Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hey everyone! If you went to my old blog then you know that I did this game called WHAT IS SHE DOING?? It is exactly like Liz's game, but just with a different name. So basically, just caption the picture I give you with a funny caption or whatever!:)
Cecile: what are you doing, Eden?
Eden: Well, since I transfered to your school late, I apparently have all this reading to catch up on!
Cecile and Saige walk away and leave Eden to study. 
Saige: I totally tricked her! I gave her a paper "from her teacher" and it says she has to read all of those books! Hehe! I'm such a prankster!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TAUT - Remember Me? Part 4

Hey everyone! The next episode is up!:)
Dmitri and Logan tramped through the forest, down to where the rest of the team was.
"What's wrong? Where's Daisy?" Dmitri asked, eyes wide.
"She fell! She's down there!" Hayden explained.
Dmitri gazed down the cliff and saw Daisy sprawled on the ground, seemingly unconscious. 
Dmitri saw it all in her head, her plan in her brain. 
Dmitri set down her backpack and grabbed a slender rope from it. 
Chris nodded her head as she saw Dmitri's plan take shape. Chris grabbed an end of the rope and wrapped it around a nearby tree trunk, while Dmitri grabbed the other end and tied it around her waist.
"Are you sure you can do this?" Logan worried.
"Psssh, I could do this in my sleep," Dmitrk smiled, trying to recover Logan's grin. Logan frowned.
Dmitri began to grapple down the cliff. Soon enough, Dmitri racked the ground and she fell to her knees to examine Daisy.
She checked Daisy's pulse. Steady. Dmitri put her ear to Daisy's mouth to check if Daisy was breathing. Thank goodness. Dmitri sighed as she felt the warm breath on her cheek.
"She's breathing!" Dmitri called up to the others. 
Dmitri gently slapped Daisy's cheek to stir her. No response.
"Oh my gosh, Daisy wake up," Dmitri muttered and looked back up the cliff.
"GUYS!!! Send down my backpack!" Dmitri demanded
Her backpack was send flying down the cliff and ended with a CLUNK! Dmitri groveled for her bag and pulled out a nearly empty bottle of water.
Dmitri pulled the cap off and lightly poured water on Daisy's cheeks.
"Huh?" Daisy snapped to attention, immediately groaned, and fell back to the ground.
"Daisy?" Dmitri asked.
"Dmitri? What's wrong? Where am I? THE PLANE!" Daisy shot up again and winced from the effort.
"Dmitri, we need to get there before it's too late!"
"Calm down, you won't be able to go anywhere unless you can walk. Let's stand you up."
Dmitri helped Daisy up but quickly realized that something was wrong.
"Ow, ow. I can't walk, it's my knee," Daisy yelped and sat back down.
"You have to go without me. You have to make it to the airplane." Dmitri sighed, she wasn't going to get all emotional. She had to look at the facts.
"Yes, you're right. Keep my phone, I know that it only has TAUT's number, but in case something bad happens, you can contact them." 
Dmitri hugged Daisy and climbed up the cliff wall.
"What's wrong with her?" Chris asked.
"She has something wrong with her knee, I'm pretty positive it's broken."
"How will we get her up here?" Hayden questioned.
"We won't. We'll have to continue without her," Dmitri stayed stone-faced.
"What? Continue without her?" Hayden shouted.
"Dmitri is right, we couldn't possibly get her up here and go on this extreme trail with her," Chris agreed.
"Come on. We have to go," Logan said.

About Me Page

Hey guys! 
I just made a page called About Me. Go check it out and learn more about me!;)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TAUT - Remember Me? Part 3

Hey everyone! It's finally here! The next episode of TAUT!:)
Dmitri jolted awake from a guard shouting at her. It was 9:02 in the morning. Dmitri gasped. How had she slept the whole day away?
Dmitri rolled our of the car and stretched out her legs. Chris, Hayden, Daisy, and Logan were already there.
"What's up, sleepy head?" Hayden snickered. Dmitri glanced up at her frizzy hair and flattened it down.
"I don't know why they brought you along, it's not like we need someone to spy on the trees for us," Daisy laughed at her own joke.
"Be quiet, Daisy, it's not like we are going to need someone who can dress up like an old man!" Hayden shot back. Logan snickered.
"Would you stop being such a boy!" Chris slapped the back of Logan's head.
"Okay, okay, we need to get going!" Dmitri cried, stopping the scene from becoming even more chaotic.
"Follow the leader, Hayden!" Daisy giggled. Hayden growled back at Daisy.
"I thought that you were a spy, Hayden, not a dog!" Daisy smiled.
"That's enough!!" Dmitri yelled, silencing them, "are we going to fight each other all day or are we going to find this plane?!" 
"We're going to find the plane," Chris agreed and gave everybody a dangerous look.
"Good, now let's go and get to our spot before the plane passes us, we're cutting it short as it is," Dmitri said and they started into the forest.
Within 10 minutes, Daisy and Hayden were back at each other's throats. Dmitri blocked them out and began walking faster, trying to pick up the pace.
"Slow down, Dmitri!" Dmitri heard a faint yell, and swiveled around to see Logan scrambling over a low hanging tree branch.
"Oh, hey, Logan," Dmitri said nonchalantly, Logan was just like a brother to her. Logan didn't lack any of the brother qualities, he especially didn't lack in the annoying quality....but he was the closest thing to her family.
"How-" Logan panted, "much time till the plane passes?" Dmitri did the math in her head.
"Around 6 hours."
"Mmmm, so, what are you thinking about?" Logan asked. Dmitri looked away.
"Home," Dmitri whispered. Logan put a comforting arm around her, "I understand, I miss my family too."
"AHH!!" Dmitri and Logan's heads snapped to attention when they heard Daisy's sharp cry.
 Don't you love cliffhangers! BWA HAHAHA!!!:)

Monday, February 23, 2015

TAUT - Remember Me? Poster!

Hey everyone! I got to take pictures at my local park today for the next episode of TAUT!:) I'll post the episode tonight or tomorrow but here is the official TAUT -Remember Me? poster!!:)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bath Time!

Hey everyone! Jess had quite the experience trying to give Pepper a bath, check it out!:)
Jess hunted around the house trying to find Pepper, as soon as she had said the word "bath" he had disappeared.
"Pepper, here boy!" Jess cried, she heard soft breathing in a corner.
"AHA!" Jess shouted, she had saw Pepper in the corner of her eye.
Pepper slipped inbetween her legs and ran off.
But before he could completely leave, Jess pounced on his retreating form.
"Into the bath!" Jess said, losing her temper.
"Come here!" Jess demanded, Pepper had gotten as far away from her as possible in the bath. Jess tried to get closer to Peoper but-
She fell in! Pepper quickly retreated, trailing water behind him.
"Pepper!" Jess gurgled.
Jess's teeth chattered and she quickly grabbed a towel.
After drying off, Jess followed the trail of stinky dog water.
She soon found Pepper behind a couch and she forcefully gave him a bath.
"Okay, almost done," Jess said to Pepper as she dried him off.
"I know you don't like baths, but don't you love smelling nice?" Jess chatted as he dried off Pepper.
"Wait, PEPPER?!?!" Jess screamed when she realized that Pepper wasn't there.
She found Pepper again hiding in the dryer.
"How'd you even get in there??"
Unfortanately for Pepper, he had been trained not to bite, he just wished that he could.