Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bath Time!

Hey everyone! Jess had quite the experience trying to give Pepper a bath, check it out!:)
Jess hunted around the house trying to find Pepper, as soon as she had said the word "bath" he had disappeared.
"Pepper, here boy!" Jess cried, she heard soft breathing in a corner.
"AHA!" Jess shouted, she had saw Pepper in the corner of her eye.
Pepper slipped inbetween her legs and ran off.
But before he could completely leave, Jess pounced on his retreating form.
"Into the bath!" Jess said, losing her temper.
"Come here!" Jess demanded, Pepper had gotten as far away from her as possible in the bath. Jess tried to get closer to Peoper but-
She fell in! Pepper quickly retreated, trailing water behind him.
"Pepper!" Jess gurgled.
Jess's teeth chattered and she quickly grabbed a towel.
After drying off, Jess followed the trail of stinky dog water.
She soon found Pepper behind a couch and she forcefully gave him a bath.
"Okay, almost done," Jess said to Pepper as she dried him off.
"I know you don't like baths, but don't you love smelling nice?" Jess chatted as he dried off Pepper.
"Wait, PEPPER?!?!" Jess screamed when she realized that Pepper wasn't there.
She found Pepper again hiding in the dryer.
"How'd you even get in there??"
Unfortanately for Pepper, he had been trained not to bite, he just wished that he could.


  1. Haha! This is sooo cute! I love Jess's outfit! :)

  2. Funny! After my grandma gives her Yorkie a bath, Maggie comes running down the stairs all sopping wet hoping someone will save her. But it's funny, because she can't get dry if she runs away, when my grandma has the towel.


    1. LOL! That's so funny!:) Oh and I love your new profile pic!:)