Monday, November 24, 2014

The Great Expedition Part 2

Hey everyone! The long anticipated next part (more like the one day you had to wait;D) of The Great Expedition is here!;)
Chelsea woke up far away from the trinket. 
"Oh, huh. I must have moved a lot in my sleep!" Chelsea mumbled.
Chelsea sat up and re-tied her sweater around herself.
Chelsea walked over to Emma's bed and stood there for a long time. This was the bed of horrors! That had it's demon Stuffed animal guardians on it! If she stepped onto the bed she could be swallowed whole by these guards!
Soon, the sun had set. 
"What?! Seriously!? I've spent the whole day here?!" Chelsea squeaked.
Chelsea gathered her courage and flung herself across the Bed Of Horrors at the speed of lightning...or at least close!;)
A huge bear came galloping infront of her! Chelsea screeched to a stop.
The bear flung itself onto it's back legs showing it's terrifying height.
Chelsea bolted even faster back to the safety of the crate. 
Shocked of fright, Chelsea didn't notice an Ever After High doll coming up from behind. 
The Ever After High doll gasped. A thick accent that Chelsea couldn't quite place smothered her.
"Oh dear! Are you a Barbie? You must be in trouble! Come with me child."
"I am Cerise, I will help you," Cerise whispered.
I know it's a small part but just wait for tomorrow! A new part will be up!:) Also, check back later today for a Name That Doll!:)

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  1. How scary for Chelsea! I can't wait for the next part! :)