Wednesday, July 6, 2016

TAUT - Through Fire - Part Four

EEK! YAYY! It's finally here! I'm so happy!XD
Here is the link to the last part in case you need a refresher- LINKEDY LINK LINK.
"No! We have to get to safety!" Chris cried, her eyes showing her desperation. 
"Are we just going to keep wandering aimlessly?" Dmitri asked. Chris's eyes glistened, she couldn't tell if it was the smoke or emotion. 
"Guys!" Logan appeared on the path. He ran to them.
"Logan!" Chris cried out. "Oh my gosh, I was so worried!"
"I finally found you! Follow me, I found something else while trying to find you," Logan split away from them again, and they ran after him. They came to a small cave, and they hesitated. 
"Get in," he instructed.
"What is this cave coated in?" Dmitri asked and touched the oddly stiff goo. Logan shrugged.
"I don't know, but it doesn't burn. I think it's some sort of natural fire repellent," he offered. Dmitri and Chris ducked into the cave. 
"We'll stay here until somebody finds us," Dmitri decided and sat down. 
She grabbed the spray from her back pack, pushing her tangled hair out of her face. "I guess this is toxic to humans."
Logan and Chris nodded.
"It could be, I'm just glad that we all survived. I don't know how long we were out, but a tree could have fallen on us...or worse." Logan and Chris cringed. Dmitri frowned and leaned back against the cave wall. 
Logan snatched her phone out of her backpack.
"Let's find some signal," he said and tinkered with some of the buttons.
Dmitri sighed. "I've already checked, there wasn't anything." Logan tapped more buttons.
"I can't get any signal either." He let the phone drop. 
Chris reached out and took the phone from him.
"Give it to the master," she said and after a few minutes, turned it back to the others. "I got a signal!"
"How did you do that?" Logan asked, astonished. She shrugged and handed the phone to Dmitri, but her face showed her pride. 
"This is great!" Dmitri dialed Sara and put the phone on speaker.
Ring! Ring!
The trio heard a click and Sara's voice came on.
"Dmitri! Where are you? Are you okay? We're looking all over for you, tell us where you are!" Sara cried.
"We're in this cave. I'm not sure where we are. There are a ton of burning trees and flames and smoke..." Dmitri trailed off.
"Just- try to get somewhere high up so we can see you," she instructed.
"Okay." Dmitri hung up and walked out of the cave.
She grabbed the rocks and hauled herself up onto the top of the cave. She climbed up a few more rocks and peered up at the gray sky. Dmitri kept watch as the heat distorted the sky. Sweat dripped into her squinted eyes. She dropped her head and coughed.
"We need some sort of flag," Dmitri yelled.
"Everything is burning, it's no use," Chris replied with a sigh.
Dmitri frowned. "I'll use my vest. Maybe they'll see the movement and come find us." She tore off her vest and began waving it around.
"Might as well," Chris said. 
She shook the vest wildly, trying to attract some attention.
After a while, she set her vest on the cave and tried to catch her breath. The smoke made it hard to breathe, and she felt slightly dizzy. 
She swiped a finger through the brown goop and an idea popped into her head. She took out a bottle from her back pack and began to fill the bottle up with the goop.
"When Sara gets here they can make more of this and stop the fire," she said to herself. 
She screwed the cap onto the bottle when the faint sound of helicopter blades cut through the crackling fire. She turned her face to the smoke filled sky, and a smile broke out on her grimy face.
"You guys, we're saved!"
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