Friday, March 3, 2017

Ideas to Rekindle Your Doll Love

Hi everyone! :D
*waves frantically*
Yay. XD
So, I hope you enjoy the post. :)
I know that as you get older, it's harder to feel all the warm fuzzies you used to towards your doll. But I have some ideas and tips to help you guys feel that same way like when you were younger. :)
1. Get them all dressed in new clothing!
I know once I take some time to get my dolls in new outfits and new hairstyles, I feel really accomplished and really good. :)
2. Make your dolls something!
Whether it's a new outfit or craft, giving your doll something new is really fun, as well as a nice way to show your dolls some love. ;)
3. Take some time to do the things you used to do with them!
Yes! Even if that's playing, try it out again. And I know how hard that is, but do it. If you have to plan out a whole story and stuff, do whatever you gotta do! :)

4. Give your dolls a photoshoot!
This is really fun and a great way to remember just how pretty your dolls are!
5. Read some of your old doll blog posts!
I don't know about you, but every time I go back and read old posts and see all of the things I did and how much I love playing with my dolls, it gives me a desire to emulate that again! :D

6. Take them on a trip with you!
Have any plans to go somewhere? Bringing a doll along to photograph and hang out with is a good idea! :) I think I'm going to be doing this when I go camping soon!
7. Buy a new doll/toy!
This has to be the most fun way to get "back into" dolls! ;D The adoration and slight obsession over the new doll is an easy way to fall back into love with your dolls.
8. Go onto American Girl's website and make a wish list!
I take back what I said earlier, maybe this is the most fun way to find some more doll-y love! Make it as long or short as you want, but being reminded of how many cool things you could get is fun. ;)
9. Stalk other doll blogger's blogs!
Do I need to explain myself for this one? Seeing other people obsess and love their dolls = more inspiration to love your dolls like that.
I hope some of these ideas help you! :) And I'm super excited for the next post I have planned on here. I think it'll be helpful to my blogger viewers! :D
What do you love to do with your dolls? (Example: photoshoots, playing, sewing things for them, etc)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hit or Miss Results!

Hi everyone! :)
Look who has the Hit or Miss results not on Tuesday or a Friday? Hehe...
But better late than never!
Last week, I asked you if you thought this outfit was a "hit" or a "miss"!

And the votes are in...XD

I thought it was going to be a miss with all of the misses that were being commented, but once again, the outfit has been labeled a hit by the majority. ;)
Come back on Friday and *fingers crossed* I'll have a new post up! Life is just so busy right now. :P

Friday, February 17, 2017

Hit or Miss!

Hi everyone!
Happy Friday!!
Good morning!!
I didn't really plan all that well for this post, but I do have a Hit or Miss, which you guys all like it seems! :D
So, here it is!
It looks kinda like Parisian school girl to me, but I still don't know if it's a hit or a miss!
Comment down below your thoughts! Hit or Miss? Simple as that. ;)
The results will be posted on Tuesday!
*promptly sets an alarm so I don't forget to post the results XD*

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Worst Things to Happen to Doll Photographers

Hi everyone! :)
Welcome back to normal posts!
Now, if you have a blog or if you just like to take pictures of your dolls to post on Instagram or something, then you know that it can be really difficult to get the right photo, background, and so many other things. This is a list of a ton of the worst things to happen to us. ;) And if you're not a doll photographer, I've included pictures for each of the points. ;D
1. When your doll falls.
There are few less terrifying things to happen to a doll blogger than to pose your doll, take a few steps back, squat down, aim their camera, then see their doll lose her balance and topple face down into the dirt. 
Or fall backwards off a ledge and end up in the bushes like Diane did in this photo.
Although you would think it doesn't happen that often, it does! I would say almost every photoshoot your doll will topple and you're left worrying they're gonna have a horrible scar on their face.
2. Bugs. Just bugs.
When I got this picture, I thought it was cool then I noticed THE BUG RIGHT NEXT TO DUCHESS'S HAIR! Bugs get in the way too often, especially in the summer.
It's so annoying when you realize they're in a nice photo and there is nothing you can do. :/ 
3. Unexpected weather.
What could be worse than to have planned to take photos the next day and wake up to a rain or snow forecast?! Talk about a let down.
Oh. And it's gonna be raining all week. Perfect.  
4. Looking back on old photos.
Seriously guys, this is so cringey. It's this way for every hobby, but it's awful to look back on your first few months of your blog and see something like this-
The horroorrrrrr....

5. When hair, accessories, and clothing won't cooperate.
Man, when you take a photo that you really like, then notice that the clasp of the necklace is showing, or there is a lump of dirt on Molly's shoe, or when the wind blows your doll's hair in a not so glamorous way, it's so frustrating!
6. Realizing you never changed your doll's pose once in the whole photoshoot.
This happens to me so many times. I just have this mental block to changing my doll's pose. If I can get a plethora of angles, I forget that it's more interesting if my doll isn't just STANDING there the whole time.
7. Noon.
I don't know exactly the time of day, but I know when I look out a window and see the lighting outside that it would be the worst time ever to take pictures. And it's annoying cuz sometimes that was the time you were planning to go out and take pictures, but you just know that you can't or else you'll have awful shadows and lighting.
8. When your doll won't look into the camera.
Sometimes, your doll just wants to look dramatically off in the distance. That's fine, but seriously, look at the camera every now and then! ;D
I hope you liked the post everyone! I've been lacking ideas in the category of posts like these, and since these are my favorite posts to create, I've been sort of in a slump. I plan to brainstorm soon though, so I can create a list of fun posts to do! :D
Thanks for reading!
What is the most annoying thing to you as a doll photographer/blogger? :)

Monday, February 6, 2017

*flush* That's the Sound of AG's Quality Going Down the Drain

Hi everyone! :)
Long time no see, right? Before I go onto this post, I wanna just apologize for not posting weekly and not finishing Faye's Takeover Week because I was busy and uninspired. I plan to get back into the swing of things starting THIS Friday, and that means new posts every week at the regular day- Friday! :)

Now that that has been said, let's talk.
American Girl has slowly been, well, let's say decreasing in quality. Everything seems like it's getting cheaper and cheaper ever since they got rid of the Bitty babies and brought in the Wellie Wishers, but even before that more things were plastic and not worth the $35+ that they were charging.
And now things seem to be spiraling! It's said that sewn-on underwear are going to be on the dolls, not removable undies! The new boxes are a huge problem as well! They look SO awful, I can't even express how much I dislike them. They're so cheap and look like they're selling you a doll that you can just buy at Toys R Us.

Oh wait.

You CAN.

There are also just a ton more problems that are evident in the quality, so Jaclynn and American Girl Doll Artist are asking us to email or send letters to American Girl expressing our concerns and unhappiness with the new changes. Because now it's not that they're just changing things up, they're making things super cheap, while still raising the price.
You can read Jaclynn's post on this here- LINKEDY LINK LINK

So, please help in this movement (I guess ;D) and let's try to spur on AG to better quality like how they did it in the olden days! ;) And if you don't want to email AG or anything, then you can still make a post about it or add this button that AGDA and Jaclynn made onto your sidebar!

Thank you for spreading the word! :D

Friday, January 13, 2017

Faye's Five Things She is Sooo Excited About Right Now

Before I continue this post, please appreciate the fact that on my set, Kylo Ren is caged up. BAD KYLO REN!
Also, someone doesn't know where my usual chair is.
*looks at Emma*
And if we're talking about Emma being bad, the reason my takeover week has been pretty lacking is because I can't make a post without pictures, which she takes. AND SHE HASN'T HAD ANY TIME TO TAKE MY PICTURES. Bleah. So I'll be only posting the Q&A, then my takeover will be over.
But all of that beside, here are five things I am super duper excited for now.
Episode VIII!!!!
Now that Rogue One is gone and past, as well as 2016, WE CAN FINALLY SAY THAT EPISODE VIII IS. THIS. YEAR. GUYS.
This is huge.
I'm dying. This year. This year.
I don't think Sherlock is a super popular thing in this corner of the blogosphere, but every season finale always has the most mind bending cliffhangers in existence.
Do you see that?
That's my mind being blown.
"Tale as old as timmmmeee..."
GAH! Kill me now. But no, don't. BECAUSE I GOTSTA TO SEE THIS! I cannot wait. PLUS BARD AND GANDALF ARE IN IT SO IT'S GOTTA BE GOOD. And Obi-Wan Kenobi.
STAR WARS REBELS!Okay. Spoilers for the trailer that came out, but it's gonna be whited out anyway.
Obi-Wan is gonna slayyyyyy.
Comics are so awesome, and I never even knew!!! I got the Kanan comic for Christmas, and my goodness. It's a stinking movie in a book. I'm obsessed now.
In fact, I'm gonna reread this book now.

Don't forget to leave questions for me! This is your last chance. They need to be given by midnight tonight. So hurry!

Stay obsessed, kids.
Emma here, and guess what?! Oh my goodness, but this is my 300th post on this blog! I cannot believe I've made that many. Mind=blown

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Faye Reviews Rogue One *WARNING: FANGIRlING AHEAD*

What's up, peeps?
Faye here, and I'm gonna be talking about Rogue. One. I'm reviewing it, I guess, but it's mainly just gonna be a hodge podge of fangirlness. What can I say?
What can I say?
I can't say spoilers apparently.
Emma has forbade me from talking about what happens in detail. So for all of you peeps who haven't seen the movie yet, you're in luck. I'm not going to spoil anything. BUT I REALLY WANT TO.
Let's start with the plot!
You know what it's about- Rebels going to get the plans for the Death Star- but that's not all! There's so much about Jyn and her family and stuff about the Death Star's invention! It's so fun and entertaining, but my problem was that it didn't seem Star Wars-y until the last half of the movie.
Regardless, it was still super fun to watch. ^_^
*Emma brings down the blinds*
Anyway, before the SUN SO RUDELY INTERRUPTED MY REVIEW!!! all I'm saying is that it was really good plot-wise. 
*no shame fangirling* 
Jyn Erso.
I dunno. She's just plain awesome.
*starts screaming and crying*
*more screaming*
This whole movie deserves five stars out of five stars.
Watch it if you want your life to be ruined. It's worth it.
W-A-T-C-H  I-T!!!!!!
Oh! And look at this great crystal necklace that I got that looks look like Jyn's necklace!
I lovesss the precioussss... XD
That ends my review, tell me if you've watched Rogue One and if it has ruined your life like it has mine.
And ask me more questions for my Q&A! I will be posting one more post before the Q&A, so make sure to comment your questions on either this post, the previous post, or the one coming to you from the future. LOL!

Stay obsessed, kids.