Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Queen Of True Hearts Day

Hey everyone!
"Happy True Hearts Day, girls!" Apple White greeted.
"Yeah, happy true hearts day! Where's Cupid?" Cerise asked.
"Hello! Hello! It is I, the Queen!" Cupid cried.
"The queen of what?" Cedar replied.
"The queen of true hearts day!" Cupid said matter of factly.
Cupid flew down to the ground.
"What makes you the queen?" Apple White asked.
"Well, because I am the daughter of Aeros, the god of love, this making me the queen, I'm not very fond of false gods anyway, so I'm a queen! And I spread love!" Cupid said.
"So here!" Cupid added and slapped a heart to Apple's chest.
"Well I guess you are the queen!" Cedar giggled, "in a round about way, you haven't exactly been elected queen or have been born into royalty, but we can play as if you are queen."
"Happy True Hearts Day---FROM THE QUEEN!" Cupid shouted.
            Happy Valentine's Day