Thursday, November 6, 2014

Punch Party

Hey everyone! I made this photostory for you guys! Enjoy! Inspiration from Dolldiaries and dollydormdiaries.
Isabelle stirred her special pink punch, she was expecting her friends over for a punch party!
"Hey, Isabelle!" Elizabeth greeted, "is this where the party is?"
"Yes!" Isabelle said.
"Wow! The punch looks great!" Elizabeth smiled.
"I'm here!" Cecile entered and waved.
"Hey, Cece!" Isabelle replied.
"I brought these little cakes!" Cecile put down two cakes.
"Great! Have some punch! You too, Liz!" Isabelle handed the girls their own punch glass.
Isabelle and Cecile sat down on a couch. 
"I love the punch, Isabelle!" Cecile cried happily.
Elizabeth sat down and the girls started talking about their days.
They were so deep into their conversation that Isabelle didn't notice Pepper sneaking in on the punch bowl.
Pepper hopped onto the table and started to drink the punch!
"PEPPER!" Cecile scolded.
"Oh! Bad boy! Bad, bad, bad!" Elizabeth grabbed Pepper and sat him on the ground.
"Oh you're just such a sweet little baby!" Elizabeth cooed.
Elizabeth patted Pepper's head and continued to pamper him.
"Elizabeth! When you pamper him like that he doesn't learn that what he did was bad!" Isabelle frowned. Elizabeth rolled her eyes.
"Well, this isn't good anymore," Isabelle sulked.
"We should probably go, Isabelle, it's really late and mom will want us to go to bed," Cecile said.
"Aww! Okay, I'll see you later!" Isabelle replied and threw away the punch.
Cecile took one more sip of her punch then said goodbye again and left, not too long afterwards, Elizabeth also left.
I hope you liked my story! Have a good rest of the evening!:)


  1. Aww! That was such a cute photostory! Pepper is an adorable AG pet, I can see why Elizabeth didn't scold him that much. LOL. :}

    ~Lydia~ <3
    P.S. If you need a blog design, I'm your gal! I love to design blogs, lol. :}

    1. Thank you! Yeah, she's bad with scolding!;)
      PS- Thank you! But I just wanted to get it up for now! I'll probably design it really soon, but thanks again!:)

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you got your new blog up. Are you going to add a follow by email thing to the side? Because I need to follow your new blog! :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'll try to add that really soon!:)

  3. That was so cute! I loved the punch- it looks so realistic! And Elizabeth's hair was SO pretty!! :D

    1. Thank you!!:) I think so too!:) Thanks again!:)

  4. That was such a cute photo-story! :)

    By the way, I moved my blog again, but this time I made it with blogger! So I would love it if you followed =)
    (Just click on my name to go to my new blog)


    1. Thank you, Abigail!:)

      Okay! I checked it out and it was great! I can't wait for more posts!:D

  5. Elizabeth's hair is GORGEOUS!