Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gingerbread Houses

Hey everyone! I was going to make this post with Chelsea but you've been seeing a lot of her lately with The Great Expedition, so I made this with Kringle Flurry. 

Last Saturday, Ginger Spice and I made gingerbread houses- which is funny, cause Ginger Spice and Gingerbread, okay sorry, I'm back on track- Kringle wanted to explore my tasty house!:)
My house was completely covered with candy!!
Kringle Flurry liked the colorful candy roof!:)
Next, he checked out the front of the house, he stood on the fluffy marshmallows!
He strolled over the "snowy" licorice and onto the bubble gum.
Wow! A tree?? Kringle Flurry ran over the starburst and the gumdrops to get to the Christmas tree!
Kringle looked so cute!!
"Are you a fox?!" Kringle Flurry asked. The statue didn't move or anything, how impolite!;)
I really love my roof!;D

Look! An Oreo! Aren't Oreos delicious?!XD
Well that's it for today! Tomorrow there will be a Thanksgiving post up and then The Great Expedition will continue!:)


  1. Wow! Your gingerbread house came out great! Kringle Flurry looks so adorable with it, too! :)
    P.S. I need an Oreo now :P

  2. Wow... It looks so delicious ;)
    Also, could you maybe check out my blog? . Just click on my name. Thanks!