Friday, November 7, 2014

Thumper Explores Ginger Spice's Room

Hey everyone! If you know me, you probably know that I LOVE POP!'s!! I just got a new one a week or two ago, I got---THUMPER! I saw him at a Barnes And Noble and I couldn't say no!:)
"Hi! I'm Thumper! Today, we went over to Ginger Spice's house! I decided to do some exploring, I like to explore mostly with Bambi, but somebody hasn't got Bambi yet..."
Okay, he is just the cutest little POP! Look at his floppy ears!!
Look at his nose!! 
And his feet are huge!
He explored her gold curtains!
And her huge bookshelves!
And look! Some yummy dandelions!!
But they were too tall for him--:(
"Hello?" Came a new voice.
"Who are you?" Thumper asked.
"I'm Frolic, who are you?" Frolic questioned.
"I'm Thumper!" Thumper replied. Frolic turned around.
"Nice to meet you, but... Where do you come from? You're new aren't you?"
"I'm your neighbor," Thumper explained.
The two talked and had fun for a few minutes until Thumper heard a familiar voice!
"THUMPER!! OH, THUMPER!" It was me!;)
"Where are you Thumper?" Thumper grabbed his handy dandy rope.
Thumper tied the rope to his foot, then tied the opposite end of the rope to a nearby binder.
"The rope should be long enough for me to get to the bottom, so I was wondering if you could untie it once I make it to the bottom?" Thumper said. Frolic agreed and took position to untie the rope.
Thumper jumped but---THE ROPE WAS TOO SHORT!!!
Frolic untied the rope slowly- it's hard with hooves!
She grabbed the rope by her teeth which made Thumper sway!
Thumper swung back and forth!
"What are you doing, Thumper?" I asked.
I untied the rope from Frolic's hoof.
"We have to go now, Thumper," I said.
We soon had left. Thumper had lots of fun with Frolic!:)
        Do you have any POP!s?


  1. I don't have any POP's, but I have read some of those Ted Dekker books on that shelf that was in some of the pictures! I saw the books, and was like "hey, I've read some of those!" :D