which freckles I want to fade, although I fade all of them. Be careful not to wipe the washcloth against her or else the freckles will smear or completely come off.:) 
This is what the freckles look like once they are gently dabbed. 
I finished the rest of that cheek doing the same thing. 
This is what she looks like when it is all finished. Don't worry if your freckles don't turn out the way you want them the first time, it will take a few tries to get it right.:) When I did these to Caroline, it took me around three or four times before I was satisfied.:) 

Then I just wiped the freckles off! Molly is back to being freckle-less.;) 
I hope you liked the tutorial and I hope you try it! I love customizing my dolls like that.:) If you have any questions, feel free to ask!:D
Bonus Pictures-

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Garden of Eden - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
The title is really punny, isn't it? Since this photoshoot is starring Eden...
Anyway, I got to take pictures of Eden today and I really liked how they turned out.:) Although my yard is far from being The Garden of Eden, it was very green, so I thought it sort of fit!;)

I thought that the weeds looked really interesting with the minuscule pebbles on the ground!:) 

I hope you liked the pictures!:) Eden is so pretty.:)
So, TAUT has yet to be photographed for, since I have been super busy but I am thinking maybe late next week things will calm down and I'll be able to go over to the park for pictures, especially since Daylight's Saving Time happened, and I'll have an extra hour before the sun sets each night!:)
Which picture was your favorite?:)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Introducing: Merida!

Hi everyone!
For Christmas, I got the Disney store Merida doll and she is so pretty! I never got around to taking pictures of her, and now that it's March, I finally am!XD I hope you enjoy the pictures!:)

When I took this picture, the line from a song in Brave ran through my head-
"Chase the wind and touch the sky!"

This picture I am surprised at how it turned out! I took it in pretty much direct sunlight, yet it happened to look nice, considering where I was taking it.XD
I have a requested post for a tutorial on how to add freckles to your doll, so I am hoping to make that post this week!:D
Which picture did you like best?