Thursday, December 31, 2015

REVIEW - Disney's Rapunzel Classic Doll

Hi everyone!
Is anyone going to the debut?:D
Clara asked for a review on my Rapunzel Classic Doll a while ago, so here it is.:) Sorry, this is so late!;) 
We start with a full look at Rapunzel. Let's start with her hair.:) 
She has a side part that isn't completely straight. She has gelled swooping bangs. 
Her hair is mostly straight, with a slight wave to it, like the real Rapunzel.:) 
Her hair is very fun to style (you can see I braided the two sides.:D) and goes all of the way to her ankles. 
It isn't as long as the movie, but it's as long as it is when it's braided in the movie.:) At first I was kind of upset that her hair wasn't dragging on the ground a little, but I realize now that if it was, it would get dirty.;) 
Also, she doesn't come with shoes.
Now on to her sweet face.
She has wide circle eyes that are greenish blue. She has gold and pink eyeshadow, with naturally arched eyebrows. She has little dot freckles scattered on her cheeks and light pink lipstick. Her face shape isn't as round as it is in the movie, it's longer, which I think isn't as pretty, but I still like.:) 

Now her dress.:)
Her lavender colored satin bodice has a sweetheart neckline with a tiny little pink bow sewn at the point. She has a non-removable corset the same color and material as the rest of her shirt and has light pink laces going down it. She has puffed pink and purple striped sleeves that are sewn onto sheer 3/4 length light pink sleeves. 
For her skirt she has glittery dark purple panels with light pink swirly flower appliques on the edges. They go all of the way to the back. The slice in the middle is purple with a swirly flower pattern.:) 
A view of the back. The velcro goes only as far as her bodice.
All in all, she's a beautiful doll and I highly recommend her!:D She has great hair for styling and her outfit is very movie accurate.:)
I hope you liked the review!:)
Do you have any Disney Princess dolls?


  1. Awesome review, I have Rapunzel also. Plus a few others. ;)

  2. She's so pretty! I love her! Thanks for doing the review, Emma! :D

    1. Thanks and you're welcome!:D

  3. Replies
    1. That's so cool! Belle is so pretty.:)

  4. I really love her dress- it looks way more detailed than other Rapunzel's :)