Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hey everyone! If you went to my old blog then you know that I did this game called WHAT IS SHE DOING?? It is exactly like Liz's game, but just with a different name. So basically, just caption the picture I give you with a funny caption or whatever!:)
Cecile: what are you doing, Eden?
Eden: Well, since I transfered to your school late, I apparently have all this reading to catch up on!
Cecile and Saige walk away and leave Eden to study. 
Saige: I totally tricked her! I gave her a paper "from her teacher" and it says she has to read all of those books! Hehe! I'm such a prankster!


  1. Eden: This book is amazing! It's so long though...
    Saige and Cecile walk by.
    Saige: Hi Eden! Whatcha doing?
    Eden: Oh, I'm just enjoying these books I got from the library.
    Saige: Wow, that looks like a lot of books to finish reading in 1 week!
    Eden: Well, actually I've had them since I moved here. I don't have a library card, so I kinda used yours...

  2. Cecile and saige walk by Eden sprawled on the floor, face jammed into a book
    Cecile: what are you reading, Eden?
    Saige: Eden?
    Cecile: can you hear us?
    Eden: no. Harry is too busy fighting voldemort.


  3. Cecile- Eden, what are you reading?
    Eden- war and peace.
    Saige- What? Isn't that like 1000 pages?
    Eden That's a bit of a exaggeration. Probably around that though.
    Cecile and Saige in unison- why do you have to read it?
    Eden-school book report.
    Cecile- But your in fifth grade!
    Eden- Yah. Bummer isn't it?

  4. Cecile: Uh, Eden, what are you doing?
    Eden: Reading for the summer reading program.
    Saige: Um, it's not summer. And why are those books so big.
    Eden: Sophie took all the doll-sized ones. She's going to be disappointed.


  5. Saige: What are you doing?
    Eden: I am reading for that big reading contest at school!
    Saige: Didn't that end 2 months ago?
    Eden : Well, maybe, or I could of just forgot about that big science test tomorrow.
    Cecile: Our crazy sister!

  6. Eden: OMG! I can't believe that happened!
    (Cecile and Saige are passing by staring at her like she is crazy)
    Eden: Oh, hey guys! You should read this book. It is amazing!
    Cecile: Eh, I don't like to read.
    Saige: I'd rather do something else than just sit around and read. You wanna come along with us?
    Eden: To where?
    Cecile: I don't know, maybe to the horse stable?
    Eden: Eh, I don't like hanging with the horses. I would rather read.
    Cecile & Saige: Okay! Bye!

    I love doing these games! They are so fun!


  7. Saige: I'm going to the movies tonight
    Eden: Why?
    Saige: Because I really want to see a movie, and I'm going with this really cute guy.
    Eden: You'll never be good enough for him, give it up.
    Cecile: Eden, that was really rude.
    Eden: Oh, what? Sorry, I wasn't talking to you... I was talking to the book.

  8. Saige: What are you reading?
    Eden: Harry Potter.
    Cecile: No silly! That's the dictionary!
    Eden: Oh, they're all the same length. Did you know lucrative means profitable or producing wealth?
    Saige: You're on L?!