Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Lost Beret

Hey everyone! How was your Sunday? Mine was pretty great! I made a photostory a few days ago so here it is!:)
After a rough playtime, all of the Barbie's lay sprawled out on their corner. 
Once I left the room, they could finally stretch out and go about Emma'sRoomTopia.
Chelsea placed a hand on her head. Something fluffy was there and it wasn't her hair...
She ran to the nearby mirror and looked at her reflection.
"It's a beret!!" Chelsea exclaimed.
She walked around feeling confident and mature. She thought her hair looked so grown up with a hat on it!

Not shortly after she found her hat, I came back into the room, they quickly found their spots and fell asleep.
The next day, Chelsea woke up, slobber covered her face and she felt gross and crusty. 
"Ew! I don't slobber in my sleep...or do I?" Chelsea wondered. Feeling for her hat, Chelsea put her hands on her head to reveal a mop of blonde hat.
"Where's my hat??" Chelsea freaked out. She looked behind Kendall...
She looked behind Peyton, but she couldn't find her beloved hat!
Meanwhile, on EverAfterShelf---
"Where is Taffy?!" Rapunzel cried, she had lost her dog! Where could she be??
"TAFFY!?" Rapunzel called desperately. Rapunzel left to one of the higher up shelves to search for her dog.
Right then, Chelsea appeared!
"CERISE! Have you seen my hat? I can't find it anywhere!" Chelsea shouted. Cerise shook her head.
"Cupid have you seen my hat?!" Chelsea cried out.
Chelsea departed as Rapunzel came down to EverAfterShelf with her dog.
"I found Taffy! She was under the couch, but she has a hat with her..?" Rapunzel trailed off.
(Sorry the picture is blurry!:/)
"This must be Chelsea's hat!" Cerise said triumphantly.
Chelsea was extremely depressed about losing her loved hat, so much that she refused to do anything with her hair, 'if I don't have a hat to put on my head, then why should my hair get any attention?' She had said.
"Hello, Chelsea. I have a present for you," Cerise said.
Chelsea straightened up, how could she refuse a present on such a sad day?
Cerise placed the huge box on her lap and Chelsea ripped it open greedily, eager to see what could be in it.
"MY HAT!!" Chelsea screeched.
"Thanks so much, Cerise!" Chelsea replied happily after she had places her hat on her head.
Ginger Spice let me borrow her hat and this idea popped in my head immediately!:)


  1. Cute! I like the hat! :)


    1. Thanks! Me too! I think it looks great on Chelsea!:)

  2. Cool photo story!! I've nominated you for an award on my blog!
    -Lydia from AGfernfriends

    1. Thanks so much! I'll check it out soon!:)