Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jess Needs Help - A Photostory

Hi everyone!
I finally was inspired to make this photostory, and I am so excited to get it up!:) I also took pictures for TAUT (the ones I could take at home), so when I get to go to the park I'll be able to post the next part immediately!:)
Okay, well, here's the photostory!
Jess walked into the house after coming home from running some of her errands. She had to go to the dry-cleaners for Isabelle's coat and had to pick up flour for Grace's baking.
As she entered the living room, her anger flared as she stared at it.
I just cleaned this room! Jess thought. Clothes, trash, and knickknacks were scattered across the room already, even though Jess had only left an hour ago. 
"What happened here?" Jess asked, her voice growing louder. "I just cleaned this room!" 
"Oh, yeah. I guess it is pretty messy," Julie agreed. "Maybe you should clean it?" 
Jess' face turned bright red as she stormed out of the room after saying, "All of you stay here!" 
She gathered as many people as she could and told them to go into the living room.
"Okay. I am used to cleaning for everyone. I cleaned up after five girls for a long, long time, but now that number has tripled and I can't keep up with everyone's messes! I need some help!" 
A snore was her reply.
"Emerson!" Jess shouted, waking her sleeping sister up.
"Huh? Huh? I'm up!"
Jess waited for a response. 
Julie was the first to walk up to her.
"I wish I could help, but first of all, cleaning isn't one of my skills, and I got basketball practice." She looked at Faye. "Let's go! Sorry, Jess." 
They walked out, striking up a conversation about sports. 
"I'm sorry, but I am really busy. I have to work out everyday and my rock climbing class is every other day, and then there is school. I try to make sure not to make a big mess, but sometimes it's impossible. Anyway, I have to head out." Leah excused herself and Jess sighed. 
She turned to face Emerson, but she had fallen asleep again. 
"What about you, Adam?"
He went up to her, eyes serious.
"I'd love to help, but....I've got....things...." He looked out to space, his eyes wide, and Jess pursed her lips, a little frightened. He shook his head then frolicked away. 
She watched as they all left, refusing to give her the help she needed. 
"I was going over to Emily's to play," she began. "It was my day off!" 
She started to walk away when Jess called to her.
"I know it's been a long time since I've gotten a day off."
Molly lowered her gaze, feeling badly, but still left. 
Jess stared sadly at the door, but knew that she had to clean up the room.
"Oh, Jess-"
She twisted to face Emerson, who had awaken from her slumber.
"Did you pick up my frozen yogurt?"
"I forgot," Jess replied, scowling. 
"Well, the frozen yogurt shop doesn't close for another hour..." Emerson trailed off, giving Jess a hopeful look.
"Fine. I'll be back soon." Jess grabbed her purse and stomped away. 
Molly stood out on the sidewalk, feeling horrible for deserting Jess. Jess had been right, she hadn't had a day off for a long time, she was always cleaning up after everyone.
She straightened up. She knew what she had to do. 
After sending out a few texts, she flew back into the house and got to work cleaning up the messy living room. She put everything away, then dusted, vacuumed (shockingly, Emerson didn't wake up...?), and took out the trash. 
The last detail was twisting the vase to face the room. Now all she had to do was wait for Jess to get home. 
Jess walked into the room with a bulging bag and a frown. 
She gasped when she saw the living room. Looking at it in awe, she smiled. 
Jess ran up to Molly and gave her a big hug.
"You did this?"
"Well, it sure wasn't Emerson!" Molly laughed and Jess joined in on the giggles. "Now you can have a day off, too!"
"I really appreciate you doing this and missing out on your playdate, but I still have more errands to do. I only had to come home to give Emerson her frozen yogurt," Jess lifted the bag up for emphasis.
"Oh, no! I texted Nikki and she said she would take care of it after her horse back riding lessons," Molly replied, unable to hide her grin. 
"That means-" Molly went over to Emerson's sleeping form and grabbed the blanket that was entwined around Emerson. "-you get to relax!" 
She ripped the blanket toward her and Emerson came tumbling off the seat. Her eyes opened wide at the sneak attack.
"What?" Emerson growled.
"You said you had to finish your book report!" Molly shouted.
"But that was this morning!" she whined. 
Emerson sulked away and Molly pushed Jess onto the chair. 
She tossed the blanket over her and began to enthusiastically tuck the blanket around Jess' form. 
"Now how is that?" Molly asked then snorted when she saw her finished product. Jess began to talk, but she only heard muffles. 
Molly pushed the blanket under her chin and laughed.
Jess laughed, too. "Thank you, Molly." 
"No," she responded, stepping away. "Thank you."
I don't know where this story really came from, other than the fact that Jess is pretty much the sole provider of house keeping for my AG's and that must be a big responsibility, especially since I have so many dolls(seriously, I've lost count. It's bad.XD). Then it sort of turned into an appreciation post. I think it's really important to tell the people that take care of you all of the time how grateful you are for their help. I know that it can make someone else and yourself feel great.:)
I hope you liked my post!:)


  1. Aww, this is so sweet Emma. I loved it!
    ~The Girl Upstairs

  2. zI like the frozen yogurt thing it was so funny

  3. Cute story.

  4. This photo story was so Cute I loved it! ;)

  5. Poor Jess! My Emelie knows EXACTLY how you feel! I made a post last year about her getting all frustrated about having to clean up after everyone, too. I love Molly's hair and outfit by the way! And silly Emerson made me smile. :P :)

    1. Oh, yeah. There's one in each doll family, I guess.;) Thank you!:D

  6. I love your photostories, Emma! Good job, Molly, for helping Jess. :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thank you so much, Christian Homeschooler!:)

  7. I thought this was really cute, and I agree, a nice way to make people aware of what others do for them.