Monday, November 10, 2014

Auditioning For The New Photostory Series!

Hey everyone! I've got a big surprise for all of you! I've been planning a photostory series for awhile, and now I have most everything I need!:) I decided I'd make a photostory of my dolls auditioning for the characters!:) Here it is!
Some of the girls gathered around a small table, reading the script.
"I hope I get Dmitri! That would be so much fun!!" Cecile said hopefully.
"I want Hayden! She seems so cool!" Molly replied. Isabelle stayed quiet, afraid of saying who she wanted out loud.
"The script is so good!" Molly cried as she reread it. Isabelle nodded and continued to read the script.
Adam smiled, since he was the only guy, he had to play Logan. Saige and Julie gathered together and read the script out loud. 
"Wow, this is really intense!" Julie exclaimed.
Sloan and Jess had already read the script so they stood in a corner talking.
"OKAY! Everybody! Let's get the auditions going! Cecile, you will start out as Daisy, Molly, you will be Hayden, Isabelle, you will be Chris, Saige, you're Dmitri, Adam, you're Logan, and Jess, you're Sara. These are not your real parts as of now," I shouted.
They ran to their spots and started saying their lines.
"Good job guys! Now, Isabelle, you will be Hayden, Julie, you'll be Daisy, Sloan, you're Dmitri, Molly, you'll be Chris, Saige, you're gonna be Sara, and Adam you're Logan."
Cecile and Jess stood out of the way as the lines were said.
After a few more arrangements, I pinned the cast list on the wall. Everybody ran to the wall and jumped happily.
"I'M CHRIS!!" Sloan shouted happily.
Cast List
Dmitri: Isabelle
Chris: Sloan
Hayden: Molly
Logan: Adam
Daisy: Julie
Sara: Jess
Natalie: Cecile

Saige you will be a character as the series progresses.
So, are you excited for this upcoming series??:) I AM!!!:D


  1. YAY! I'm so excited for this series to start!! :D

  2. This is so cute. :) <3

    xx Nicole Rose |