Friday, August 26, 2016

Photoshoot of Molly + New Posting Schedule

Hi everyone!
I've been thinking... I think that posting three times a week isn't as easy as I had thought! So, I'm gonna post once a week from now on, unless I decide to post sometimes throughout the week other than that day!;D I just need to figure out which day to post on....

I think Friday... XD
I guess that I will be posting on Friday each week now!:D Yay!
So, now onto Molly's photoshoot!

I blurred the background of this picture! I like it, but it took a while to do the way I did!;D
I hope you guys liked the photoshoot!:D
See ya next week!;)

Monday, August 22, 2016

What Stitch Has Been Up To....

Hey everyone!
Today, I am doing a no phone, Internet, TV thingy with Jaclynn, and I'm sure it's a big struggle for me at the moment.
Oh, yeah. This post is scheduled. LOL!
Tomorrow I will be posting about what my day was like without technology (on my other blog, Drawn to Writing), so, check that out sometime.;)
Now, onto the post! Stitch has been up to some truly fun things, and I thought I would share what those are---
Going to Goodwill!
Stitch has gone to Goodwill twice last week. Apparently he loves it--
--And sweaters! LOL!
But after vigorous trying on, he whittled it down to only a couple that he wanted.;)
Helping People Move!
He loves to help people move, I guess, but his favorite thing was to explore their backyard and get his pictures taken--
Such as this one.;)
Going out for walks!Stitch has gone out for walks almost every night, but what's even more important than walking is the next activity...
Staring majestically at the sunset.
I mean...what's more important than this??
I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things Stitch has been up to!;D Isn't he so cute?;)
Have you been doing anything similar to Stitch?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

How to Improve Your Blog!

Hi everyone!
I've been really trying to improve my blog's quality ever since I figured out some key points to helping it succeed, so I thought it'd be fun to do a tip post to help you all make your blogs better than ever!:D Also, I'll have some random doll pictures in the post in case you just want to look at those.;D
Make the kind of posts you want to read!I think this is a huge thing for helping your blog improve! It's like when you're a writer and people say- "Write the book you would want to read!" it's so true! If you hate reading reviews and photoshoots, don't make those! Make the posts you're excited to see in your feed by other bloggers. If you love reading photostory series and lyric photoshoots, do those yourself! If you love what you blog, it's most likely that your readers will be able to tell that it's something you're passionate about and enjoy it more, too!:D
Don't make "filler" posts!!! EVER!!! XD
Filler posts- those posts you know the blogger just threw together because something is better than nothing, right?
No one wants to read a photoshoot where you don't say anything or engage them at all! If you don't put your all in your posts, don't post them!
Be humble.
This tip is about how to make yourself appealing to your readers, I guess. I know that I get SO bugged when I read someone start their post off like this---
Hi guys! 'Tis I, the most amazing ( ___insert name here    _)!
(Not anyone specifically, I'm just saying in general I see it a lot!;D)
I will literally be so annoyed, because even if you're kidding, know this- no one knows that, and at least I think you're super stuck-up. So, just try to be humble and stay away from those silly things so you don't get confused as a super annoying person.XD
(I used to do this when I very first started.
Stick to your word.
This is something I am currently working on, as I have been a bit flaky with posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday...
*smiles nervously*
But it's SO important to keep to your word! If you say you'll post the new part of your photostory series on Thursday, you better post it or people won't trust you anymore and won't take you seriously! It's nothing personal, but it's what happens.
(Bonus tip for those problems- there's this awesome thing called "scheduling posts". LOL!)
 The more you stick to your word and follow through, the more people will count on you to do the things you say!:)

Put your personality into it!!!!
This is big. If your blog doesn't have your voice in it, then who cares? If your readers don't love you, they won't care as much about your blog. So be yourself and don't shy away from who you really are! If you have an obsession with Doctor Who, tell everyone! Don't necessarily make everyone sick of it, but just sneakily add it to your posts. If you're a goofball, show everyone how crazy you were today, tell them stories! Just be yourself, no one wants to read posts that don't have any personality in it.:)
I hope these helped you, I know keeping these things in mind has helped me make my blog better, so I hope they help you guys, too!:D
P.S. I'm listening to Casting Crowns as I write this post! I love Casting Crowns....XD

Monday, August 15, 2016

Em's Ideas to Make the Best of the Rest of the Summer

Hello, people of the Internet! It's Emerson, Em (or Emmy), if you'd like.
So. Summer is practically over and school is just around the corner (for some of you, you've already started), and you might be like me, and have a problem on your hands. You've literally done nothing on your summer vacation! 
I wish I could say that my summer was full of adventures and stuff, but- wait, Emma, you said you wouldn't show the picture--- 
Um. Yeah...So....I spent most of my summer napping and watching Netflix and pretty much being lazy. (^-^)
Emma: Is that drool?!?
MOVING ON!!! I wanted to give you guys some ideas of things to do to make your summer count, even if it's a very, very (very), late start. 
1. Spend time with your siblings (or friends)
I decided to be a bit goofy with Sloan- we took selfies for probably half an hour. Then our phones ran out of space. 

(Selfie! (^u^) 
2. Buy some new clothes and supplies for the new school year.
Such as new pants (that aren't yoga pants), a coat, and sticky notes! 
3. Read.
I am so not a reader, but sometimes I'll find a good book. Oddly enough, I loved this historical book. I thought I didn't like historical fiction. (^_^) 
4. Try something new.
I tried skateboarding with Faye-
"Is this safe?"
"Yeah, it's totally fine. I've got you!"
"If anyone asks, I was never here..." 
And if all else fails, watch another Netflix episode, take a nap, and try again next time. (Or don't) 
I hope you liked Emerson's post. She's so lazy.;D 'Til next time, see ya!:D
Have you started school yet?:)
Bonus Picture-- 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I Finally Have a Button!

Hi everyone!
After trying my new schedule, I've wanted to tweak it somewhat. I'm going to be trying to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.:)
But onto the post! I finally made my blog button!
If you'd like to put this on your sidebar, or wherever you might keep your buttons, I would love that! Or we can do a button swap!:D
While I was trying to get the right picture for my button, I took lots more! Here they are!:)

I hope you liked the pictures, and, again, if you wanna do a button swap, I would love to!:D
See ya on Friday!;D

Friday, August 5, 2016

Faye's Top Five Ways to Survive Hiatus

Hi everyone!:D
Faye was dying to make a post, so I'll just turn it over to her now.;)
'Sup everyone! Faye here with another post in my series!
I'm gonna teach you how to survive hiatus, the soul crushing act of waiting in between seasons, movies, and parts. I am currently on hiatus for so many things...
Star Wars, Star Wars Rebels, Sherlock, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Thor, etc etc But before I continue this post, I have to show you all something--- 
I got the Maul Disney Infinity figure! He's so cool!
That is all. 
Now back to this post! The first way to survive hiatus is to..... 
Make fan art! Like what Emma does. See, this is a drawing of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. We are on hiatus from BATB because the Live Action version is taking FOREVER TO COME OUT!!!
But in case you can't draw a thing, you can look at other people's fan art! It's even better than making it yourself sometimes! This leads me into the next tip for surviving hiatus---
Lemme clarify.
Stalking social media sites that talk about your fandom of choice! So, like Pinterest, certain blogs, Tumblr, whatever you are allowed on! It's so fun to read what other people are saying about your favorite fandom. It's how I spend the vast majority of my time! 
The third tip is to buy things that are for your fandom! LIKE THE NEW TFA TSUMS THAT CAME OUT!!! Aren't they adorbs???
When you buy things for your fandom, it helps console your feels.
Trust me.
Somehow it does. 
Aw, you'we such a beautiful widdle Wey, awen't you? Who doesn't need no man? You don't, oh, no you don't! 
Buuuuuut...I totally ship you two. 
Now for the fourth tip!
Writing fan fiction! It's one of the best things, if you like to write at all! I's so emotional! 
See that water mark? That's a tear. 
And see this whole page that was ruined by water. That was also tears.
And now for the final tip, which is probably the most realistic one for me.... 
Wrapping myself in a blanket with a bowl of ice cream whilst I cry and count the days, hours, minutes, seconds 'til my hiatus is over.
(Faye! Stop crying! You need to finish the post!)
Ugh, fine.
Stay obsessed, kids.
Well, since Faye has gone to cry in a dark closet, I guess I'll sign-off for us.;) Hope you liked Faye's post!