Thursday, December 31, 2015

REVIEW - Disney's Rapunzel Classic Doll

Hi everyone!
Is anyone going to the debut?:D
Clara asked for a review on my Rapunzel Classic Doll a while ago, so here it is.:) Sorry, this is so late!;) 
We start with a full look at Rapunzel. Let's start with her hair.:) 
She has a side part that isn't completely straight. She has gelled swooping bangs. 
Her hair is mostly straight, with a slight wave to it, like the real Rapunzel.:) 
Her hair is very fun to style (you can see I braided the two sides.:D) and goes all of the way to her ankles. 
It isn't as long as the movie, but it's as long as it is when it's braided in the movie.:) At first I was kind of upset that her hair wasn't dragging on the ground a little, but I realize now that if it was, it would get dirty.;) 
Also, she doesn't come with shoes.
Now on to her sweet face.
She has wide circle eyes that are greenish blue. She has gold and pink eyeshadow, with naturally arched eyebrows. She has little dot freckles scattered on her cheeks and light pink lipstick. Her face shape isn't as round as it is in the movie, it's longer, which I think isn't as pretty, but I still like.:) 

Now her dress.:)
Her lavender colored satin bodice has a sweetheart neckline with a tiny little pink bow sewn at the point. She has a non-removable corset the same color and material as the rest of her shirt and has light pink laces going down it. She has puffed pink and purple striped sleeves that are sewn onto sheer 3/4 length light pink sleeves. 
For her skirt she has glittery dark purple panels with light pink swirly flower appliques on the edges. They go all of the way to the back. The slice in the middle is purple with a swirly flower pattern.:) 
A view of the back. The velcro goes only as far as her bodice.
All in all, she's a beautiful doll and I highly recommend her!:D She has great hair for styling and her outfit is very movie accurate.:)
I hope you liked the review!:)
Do you have any Disney Princess dolls?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cold Sunshine - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
Here is the photoshoot I talked about previously!:D I thought about taking pictures of Emerson, but I ended up using Molly since she was already dressed in a cute outfit.:)
Molly was looking so cute! I really liked her hair up with that coat on.:) 

I did her hair a while ago, because I had an idea for a character's hairstyle.:) It's harder to see on a doll's hair, but I think it looks pretty cute.:) 
I hope you liked the photoshoot!:D
I have a requested review coming up, so that'll be up sometime in the next couple of days.:)
Oh! And WHO IS EXCITED FOR LEA CLARK?! Can you believe that 2016 is in only a couple of days? That's just unbelievable!:D
Are you planning on getting Lea?

New Dolls Are On My Meet My Dolls Page!

Hi everyone!
Here's a quick post saying that some new dolls have been added to my Meet My Dolls page, including Emerson, Gingerbread House, and Duchess Swan!:) I also put some more pictures along with other profiles.:)
Well, that's it! I believe I'll be posting a photoshoot later today instead of a haul, so stay tuned for that!:D
Oh! And my poll just ended and the clear winner of it is Hailey! She will be my blog button model and I can't wait to start taking pictures of her.:)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Am I Late? - A Photostory

Hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't made any Christmas posts on what I've gotten yet! I guess I've just been relaxing and watching a lot of TV recently (and possibly, most likely dying over the new Star Wars movie...)!;D
But here is a photostory about one of the main things I got...:)
I hurried to the place I had been told to go, hoping I wasn't too late. I always had bad time management, but this was an important day! 
I rounded the corner and saw a trashed living room with torn wrapping paper and open boxes littering the ground. It was empty. 
I looked around, scanning the room for anyone that lived here. 
Sighing, I wandered to a chair and plopped down onto it. All of that running had left me out of breath. 
I waited, bored out of my mind. Why was there no one there to meet me? It made me boil thinking about how rude my situation was. Finally, I heard the sound of voices coming toward me. 
Two girls, one with freckles and light strawberry hair, and one with brown hair and freckles, walked into the room, complaining jokingly about having to clean the living room. I hopped onto my feet and smiled.
"Um..." the brunette began once she noticed me.
"Hi, I'm Emerson, but I would like it better if you would call me Emmy or Em. Emerson is just too long in my opinion," I greeted. 
"Oh, well, I am Eden, and this is Nikki," Eden pointed to the girl next to her.
"Hi," Nikki said politely, then glanced at Eden. She whispered something in her ear, but I still heard it.
"I thought Mom said we weren't supposed to be expecting anyone this year."
Eden shook her head and smiled at me. 
"So, you're our new sister then? Tell me about yourself," Eden prompted and I sat back down as she neared the other chair. 
"Well, um...I like archaeology and hope to be an archaeologist when I grow up, my favorite color is purple..." I trailed off. What else was there?
"How old are you?" Eden inquired.
"Twelve," I replied.
"I'm fourteen," Eden said. "Do you like music at all?"
"I like a lot of pop music." 
Nikki sat down and started grabbing the trash off the ground while Eden asked me questions.
"Frozen yogurt is my all time favorite dessert!" I cried and glanced at Nikki. "Hey, do you need some help?"
She looked up and nodded, a slight smile on her face. 
I got out of the chair and grabbed some shreds of wrapping paper.
"So, you really like archaeology then?" Eden questioned and my heart sped up. Archaeology was one of my favorite subjects to talk about! 
I hopped back onto the seat and grinned.
"Yes! I just think it's so cool and you would also get to travel, which sort of scares me, but I think I would love it. And the whole digging up the past and finding out more about what life was like for people back then is just beyond cool! I found this book at the library that explains everything about it and I really want to read it, even though reading isn't my favorite, I would so read that!" I chattered. 
"That's so cool! You should talk to Caroline about history, if you like it so much. She's very knowledgeable about history, especially wars and other cultures and how they lived," Eden said. Nikki moved toward me, grabbing at paper. I looked down at the ground and smiled.
"Here, you missed this," I gestured to a scrap of paper and Nikki frowned. 
"Hey! Do you have a frozen yogurt area nearby? We should go over there and keep talking. I've talked so much about myself while I haven't learned anything about you!" I offered and Eden nodded.
"Yeah! I'll go change and be right back," Eden hurried away and I smiled. 
I turned around to Nikki and saw her stuffing the paper into a paper bag, grimacing. 
"Um, here," I offered her the bits I had picked up, and she grabbed them out of my hand, purposefully avoiding my gaze. 
I didn't like the vibes I was getting off of her, but I took a deep breath, rallying my courage.
"Hey, would you like to come with us?" I asked. I didn't want to be unfair and leave her behind, although she seemed to be very uninterested with me. 
Nikki looked up at me and frowned.
"I'm not dressed, and I have work to do," she responded, spite edging her voice, even though I could tell she was trying to hold it back.
"Oh, okay," I mumbled, almost relieved she wasn't coming, but immediately felt guilty for feeling that way. 
Eden ran to us, a coat in her hand.
"Here, Emmy, it's cold outside. Hopefully we are the same size!" she handed me the coat and I put it on. It fit perfectly.
"Thanks," I replied. 
"That coat looks great on you," Eden complimented and I smiled.
"Aw, thanks!" 
"Oh, Nikki, do you want to come with us?" Eden asked over her shoulder.
"No! I have work to do!" Nikki shouted and the bag fell over and the paper came out. "Ugh!" Nikki kicked the bag and stormed off.
"Is she always like that?" I questioned, looking at her as she left.
"Not usually, no," Eden frowned. 
I shrugged my new sister's strange behavior away and smiled at Eden.
"Well, more frozen yogurt for us!"
That's right! I got #47! She is so pretty and I love her so much! I didn't ask for an AG for Christmas, so I was surprised to find an American Girl shaped box under the tree.:) I got a lot of other fun things so I'll probably make a haul tomorrow or the next day.:) But, if you want to see what non-doll things I got, I will be making a haul on Drawn to Writing later today, so go check that out sometime soon!:)
Did you get a doll for Christmas? If so, which one?:)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Counting Down Christmas - Day Three, Watching Christmas Movies

Hi everyone!
All I had time for today was a picture of Hailey and Nikki.:)
It is a rainy day, and that's the perfect time to watch some Christmas movies! Nikki and Hailey are catching up on all of their favorites, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Elf, Frosty the Snowman, and others!:) They can't wait for Christmas to finally get here already!
I know this is a short post, but I have an idea for a photostory with Faye coming up...I'm pretty excited to make it.;D
Oh, and Faye and Hailey were tied for being models for my blog button, so I will be making another poll for just those two.;)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Counting Down Christmas - Day Six, Decorating the Christmas Tree

Hi everyone!
I am so sorry I didn't post in four days! Oops, time just flew by me, I guess.
(There also might have been a new book I bought that I was absorbed in all of yesterday)
BUT, I have Day Six for all of you! Check it out!:D
It was a bright yet cold morning and Hailey tied her bathrobe around her waist as she smiled at Nikki.
"Hi, girls!" Hailey began as the girls she had called piled around. "Nikki and I called you here so that we could all decorate the tree together!" Hailey smiled.
"Well," Saige spoke up after a few moments of silence. "Where's the tree?"
"Glad you asked. Adam!" Hailey called and they heard someone shuffling. 
"Ta da!" Hailey cried and Adam hefted the large Christmas tree box in the rest of the way. 
"So, here's the tree, it's all pink and fluffy and-" Adam coughed, "-dusty." 
"Thanks so much, Adam! You can put it back inside the living room now," Hailey told him and he frowned. 
"What?" he asked. "But it already came from the living room, if you didn't want it out here then you could have just left it in there!" Adam shouted, growing frustrated.
"Come on, Adam, take it back. Hailey only wanted to show the girls first," Nikki ordered. Adam sulked as he stuffed the pink Christmas tree back inside the box and dragged it to the living room. 
The girls walked behind him and they stared at the living room once he left.
"It's kinda small," Caroline stated.
"Where do we put the tree?" Faye asked. 
"Hey, I have an idea. What if we move these chairs to the side so that we can put the tree here?" Sophie offered.
"That's a great idea!" Caroline praised and Sophie blushed.
Caroline and Sophie moved the chairs away.
Nikki and Saige hefted the tree out of the box and set it in the corner of the room. They began forming the branches and Hailey sneaked to the extension cord. 
Hailey grabbed the plug and pushed it into the socket. The tree lit up and Nikki took a step back.
"Oh, it's so pretty!" Saige exclaimed. "I just want to draw it!"
"Come on, let's get decorating, drawing can wait," Nikki called and Saige and Hailey stooped to grab the star ornaments. 
Faye scampered over to join the fun, but Caroline caught Sophie's sleeve before she could follow.
"Sophie, let's make some chains to decorate the house with!" Caroline said and brought out some paper, scissors, and a stapler.
"Oh, okay," Sophie replied and sat down. 
Sophie and Caroline worked on cutting strips and stapling them together while the others decorated the tree.
"This will just add that extra winter feel," Caroline grinned as she reached for a strip to start the chain.
The ornaments quickly ran out and the tree was finished, well, almost.
"Carly!" Faye skipped towards Caroline and she looked up.
"Hm?" Caroline inquired as she gazed into Faye's hazel eyes.
"You are the newest doll in the house! You get to put the tree topper on the tree!"
"Oh, cool!" Caroline said and hopped up. Hailey pushed a stool to the tree and Caroline stepped onto it.
Caroline gripped the star in her hands and placed the topper on with a firm push.
"Yay!" everyone cheered and Caroline smiled at the cheery tree.
"Guys, we still have the chain!" Sophie reminded and the girls all helped to hang it on the wall. 
It stretched across the whole living room and Sophie taped up the last bit. 
The girls stepped back to admire their work.
"It really does look beautiful!" Sophie said as she looked around. 
Nikki walked toward Hailey and they sat down, still gazing at the dazzling room.
"So, whatcha thinking?" Nikki questioned Hailey, who was mostly silent.
Hailey glanced at Nikki. "I'm just really excited to see what we're going to do tomorrow!"
I hope you liked the photostory!:D I hope to get some more posts up of what my dolls have been doing that is Christmas-y, even if it's just a picture or two of them making snowflakes or something!;)
Oh, and SIX DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS??? Isn't that insane and awesome? I can not wait and I know that it's going to just fly by!:)
Have you gotten all of your Christmas shopping done yet?:)