Monday, April 18, 2016

TAUT - Through Fire - Part Three

Hi everyone!:)
I know that some of you are desperate to know what happened in the last part, and I can't wait to reveal what happened!:D
Dmitri breathed in pure smoke and her eyes burst open wide as she coughed. Her eyes watering, she tried to gain her thoughts.
How long had I been about? she thought. She scanned the area, but all she saw were flames shooting up all around her, trapping her. Why had I fallen unconscious? 
"The spray!" Dmitri cried then realized too late that speaking wasn't a good idea. Her mouth went dry which made her cough harder. The spray must have made them fallen unconscious. It must have been toxic.
"Chris!!" she called. She could barely hear herself above the roar of the fire. "Logan!!!" Dmitri stood up and a wave of dizziness flooded over her. She pushed her fingers into her throbbing temples, telling herself to get it together.
Be the leader.
She grabbed her phone out of her backpack. There wasn't any signal. She pushed it back into her bag and looked around at the fire encasing her. As she looked up at the burning trees, she heard a sickly crack. Her gaze shot to a nearby tree, screaming as it came crashing toward her. 
Barely missing the fiery tree, she jumped to the side as the tree burst to life with sparks. Her legs burned with the heat of the fire and, once she snatched up the fallen spray and stuffed it into her backpack, she called out to Chris and Logan, wherever they were. She had to move. They weren't around here. Dmitri stumbled away, dodging flames that threatened to overwhelm her.
"Help!" a voice called out over the sound of the fire. 
"Chris!" Dmitri exclaimed and ran to a burning bush, which Chris was stuck in. She grabbed her arms and pulled her out.
"I'm so glad you're safe!" Chris said. 
"Where's Logan?" Dmitri questioned and dragged her away from the bush.
"I don't know," Chris coughed, shaking her head.
"We need to get out of here or else we'll burn to death!"
"But what happened? I fainted!" She cried.
"I can't be sure, but I think that spray we used somehow caused it."
"It could be poisonous," Chris added and Dmitri nodded.
"We need to leave. Now."
They tramped through the burning remains of a forest, desperately searching for a way out and to find Logan, whom they called to every now and then. Chris fell onto a slippery, wet rock, saying, "I need water."
Dmitri handed her a hot bottle of water, still looking at the fire around them. Soot lay on the floor like sand and smoke smothered the sky. Neither one of them could stop coughing for long.
After Chris drained most of the bottle, they picked up their trek through the forest, but their hopes diminished as the fire started to get too large around them, blocking paths.
"Wait!" Chris shouted and grabbed Dmitri's arm. "Sara said they'd be waiting for us!"
Dmitri gasped. She was right.
"Yes! If we can find that circle we began in, we could find them!" she exclaimed, her hopes flaring like the flames around them.
"It was this way!" Chris pointed to the left. They ran for what felt like hours, but they didn't find the circle.
Dmitri panted and breathed in heavy smoke as she brought herself to say the two words circling in her mind.
"We're lost."
Another cliffhanger? Ooh...I'm bad....;)
I hope you are enjoying the series!:D
Since these were all the pictures I took when I was at the park, the next part will take longer to get up, but I hope to have it up as soon as possible!:) Thanks for being patient.:)


  1. You are bad.......... OoH................

  2. Eek! I can't wait for the next part! Good job Emma!

  3. Ugh! Why do you post some and end with a cliffhanger! More! But I will be patient. :)

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    1. LOL! Thanks, Clara!;D I use the ElementFX app. It works pretty well for this sort of thing!:)

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    1. LOL! Well, I haven't killed anyone...yet. *evil grin* LOL! Me, too! I hate to leave it at a cliff hanger for long!

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    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I haven't had time to take more pictures, but I hope to ASAP!:)