Friday, November 21, 2014

So...Many Awards!!;)

I know it's early, but I'd rather have a post up early than have a post up at 7!;) SOOO....Hello everyone! I saw on Adaline's Blog she made a post of all the awards she got, I realized that I had a ton of awards I had to do to, so here they are! You guys are amazing!
In no specific order- my awards!
I was nominated for the Grateful Blogger tag a few times by Ginger Spice, Kathryn,  Lydia and I think that's it....comment if I forgot you!;) Thanks you guys! It means so much to me!!
Okay, the rules are-
1.) Thank the person that nominated you, they will surely appreciate it! Also, leave a link back to the person who nominated you. (I'm going to do that a little bit later, but I WILL be doing it!;D)
2.) Write ten things that you are thankful for. Here's the tricky part though, you can't just say your thankful for gum or video games, or whatever "little" things you want to discuss. Think deeply about what is important to you. Explain why.
3.) Tag ten other bloggers; our goal is to tag everyone. Comment on the blogs you nominated so they know you tagged them.
4.) Add the pic above to your side bar or award page and thank the person who nominated you.-
Okay!! That's the rules and I plan to follow them!
My #1 thing I'm thankful for is---
GOD! He's such a huge part of my life and without Him I wouldn't be standing here today. He sent His Son to die on the cross for my sin. That's just- I have no words. He's my #1!
My #2 is--
My family! I love them SOO stinking much it's insane. I need my family so much. They rock and without them I'd be so miserable!:)
Friends! I know that these answers are really cliche but they are the honest truth, I love spending time with my friends and talking to them and playing with them and all that stuff!;)
Here's where my answers will get a bit--- interesting. I play this game with my family sometimes where I say- "five things your thankful for GO!" Or something like that. I've realized just how much I need my body to be completely fine to get around. So my number 4 is my health. I hurt my finger just a little while ago and I was like oh my gosh! I use my fingers so much! But without my health I wouldn't be able to do all the fun things I get to do!
Books! Oh my goodness! I read the best book ever just yesterday, it's a part of a series and it's called The Keeper Of The Lost Cities, it's a part of a series and if it had to be the last book you could read, I would choose that! It's by Shannon Messanger if you want to check it out!;)
Toys! I wanted to include all of my dolls and stuffed animals! I love all of my stuffed animals so much and also my dolls! They're always good for a squeeze when you're feeling down!:)
TV!! I don't know about you but I so love TV! I have so many TV shows that I love!:)
Wow! We're already at number 8! That sure went by quickly! 
Okay, my number 8 is Frozen! I love love love love LOVE FROZEN! It's the bestest movie ever! And yes, it deserves unproper grammar because it's so amazing!
FOOD AND WATER! This should be waaay higher up but yeah, it's definitely a necessity! I don't think I need to even explain why!;)
The final one, it must be entertaining... Hmmmm..... Ooh! Wait no... AH HA! Okay, this might sound super selfish but I love GIFTS! I don't know about you but I love receiving gifts! I also love giving them too! SOO, even though it's not a necessity I love them!;)
Okay, thank you thank you thank you for this award!:)
I nominate-
Itsadollworld blog

The next award is---
The Blogger recognition award! YAY!:)
I was awarded this from--- Eunice! Thanks so much!
Okay I'm supposed to tell you a brief story of how I started blogging----
Once upon a time in a far away land---wait... That's not my story... Okay, retry!
I started a blog about myself because I just wanted to, I thought it would be fun! I hadn't gotten back into dolls yet. Jaclynn soon had gotten me back into dolls though and I decided that I wanted to change my blog into a doll blog, I continued to do that until I realized that "wack-a-doodle-doos" isn't a very doll name and I thought that that would make people not want to go to my blog. I soon changed it to "wack-a-doodle-dolls" and that's my story!;)

Now, some tips on blogging!
1- Comment on people's blogs and go looking at new blogs. People will notice you commenting and may just look at your post!
2- Don't copy! If you get inspiration from somebody it only seems fair to give them credit, make sure you don't copy! Remember the golden rule!
3- Post interesting stuff! I know it's funny, but don't just post something you've seen everybody else do!:) People want new and creative things to look at!

I nominate--

My next award is--
I got this from Lydia also, but it was when I had my old blog, but I'm still going to do it!:) There weren't any questions on that one post but she did two in a row of this one award so I'm going to use the questions that she used in the first one.;)
1.) What is your favorite book?
You know, I could go on and ON AND ON AND ON AND on about this. I love love love love books! But my favorite has to be Keeper Of The Lost Cities! It's about a girl who can read minds, but that isn't even where it starts! You'd have to read it to understand. It's such a complicated book, there is just too much to explain!:)
2.) What is your favorite American Girl Movie? 
3.) How many of these types of dolls do you have overall, MAG, GOTY, orrrr HC?
I have 10!:D
4.) Do you have any siblings?
5.) Have you re-named any of your dolls?
Umm, no. I believe that, American Girl dolls at least, dolls should not have changed names unless you HATE that name.;P it's not like I have anything against it, I just wouldn't do it for my dolls!:)
6.) Do you have any custom dolls?
Nope, but I hope too! Unless AG makes a white haired, brown eyes doll with the Marie Grace face mold soon, then I'm going to have to make one!;)
7.) Who was your FIRST doll?
Hmmm, that I can remember- my bitty baby! I named her Bitty!;) I tried to come up with a real name for her when I was older but Bitty was her name.;)
8.) Favorite Band?
I'm not a huge band person, but I like Skillet and Red. That's mostly it!;)
9.) LEAST favorite subject in school?
Math. MATH. MATH. I long for the day that it doesn't torment me!;D Unless it's easy math, then I don't care.;D
10.) Would you believe me if I told you watermelon was grown up in the clouds and then a brownie monster brings them down and puts them in the supermarket? 
Nope!:) LOL!

I nominate--
That's all I can think of at the moment!

My questions are---
1. If you could dye your hair what color would you dye it?
2. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
3. What is your favorite book?
4. If you had to watch one TV show or movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?
5. Do you like acting?
6. Are you apart of any fandoms?
7. Do you have a special talent?
8. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
9. What is your favorite thing to wear?
10. (Weird one) if you had to get rid of one of your fingers, which one?;)

Next award!

 This is also from Lydia! THANK YOU!:D

1. Do you like to write?
Yes, but no, but yes.... I like to come up with ideas and all that stuff but I'm going to leave the book writing to the professionals!;)
2. Are your dolls modern and dress up in modern clothes, or do they dress up in clothes from their historical time period to?
Good question! My dolls are modern and sometimes dress up in their old outfits!
3. What do you think of BeForever?
I don't know. I have mixed feelings about it. I'm glad they have new outfits and stuff, but I don't like that they changed the historical characters.:/
4. Which best friend is your favorite? Why?
I love Cecile and Ruthie! They are just so adorable!:)
5. What do you like better to blog about, AG news or your own stories/photostories?
Definitely my own stories! I like to be creative and come up with my own material!:)
6. How many dolls do you have?
Ummmmmm....:I Let me do the math... Ten American girls, one MyTwinn, two toddler dolls, a bitty baby, four Ever After High dolls, Alice, Nicole, Kendall, Janis, Hans, Elsa, Heidi, Scarlet....then the other million Barbie's I have.... I really have no idea how many I have. It's a sickness!;)
7. TOTURE QUESTION!! If you had to give away ALL of your dolls except1, which one would you keep?
How. Dare. You? LOL!;) I have honestly no idea. I love love love Isabelle and Sloan right now....soooo probably Sloan!
8. How is your day going?

I really have no other blogs that I go to... So yeah! No more nominees!:P

I got this award too! Thanks so much Kathryn!

  • Nominate somebody who you you believe is  uber sweet, who is always leaving nice comments, or is just a great, kind Blogger friend of yours.
  • Answer the questions the Blogger who nominated you asked, and then come up with at least 5 new, original questions for your nominees to answer
  • Be sure to leave a comment on the nominees blog, letting them know that they've been nominated. Leave a link to the post so they can easily find it as well. 
  • You must nominate at least 10 people. Tagbacks are allowed, as is nominating people more than once
  • Copy and paste the guidelines so that everybody knows what the heck is going on xD

1.What do you like to do on the weekends other than play/blog with your dolls?
I love to draw and read and watch movies! I like to make these things that I call "edits" where I find song lyrics that go with Frozen and I make collages of pictures I've taken with it... That is really confusing. I'll just add a picture of one of mine!;)

You can just tap the picture and blow it up!;)
 And I also like to take pictures of my dolls...if that falls into the range of blogging I don't know!;)

2. What is your favorite song as of Nov. 18th 2014(I'm writing this post right now, hope you aren't in the "future"

Ooh! I love Let It Go, Our Version Of Events III, No Good Deed, This Is My Now, I'm kind of a music junkie!;)

3. What do you like to see the most on doll blogs?
Photo series! Definitely photo series!

4. Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal?**Torture questions**
Yes! I love all of the disney stuffed animals and I also have this adorable otter!

5. What is your favorite holiday; list three reason why.
Christmas! Presents! Jesus's birth! Christmas morning!;)

6. What is your fave mobile app on your phone/electronic device?

Hmmm.... I love Pinterest, and Safari, and this game called Balls Go, and Phases, Circle, Rotate, The Tower, Stick Hero, 2048, Tsum tsum, and P-E Fotolr!:)

I nominate again, because you guys are so sweet and your blogs rock you deserve two awards-
 My questions are-
1. If you could get anything in all of the world what would it be?
2. What's your favorite movie?
3. Do you like Ever After High dolls?
4. If you could spend time with one famous person who would it be?
5. If you could meet any blogger in the blogosphere who would it be?
6. What book are you currently reading? Or what book was the last book you read?;)

Okay! That's it for my awards! Thank you all so so so much for nominating me! I appreciate it so so so SO much!:D



  1. It was fun to read your answers. Congrats on all the awards. : )

  2. Thanks for nominating me dear! Means a bunch! I'll have a post up this weekend hopefully! =)

    1. You're welcome, Adi! Okay! I'll check your blog out then!:D