Monday, November 17, 2014

Pride Problems- a photoshoot

Hey everyone! Last Tuesday, I took a photoshoot of Briar Beauty! Enjoy!
"Hello Lovelies! Briar here. Last Tuesday, Emma plucked me from the mall to take a photoshoot. I'm typing this super quickly because I have to get back to the mall! There's this huge sale going on and it's half off on boots!"
"I was really upset that's why my arms are crossed and I look so stiff." ;)

"I look so pink! I love pink!"
"Right around now, Emma told me that I hadn't moved my arms yet. I was so bubbling with hatred and spite that I hadn't realized that I hadn't moved yet!"
"I had changed my arms and I think that this picture is amazing! I look like I'm dreaming, Emma used an edit on this one."
"She used an edit on this one too! I really love this one too! I look fabulous!"
"Of course, I needed a nap! I was just so tired and couldn't say no! I even look great when I'm sleeping!" ;)
"The grass contrasts so well with my pink ness!"
"Another dreamy picture!"
"Next, Emma placed me up in this huge tree! There were bugs up there! OMGOSH!!! And it was so high that I was terrified....yet I still look fab..."
"This is a close up of my face. Oh my goodness! My make up looks so uneven, I can't even believe that Emma is making me post this picture! Don't laugh!"
"I look so tall!! I look unnaturally tall!"

"Wow! I look so beautiful! I mean...not to be boasting...hehe... Okay, well it doesn't matter! I've got boots to get!!! Toodles!"
*glares at Briar* sorry about that. She has....some pride issues....but anyways! I hope you liked her photoshoot!:)
Hey! Me too!!!!!!!!
          *Briar Beauty* and Emma-
Why am I last??? It's MY blog!!
          -Emma and *Briar Beauty*


  1. LOL! That was awesome! Briar Beauty is so funny! Great pictures! :)

  2. Hi Emma! I just nominated you for an award: