Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wow, I'm a bad blogger!

Hey! So sorry guys I hate to go against my schedule, but as some of you may know from Jaclynn, there is this craft fair that we are in and I've had no time to post! But, the craft fair ends today so I will be posting regularly.:)
But here is this picture of my shadow! It was windy and my hair was flying and I took a pic and this is how it turned out! I hope you enjoy! The Great Expedition will be up tomorrow!:)
Have you ever taken a picture of your shadow?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gingerbread Houses

Hey everyone! I was going to make this post with Chelsea but you've been seeing a lot of her lately with The Great Expedition, so I made this with Kringle Flurry. 

Last Saturday, Ginger Spice and I made gingerbread houses- which is funny, cause Ginger Spice and Gingerbread, okay sorry, I'm back on track- Kringle wanted to explore my tasty house!:)
My house was completely covered with candy!!
Kringle Flurry liked the colorful candy roof!:)
Next, he checked out the front of the house, he stood on the fluffy marshmallows!
He strolled over the "snowy" licorice and onto the bubble gum.
Wow! A tree?? Kringle Flurry ran over the starburst and the gumdrops to get to the Christmas tree!
Kringle looked so cute!!
"Are you a fox?!" Kringle Flurry asked. The statue didn't move or anything, how impolite!;)
I really love my roof!;D

Look! An Oreo! Aren't Oreos delicious?!XD
Well that's it for today! Tomorrow there will be a Thanksgiving post up and then The Great Expedition will continue!:)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Great Expedition Part 3

Hey everyone! The next part of TGE is UP!:D
Cerise climbed up and onto EverAfterShelf. Three other EAH dolls stood there.
A very pink Ever After High doll came over to Chelsea and Cerise.
"Who is this?! She is a Barbie!! You know we can't have Barbie's here! You know the story!" She whispered harshly.
The pink Ever After High doll grabbed out a huge cellphone and called Alice.
"She said that she'll be here tomorrow morning. You will have to stay here for the night," A new doll came up and said.
Chelsea silently walked over to where they said that she'd have to stay. There Elsa sat.
"Come child, sleep." Elsa cradled Chelsea.
The next morning-
"HOW DARE YOU TAKE MY SISTER!?" Alice cried out.
Heidi ran over to Chelsea and took her.
"I didn't take her!! I saved her!!" Cerise shouted back.
"Just stay away from us!" Alice replied.
"Ditto!" Cerise agreed and turned away.
Alice clapped and they were back at BarbieCorner.
"Why do we hate the Ever Afters?" Chelsea asked quietly.
"Because they are another type of doll that Emma has to spend time with. It's just a competition for time, and also, they just have never trusted us," Alice responded.
Chelsea ripped herself from Heidi and ran off. 
I'm going to find the truth if it kills me. Chelsea thought.
That's it for Part 3! I hope your liking the series!!:)

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Great Expedition Part 2

Hey everyone! The long anticipated next part (more like the one day you had to wait;D) of The Great Expedition is here!;)
Chelsea woke up far away from the trinket. 
"Oh, huh. I must have moved a lot in my sleep!" Chelsea mumbled.
Chelsea sat up and re-tied her sweater around herself.
Chelsea walked over to Emma's bed and stood there for a long time. This was the bed of horrors! That had it's demon Stuffed animal guardians on it! If she stepped onto the bed she could be swallowed whole by these guards!
Soon, the sun had set. 
"What?! Seriously!? I've spent the whole day here?!" Chelsea squeaked.
Chelsea gathered her courage and flung herself across the Bed Of Horrors at the speed of lightning...or at least close!;)
A huge bear came galloping infront of her! Chelsea screeched to a stop.
The bear flung itself onto it's back legs showing it's terrifying height.
Chelsea bolted even faster back to the safety of the crate. 
Shocked of fright, Chelsea didn't notice an Ever After High doll coming up from behind. 
The Ever After High doll gasped. A thick accent that Chelsea couldn't quite place smothered her.
"Oh dear! Are you a Barbie? You must be in trouble! Come with me child."
"I am Cerise, I will help you," Cerise whispered.
I know it's a small part but just wait for tomorrow! A new part will be up!:) Also, check back later today for a Name That Doll!:)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Great Expedition Part 1

Hey everyone! So sorry that this is coming late- AGAIN! I swear everything that is happening to me is happening from 1-4!;)
Chelsea sat on the corner of BarbieCorner. 
"I can not believe that we have to stay in BarbieCorner! Ugh! I wish that we had more room!" A Barbie complained.
"We can barely move!" Peyton agreed.
"And when we try to sleep it's even more hectic!" Scarlet added and lied down.
Everybody followed her lead and lay down. There was no room.
Chelsea stood up, burning with passion.
"What do you think, Alice?" Chelsea consulted her sister.
"Yeah, sure whatever."
"If you're going to do this, you're going to need a jacket. It's cold out there in Emma'sRoomTopia," Hans said.
"Take my jacket," Hans suggested.
Chelsea tried on the jacket but it was way too big. 
"Take mine, and I'll have Prince Hans's," Heidi said and grabbed Prince Hans's jacket and gave Chelsea her sweater.
"Good luck!" 
Chelsea set off into the night, into the deep void of Emma'sRoomTopia. Few had ever gone past their own specific places without Emma taking them there. The Ever After High's lived on their shelf, also known as EverAfterShelf. The American Girl's and Adam lived in the big storage units, AKA AmericanGirlUnit, and the Barbie's had their uncomfortable corner. The POP's also lived on EverAfterShelf as well as Elsa and her humble helper Kringle Flurry, the only Vinylmation!;)
"Woah, this is where the Dark Dog lives, Emma's dog!" Chelsea awed. 
To avoid being eaten, Chelsea scrambled up the bars.
Chelsea hopped onto the crate and soon realized that she was exhausted!
She climbed onto another knickknack and fell asleep.
That's all for today! Tune in tomorrow for the next part!:)