Friday, November 14, 2014

Let's Make A Fort

Hey everyone! Cecile and Julie had to babysit Aurora! Let's see how it turned out!:)
Cecile fluffed up the roses, "we need to look good! Julie, come on! Dust off the table!" Cecile ordered.
"I've already done that three times! How much dust can I dust!!" Julie said exasperatedly.
"We need to look good for Aurora!" Cecile replied, grabbed a red ribbon, and tied it into Julie's ponytail.
Cecile finished the bow and went back to her table.
After a few more minutes of fluffing up the roses, Cecile said, "she's here!"
"Hello, Aurora!" Cecile greeted. Aurora blinked.
"Do sit down!" Cecile invited as she showed Aurora a seat.
Aurora sat. After a few minutes of awkward silence,
"I'm bored," Aurora said.
"Wanna play a game?!" Cecile cried.
"We already played that last week!" Aurora replied.
"I know! What if we made a fort?" Julie suggested.
Aurora agreed.
"Okay then! Let's get building the best fort EVER!"
Cecile grabbed a huge pink plastic board.
And then they laid it onto the table so that they could crawl underneath.
"Wait, we should prop it up against the wall so we have more room."
Cecile placed a strong vase to keep it up.
Aurora unfolded the chair so that the end would be blocked off.
And Julie added the final touch! A huge blanket to cover their fort!
Aurora crawled in first.
Then Julie. (Sorry that this picture isnt the best;D)
And finally, Cecile! They played a lot, then after awhile, Aurora had to leave.
I hope you liked the story!
        Have you ever made a fort?


  1. So cute!
    I'm glad Aurora had fun.

  2. Aww cute story. Looks like the fort was super fun. ^-^

  3. Cute! I nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award.

  4. Forts are really fun! I have a house made out of sticks and stuff outside. :) And I like your new background! So pretty.

    1. They are! That is so cool! Thank you I really like it!:)

  5. That was such a cute story! I love it! Making forts are super fun :)

    Your new background is SO pretty, Cookie! :D

    1. Thank you! Aren't they? You just want to spend all day in them until you die of heat.XD

      Thanks so much, Dee!:)