Thursday, November 20, 2014

Isabelle's Evening Photoshoot

Hey everyone! My life is totally messing up my schedule! So I'm SOOO sorry! My life is a bit crazy! No excuse though, here is a photoshoot it took of Isabelle! I think they look kinda cool!:)
It was evening and I wanted to explore with the lighting!:)
The lighting made the pictures fuzzy I think.;)
Isabelle is so beautiful!
"Look! A huge mushroom!" Isabelle exclaimed.
I like this picture! But her face is sorta fuzzy.:/

I love my Isabelle doll!:)
Doesn't she look almost evil?;)
Well I hope you enjoyed my post! 'Til next time-
Have you ever taken a photoshoot at night or evening?


  1. Eeew, a mushroom. That's almost as yucky as a bug. ;) Was Isabelle warm enough? She is wearing sleeveless! :P


    1. I don't think that they are that bad!;) Well, no, but it was only for a little while! I promise!;)