Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A "Perfect" Spring Day

Hey everyone! My EAH dolls and a few Barbie's thought that today would be an amazing day to go outside and just enjoy the beautiful spring day.:) But it was a bit windy so that was a bit of a problem...
The dolls all lay about in the grass. Some were planting plants, others were chatting, and others were doing other things.
Diane flew around in the sky,  but the wind was proving to be a problem. She couldn't control herself!
"AAAH!" Diane cried as the wind sent her sprawling on her friends.
"Oh, no!" Apple White cooed and hopped up to help Diane up.
Apple White helped Diane back to her feet.
Getting back to her planting, Apple White began placing clovers into a pot.
Meanwhile, Nicole was painting a beautiful portrait of the yard.

" Oh, hello, Bullseye!" Apple White greeted when she stood up, "you know, you smell like-er-well, something bad. You need a bath and I'm so hot. I would love to get wet."
Apple White snapped her fingers and a Disney bathtub appeared.
Apple White plopped Bullseye into the tub and began washing him.
Cupid joined Apple and they began scrubbing their tsums.
Even Cerise joined them with Winnie!
After the bath, Cerise took Winnie for a walk in her wagon.
Cedar lied in the long grass and sighed. The birds chirped. Bees buzzed. Cedar breathed in a big deep breath, it smelled like lavender and grass...and...stink? 
"BRIAR!!!" Cedar whined as she realized Briar's feet were in her face.
"You think she would wash her feet once in a while!" Cedar muttered and walked away.
So, the day continued on like that.:)
What do you like to do on nice days?

Monday, March 30, 2015

TAUT - Remember Me? - Finale

Dmitri paced nervously in front of Chris's room, thoughts bubbling to the surface of her brain. The 'mission' of bringing Chris's memories back was not working out very well. Hayden had back in on Thursday but that was no help, Daisy had tried to impersonate all of our missions, but Chris was still unresponsive. Logan had gone in and tried to help too. Now it was Dmitri's turn.
"Dmitri, come on in," the doctor said.
"Hey, Chris," Dmitri said, "remember me?"
Chris shook her head and frowned.
"Um, as you probably know, we live here in this organization and we go on missions. But I thought that I would show you some pictures of us. I always take a picture of us after a mission," Dmitri explained and showed Chris a picture of Logan, Chris, Dmitri, and Hayden standing infront of a broken robot.
"This was when we stopped this robot, his name was S.T.E.V.E. He was a huge magnet that attracted every kind of metal, and the metal helped him grow. He was a rogue science experiment that we were going to use for wars, but he turned on us. We stopped him before anybody even knew of his existence!" Dmitri picked another picture of the teens infront of a dam, "this was from one mission where this dam was breaking, we fixed it before a whole town was flooded." It went like that for twenty more pictures.
 After Dmitri got to the last one, Chris sat back in her bed and closed her eyes. Dmitri and Chris stayed there for awhile, just the two of them, in silence.
Chris's eyes opened wide.
"I REMEMBER! I got hit by ARGO!" Chris exclaimed. Dmitri smiled.
"Yes! Do you remember everything?" Dmitri asked.
"Some parts are fuzzy but I do remember enough!" Chris replied.
The doctor reentered the room.
"This is fantastic! But, we should get you to bed, Chris, you are lucky to be alive," the doctor shooed Dmitri out of the room.
"SHE REMEMBERS!" Dmitri exclaimed triumphantly.
"Really?" Logan replied. Dmitri nodded.
"What did you do differently than us?" Hayden asked smugly. 
Dmitri raised and eyebrow and Hayden muttered a never mind and walked away. Dmitri smiled, the team was back.
It had been two months since the ARGO accident and Chris was doing great! Each day she had remember a little more. She was strictly in a wheelchair until late summer, but she was as intelligent as ever.
"Okay, guys!" Dmitri wheeled Chris over to where the others were, "group photo!"
Tune in for their next mission- "Through Fire"
THAT'S THE FINALE! Thank you so much for all the nice comments you've given! They mean so much! Their next mission is called "Through Fire" but I won't be posting it until I finish "Sadie's Hope" with Jaclynn!:)

TAUT - Remember Me? - Part 10

"Amnesia," the doctor said to the teenagers.
"AMNESIA??" Dmitri yelled, "HOW WILL SHE GO ON MISSIONS AND-" Dmitri wanted to add 'and how will she be my best friend?' but caught her tongue.
"We will have to remind her of her time here, and hope that she'll unlock those memories," the doctor explained.
"Will she ever remember?" Hayden asked. The doctor hesitated.
"We aren't sure, some patients recover and go along with their lives, while others-- don't."
"How can we help?"
"Hi, Chris, it's me- Hayden, and your other friends- Daisy, Logan, and Dmitri," Hayden said slowly.
"She's not a little kid!" Daisy snorted, "you're supposed to act normal!" Chris stared at them nervously as they continued to bicker.
"Maybe we should try this one at a time," Dmitri suggested. The others nodded and Hayden offered to go first, then Daisy, then Logan, then Dmitri. 
The others left and Hayden was left alone with Chris.
"Hi, Chris, I'm Hayden."
"Hi...." Chris stared nervously at Hayden.
"We live here-" Hayden gestured all around her, "-and we go on missions to stop bad people and that sort of thing. We all have special talents, like I am a spy, I can sneak up on anybody without them knowing."
"I wanna go home," Chris whined.
"No, no, we don't get to go home, Dmitri has been trying for awhile but-" Hayden leaned in and whispered, "-we don't think she'll ever find a way out."
"I WANT TO GO HOME!!!" Chris cried but then groaned painfully from the effort of talking.
"Okay, okay, get out!" Dmitri yelled and grabbed Hayden out of the room.
The doctor walked out of Chris's hospital room.
"She's very stressed and we'll have to continue this on Thursday," the doctor said.
Dmitri bit her lip, was Chris ever going to get her memories back?
The finale will be later this night, so make sure to be here!!!:D

TAUT - Remember Me? - Part 9

Oh my gosh, before I even start writing the next part, can I just say THANK YOU?! All of your amazing comments made my day(s), I'm so glad that all of you are so into my series!:D THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!:D
Okay, enough of that hullabaloo, time for the next part!:)
"CHRIS!!!" Dmitri yelled and woke up from a nightmare. 
Dmitri looked around her room. The room was bright. It was probably around noon.
Hayden slipped into the room and Dmitri stumbled out of her bed. She had a headache.
"Hey, Dmitri," Hayden said.
"Hello, Hayden," Dmitri replied as she fixed her hair and slipped on some shoes.
Dmitri walked past Hayden.
"Wait, where are you going?" Hayden asked.
"I need to see-" Dmitri's voice broke, "where is Chris?"
"You have to tell me! WHERE IS SHE?!" Dmitri cried and grabbed Hayden's wrist.
"Dmitri---" Hayden sighed and Dmitri let go of Hayden's wrist, "Come with me, Dmitri."
Dmitri and Hayden walked out of her room and entered into a room Dmitei had never seen before.
There were doctors and nurses all hurrying around a bed. A scanner of Chris's heart beat dropped up and down weakly.
"She's alive!!" Dmitri cried happily.
"She's unconscious, she has been ever since she was hit," Hayden replied, "we're afraid she won't make it."
Dmitri walked over to Logan, who was pacing.
"Logan, are you okay?"
"No," was all he said. Dmitri could see the stains of tears on his face, but she didn't point it out.
"Logan, how did you get us here? I fainted or something," Dmitri asked. Logan stopped pacing and looked at Dmitri.
"I had to carry you both. Once you passed out, I had no choice."
"Oh," Dmitri's face grew hot, "sorry for fainting. I was really stressed."
"It's fine," Logan smiled weakly. Dmitri asked about Daisy and Logan said she was being taken care of.
Right then, the room exploded with cries and shouts.
"She's awake!!" Someone yelled.
"Chris!!!" Dmitri ran to the bed and saw Chris's eyes flutter open.
"Oh, Chris!" Logan whispered from behind Dmitri.
"Where am I? Who are you? Where is my mom?!" Chris asked, her eyes wide.