Saturday, December 19, 2015

Counting Down Christmas - Day Six, Decorating the Christmas Tree

Hi everyone!
I am so sorry I didn't post in four days! Oops, time just flew by me, I guess.
(There also might have been a new book I bought that I was absorbed in all of yesterday)
BUT, I have Day Six for all of you! Check it out!:D
It was a bright yet cold morning and Hailey tied her bathrobe around her waist as she smiled at Nikki.
"Hi, girls!" Hailey began as the girls she had called piled around. "Nikki and I called you here so that we could all decorate the tree together!" Hailey smiled.
"Well," Saige spoke up after a few moments of silence. "Where's the tree?"
"Glad you asked. Adam!" Hailey called and they heard someone shuffling. 
"Ta da!" Hailey cried and Adam hefted the large Christmas tree box in the rest of the way. 
"So, here's the tree, it's all pink and fluffy and-" Adam coughed, "-dusty." 
"Thanks so much, Adam! You can put it back inside the living room now," Hailey told him and he frowned. 
"What?" he asked. "But it already came from the living room, if you didn't want it out here then you could have just left it in there!" Adam shouted, growing frustrated.
"Come on, Adam, take it back. Hailey only wanted to show the girls first," Nikki ordered. Adam sulked as he stuffed the pink Christmas tree back inside the box and dragged it to the living room. 
The girls walked behind him and they stared at the living room once he left.
"It's kinda small," Caroline stated.
"Where do we put the tree?" Faye asked. 
"Hey, I have an idea. What if we move these chairs to the side so that we can put the tree here?" Sophie offered.
"That's a great idea!" Caroline praised and Sophie blushed.
Caroline and Sophie moved the chairs away.
Nikki and Saige hefted the tree out of the box and set it in the corner of the room. They began forming the branches and Hailey sneaked to the extension cord. 
Hailey grabbed the plug and pushed it into the socket. The tree lit up and Nikki took a step back.
"Oh, it's so pretty!" Saige exclaimed. "I just want to draw it!"
"Come on, let's get decorating, drawing can wait," Nikki called and Saige and Hailey stooped to grab the star ornaments. 
Faye scampered over to join the fun, but Caroline caught Sophie's sleeve before she could follow.
"Sophie, let's make some chains to decorate the house with!" Caroline said and brought out some paper, scissors, and a stapler.
"Oh, okay," Sophie replied and sat down. 
Sophie and Caroline worked on cutting strips and stapling them together while the others decorated the tree.
"This will just add that extra winter feel," Caroline grinned as she reached for a strip to start the chain.
The ornaments quickly ran out and the tree was finished, well, almost.
"Carly!" Faye skipped towards Caroline and she looked up.
"Hm?" Caroline inquired as she gazed into Faye's hazel eyes.
"You are the newest doll in the house! You get to put the tree topper on the tree!"
"Oh, cool!" Caroline said and hopped up. Hailey pushed a stool to the tree and Caroline stepped onto it.
Caroline gripped the star in her hands and placed the topper on with a firm push.
"Yay!" everyone cheered and Caroline smiled at the cheery tree.
"Guys, we still have the chain!" Sophie reminded and the girls all helped to hang it on the wall. 
It stretched across the whole living room and Sophie taped up the last bit. 
The girls stepped back to admire their work.
"It really does look beautiful!" Sophie said as she looked around. 
Nikki walked toward Hailey and they sat down, still gazing at the dazzling room.
"So, whatcha thinking?" Nikki questioned Hailey, who was mostly silent.
Hailey glanced at Nikki. "I'm just really excited to see what we're going to do tomorrow!"
I hope you liked the photostory!:D I hope to get some more posts up of what my dolls have been doing that is Christmas-y, even if it's just a picture or two of them making snowflakes or something!;)
Oh, and SIX DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS??? Isn't that insane and awesome? I can not wait and I know that it's going to just fly by!:)
Have you gotten all of your Christmas shopping done yet?:)


  1. Love the story, Emma! Sophie is so cute, and that tree is amazing! Where did you get it? :)

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure...I can't remember.:(