Monday, March 30, 2015

TAUT - Remember Me? - Part 10

"Amnesia," the doctor said to the teenagers.
"AMNESIA??" Dmitri yelled, "HOW WILL SHE GO ON MISSIONS AND-" Dmitri wanted to add 'and how will she be my best friend?' but caught her tongue.
"We will have to remind her of her time here, and hope that she'll unlock those memories," the doctor explained.
"Will she ever remember?" Hayden asked. The doctor hesitated.
"We aren't sure, some patients recover and go along with their lives, while others-- don't."
"How can we help?"
"Hi, Chris, it's me- Hayden, and your other friends- Daisy, Logan, and Dmitri," Hayden said slowly.
"She's not a little kid!" Daisy snorted, "you're supposed to act normal!" Chris stared at them nervously as they continued to bicker.
"Maybe we should try this one at a time," Dmitri suggested. The others nodded and Hayden offered to go first, then Daisy, then Logan, then Dmitri. 
The others left and Hayden was left alone with Chris.
"Hi, Chris, I'm Hayden."
"Hi...." Chris stared nervously at Hayden.
"We live here-" Hayden gestured all around her, "-and we go on missions to stop bad people and that sort of thing. We all have special talents, like I am a spy, I can sneak up on anybody without them knowing."
"I wanna go home," Chris whined.
"No, no, we don't get to go home, Dmitri has been trying for awhile but-" Hayden leaned in and whispered, "-we don't think she'll ever find a way out."
"I WANT TO GO HOME!!!" Chris cried but then groaned painfully from the effort of talking.
"Okay, okay, get out!" Dmitri yelled and grabbed Hayden out of the room.
The doctor walked out of Chris's hospital room.
"She's very stressed and we'll have to continue this on Thursday," the doctor said.
Dmitri bit her lip, was Chris ever going to get her memories back?
The finale will be later this night, so make sure to be here!!!:D


  1. I am dying to see the next part! You are the best at cliffhangers!

    1. Aw! Thank you so much!:D That means a lot!:)

  2. OOH I can't wait to see what happens! Now I have to see the next post....