Saturday, March 21, 2015

TAUT Interview

Hey everyone! Inspired by Jaclynn, I made an interview of my dolls.:)
"Welcome to the interview! Let's get right down to business!"
"Do you have any spoilers you can tell us about the show?" 
"Er- well, we are kind of sworn to secrecy about spoilers...." Isabelle said.
"Oh come on! You can tell us something!"
"Well, Emma gave us a sheet of things we can say-" 
"No! We want it in your words!"
"Now what can you tell us? Maybe something about the name? We don't know anything about that yet."
"Well, it has to do with Chris, but that's all we should say," Sloan said.
"Molly, how many stories have been made so far, and how many will be made?" Apple asked.
"Well, we have---" Molly counted in her head, "Emma is working on the fifth one, that is including 'Remember Me?.' And for how many more there will be.... I'm guessing just a couple more after that."
"Which one is your favorite of the stories you've read?" 
"We probably shouldn't say the names of them because names can give away so much, but mine is probably the third one. It just has so much emotion and twists and it's really awesome," Isabelle said.
"My favorite is the fourth one."
"I have to agree with Isabelle, the third one. It's pretty cool."
"I love them all! I love the fifth, the fourth, the first, the third, the second! I couldn't pick!"
"Last question, what is your favorite part of your character?"
"Probably just how in control Dmitri is, she can break down sometimes and she's got a hot temper, but I love how she is so take control," Isabelle explained, "Oh, this has nothing to do with the show but Julie isn't here, because she has a basketball game"
"I love my character cause she is so cool. She's a spy!"
"I feel like Logan is so much like me. I really like how he is pretty calm..." Adam chuckled, "never mind, forget I even laughed."
"I really love how Chris is so smart. I feel so smart when I'm saying her lines!"
"Great answers! And you swear you can't give us any more spoilers?"
"If we gave anything more away, we would be in big trouble with Emma."
"Okay then, Thank you guys for giving us your time! That's all for now- bye!"


  1. Very cute! And when do we get another episode??

    1. Thank you! I'm not positive, I need to go to a park to take pictures, but it'll hopefully be soon!:D

  2. This is so cool! Can't wait for the next episode. ;)