Saturday, November 15, 2014

Too Much To Do List

Hey everyone! I've got another photostory for you guys!:)
Isabelle continued writing her letter. She had so much to do with such little time!
Saige and Sloan walked in to the living room.
"Hey Iz!" Saige called, "what's up?" 
"I have so much to do!" Isabelle sighed and showed Saige her to do list.
"To do list: 
[ ]Make letters
[ ]Study script
[ ]Groom Pepper
[X] Dust downstairs
[ ] Unload dishes
[X] Have Bible Time
[X] Do hair
[ ] Call Caroline," Saige read out loud, "you've got quite the to do list!"
"How about me and Sloan help you out!? I could groom Pepper and Sloan could unload the dishes while you write your letter and call Caroline, then you will have time to study your script!" Saige decided.
Sloan put up her hands in protest.
"Thanks you guys!" Isabelle said.
Saige grabbed Pepper and started grooming him.
And Sloan sulked to the kitchen.
After they finished their jobs, they met back at the table.
"Thanks so much! Now all I have to do is study my script!" Isabelle exclaimed.
"You girls rock! Thank you!" Isabelle repeated.
Saige and Sloan left and Isabelle got to studying her script.


  1. I'm glad that Isabelle has such good friends to help her with all her things to do!

  2. Isabelle has such caring sisters! It was such a sweet photo story, like Jaclynn said. :)

    1. She does!:) Thanks so much!:)