Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Great Tsum Tsum Disappearance - Part One

Hi everyone!:)
How's your day going? Or night, since it's nearing eight o' clock.XD I have a fun mini photostory series planned for y'all, it's only two parts.;D I hope you guys like it!

Dull rays of sunshine streamed into the Ever After High dorm. All of the girls in this dorm were out to the beach, but the tsums didn't care. The lazy tsums loved staying home and napping on the new fuzzy rugs the girls had added to the floor. 
Everyone except Pooh, who had a sudden longing for adventure this afternoon. He knew his friends wouldn't want to do anything today, but he had to try to get them riled up. 
Finally, Pooh hopped down from the couch and dragged the tsums into a group by their rugs. He huffed and puffed at the labor. 
At last they were all together. Pooh lunged onto the couch's arm rest and wiggled his butt testily, getting ready for the next step of his plan. He braced himself into a ball and jumped-
-AND KA-BLAM! Pooh landed in the middle of them and they went flying around him, suddenly awoken from their naps. 
Stitch sniffled and vibrated, his way of asking "Why did you wake us up?".
Pooh licked his nose, snuffling back a reply. "I'm here to get you all to go on an adventure with me!" The tsums shook their head, and Bullseye snorted.
"Oh bother, just hear me out," Pooh snuffled and gathered his courage and words to come up with an inspiring speech. 
He took a step forward. "We spend our little tsum tsum lives in this dorm, sleeping away the time. We only see this dorm, when there is really so much beyond!" The tsums shuffled around. "So many unexplored dolls live below us, we have the opportunity to see them and yet we stay here, napping! We need to take advantage of the present!" 
The tsums started to snuffle agreement. Pooh could feel the invigorating qualities of his speech inspiring his fellow tsums, as well as himself. He took another step forward and raised his snuffles.
"We could do so much, be so much. Who is with me-" His snuffles were cut short as he took another step- straight off of the shelf. 
A blur of orange and red was the only thing the other tsums could see as he plummeted to the ground...into unknown territory.
The tsums rapidly shuffled to the edge of the shelf and stared at the ground in horror, their eyes as wide as saucers.
Shuddering, Obi-Wan snuffled, "He's nowhere to be seen."
Cliff hanger!XD
I hope you liked this part, the next part will be longer.;) Come back soon to find out what happened to Pooh!:D
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  2. Oh no what are the ever after high dolls going to say!?


    ps. I read some of your old posts

    1. Who knows? You'll have to wait and see...;)
      P.S. That's cool!:D

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    1. You'll have to wait to find out...;)

  5. The tsums are so cute!!(How did you get the couch?)