Monday, August 1, 2016

The Great Tsum Disappearance - Part Two

Hi everyone!
I'm so sorry this is up late! Yesterday was really busy for me...:/ Anyway...
I was thinking it was due time to wrap this cliff hanger up.
Literal cliff hanger, right?XD
If you didn't get to see the first part, check it out by pressing this link-

The tsums recovered from their shock and Obi-Wan shot up the paper chains that connected the two dorms. He had to get someone to help them, to get them down to the ground of Emma'sRoomTopia. 
He stumbled into the dorm and saw Gingerbread House.
"Obi-Wan! What's wrong?" she asked. 
Obi-Wan waddled to her. He began to snuffle and climbed up onto her legs.
"Pooh fell off the shelf? Then disappeared? Oh, my!" Ginger murmured. "I'll help you. Of course!"
Obi-Wan let out a sigh.
Ginger lifted her fingers to her lips and let out a whistle. Obi-Wan noticed a speck on the horizon grow closer to them and before he knew it, a plastic Pegasus swooped down and landed on the shelf. 
Ginger patted the horse's muzzle and whispered the plan to her. The Pegasus nickered, her way of agreeing. 
"Climb on!" Ginger said.
Obi-Wan wiggled his way onto the back of the pink Pegasus right before she flew down to the story below and picked up the rest of the tsums. They touched down on the carpet floor in strange territory. 
"We're in AmericanGirlLivingRoom, it seems," Ginger said as the tsums shuffled about, unable to be comfortable in such a place as this. No one ever traveled outside their specific territories unless Emma took them out.
"This was where Pooh fell!" Stitch snuffled. They scanned the room to no avail.
"Let's keep moving," Ginger told them, and they all shot through the room, eager to leave. 
It grew colder the further they traveled inside the void that was Emma'sRoomTopia.
"Okay, so we need to think. Where would Pooh go?" Ginger asked. A soft growling cut her off.
"The Dark Dog!!!" Ginger screeched, when she looked inside the cave they were next to. The Dark Dog was Emma's dog. All they knew about her was that she would eat almost anything. Including dolls. 
The tsums erupted into chaos at the sight of the Dog- she especially loved to eat soft toys. 
They hurried away from the cave and, once their hearts regained a normal pace, continued to think where Pooh would be.
As the tsums snuffled to one another, Ginger's gaze wandered to an odd black structure.
"Do you think he might be up there?" She pointed to the table. They all snuffled in agreement, saying that it would be a viable option. 
The group set off on the perilous journey, but more than anything, it was a long journey. The tsums grew tired within the first few minutes and the Pegasus put out her wings for them to lay on.
A black cat jumped out in front of them, and the tsums shrieked.
"I think I saw that cat in AmericanGirlLivingRoom when Pooh fell!" Eric snuffled.
"Where did it come from?" Obi-Wan asked. The cat slunk away.
"It came from that table! It could have taken him!" Ginger shouted, her face lighting up with worry for Pooh.
"Hurry!" Bullseye persuaded the Pegasus. 
They reached the structure, and Ginger realized just how tall it is.
"Pegasus, can you take me up there?" she asked. The Pegasus nodded. "Great! Obi-Wan, come with us!"
They flew up to the top, and Ginger understood. It was Emma's bedside table. Some Disney Infinity figures, books, and some other random items lay scattered around.
Ginger hopped off the Pegasus's back and heard small sad snufflings. A yellow head peeking out of the table's inner workings caught her eye, and she ran to it.
"Oh, Pooh!" Ginger exclaimed. Stuffed along with other stolen goodies the cat had brought there was Pooh.
"You're safe now." Ginger plucked him out of the cage.
"Who are you?" A voice startled her, and she twirled around to see one of the Disney Infinity figures... speaking!
"Oh! I'm sorry... I didn't know you were living..."
Pooh wiggled and jumped out of Ginger's arms. He ran to the figure and began snuffling as he jumped onto her.
"A cat brought you here? Well, she does come by a lot," the figure said. "I'm Ahsoka. And you are?"
Pooh snuffled a reply.
"Nice to meet you, Pooh." She smiled.
"Hi..." Ginger stepped down to them. "We should really be going. We've been out of our zone for too long."
"That's alright. I hope we get to see each other again," Ahsoka said.
Pooh leaped up onto Ahsoka again and licked her.
"See ya." Pooh dropped down to the floor, and she saluted him with a casual smirk.
The tsums joined at the bottom of the structure, and they gathered around Pooh.
"Pooh! Are you okay?" Eric asked.
"Still wanting an adventure?" Obi-Wan piped in.
Pooh sighed.
"Oh, no. I've had enough adventure to last a lifetime!"
The tsums laughed in their snuffly way, and they headed home.
I hope you liked the last part of the photostory!:D


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  2. I totally thought Pooh got eaten by the dog or something! XD This was cute, though.

    1. Oh, that would have been so sad!XD Thank you!:)

  3. It's so creative, and I love it! This is why your blog is so great!!!
    -Tenley and The Sunshine Dollies

    1. Thank you so much, Tenley! Your comment made my day!!:D

  4. Where do you get your tsums?(their so cute!)