Thursday, March 19, 2015

Truth or Dare?

Hey everyone! Josefina came over for a play date with Isabelle and things got interesting. Check it out!:D
"So what do you want to do, Josefina?" Isabelle asked.
"I don't know," Josefina replied.
"We could play dolls?" Isabelle suggested.
"I'm not really in a play mood right now," Josefina said sadly. Isabelle laughed. She was never in a play mood when she came over.
"We could go play in the snow?" Elsa suggested. 
"It's not snowing," Josefina said.
"I have an idea!" Adam cried, and came out of his room.
"We could play truth or dare?" Adam said.
Josefina looked at Isabelle and Isabelle nodded.
They all sat in a circle. (or a line LOL) 
"Me first!" Adam said.
"Truth or dare?" Josefina asked.
"Dare!" Figures, Isabelle thought.
"I dare you to go pick the most disgusting thing out of the trash can over there and bring it over here!" Josefina dared.
"Challenge accepted," Adam said and went over to the trash can.
"Dog hair from Pepper!" Adam smirked.
"Ewwww!!" Isabelle and Josefina said in unison.
"Truth or dare?" Isabelle asked.
"Dare!" Josefina replied eagerly.
"I dare you to go stand on that beach ball that my mom just blew up!" Isabelle said.
Josefina struggled onto the beach ball.
"TA DAAAAA!!!" Josefina shouted as she stood up on the beach ball. (Fun fact: I had to let out a ton of air so that she could actually balance on it. Even when I held her there she would roll all around!;D)
"Woah," Isabelle said in shock.
"My parents were circus performers," Josefina laughed.
"Truth or Dare?" Elsa asked Isabelle.
"Truth," Isabelle replied. Of course she picked the safe one.
Elsa thought for a little while and a mishchevious grin appeared on her face.
"Dex, Keefe, or Fitz?" Elsa asked. Elsa was talking about book characters from a book that Isabelle was obsessed with. Whenever Isabelle would read the books she would get super moody and wouldn't want anybody to talk to her or bug her.
Isabelle gasped. She always said that she couldn't pick.
"HOW COULD YOU?!" Isabelle shrieked, "I can't choose!"
"You have to!!!" Elsa screamed.
"I-I-I-" Isabelle stammered, "Fiiiii---? Uhhh, Kedeeeee....?"
"If we wait for her to have a decision we are going to be skeletons. Let's just skip her," Adam laughed. Isabelle breathed a sigh of relief.
"Oh, fine!" Elsa said and the game continued.
LOL! So they played for a while later, Elsa would ask Isabelle questions that concerned books and she wouldn't be able to answer them.;P
Have you ever played truth or dare? If so, what was the craziest thing you did?:)


  1. This was a cute story! : )
    Truth or Dare-I made this "torture potion" made out of pepper kernels, spices, water, and a bunch of other edible stuff you had to drink if you didn't do the truth or dare.

  2. I loved this story. I played truth or dare today with my friends in the library during lunch. My friend brought a bag of warheads, and dared two guys to put 8 of them in their mouths at once. It made the top layer of their tonges come off, and then they kind of, ya know, barfed it all up. The librarian didn't notice a thing.

  3. That looked like a fun game!

  4. The craziest thing I ever did I truth or dare was
    (We were at a park) run and stand Ina park bench and shout"I am a little monkey!" Lol!

  5. Stand in the back of a truck & scream on the top of my lungs. I didn't even know who's truck it was. but when my mom found out I was grounded from truth or dare. (But I still play it)