Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Curling Briar and Cupid's hair! Plus a photostory!

Hey everyone! I was feeling really inspired by thedollmag.wordpress.com, they made a post about curling her EAH doll's hair. I was just dying to curl Briar's hair.
What you need, a doll, a cup of warm water, a doll hairbrush, bobby pins, clips, or little hair ties.
Thedollmag says to brush out her hair, so I did!;)
Before I started getting things wet, I wrapped Briar in a towel thingy to spare her outfit.;)
Then, dip a portion of your doll's hair in the water and squeeze off some of the water so it's not dropping. Twist the hair until it coils itself.
Like this!;) Then secure it with a clip or a hair tie.:)
And keep doing it over and over!:)
She'll look something like this at the end!:)
"I can't wait to do this to Cupid's hair!" Briar Beauty cried.
"Hey, Cupid!" Briar greeted when Cupid came in.
"Look how flat and blah!" Briar cried unhappily.
"Excuse me?" Cupid replied.
"TA da! This will have you wonderful curls!" Briar shouted happily.
While Cupid and Briar waited for Cerise and Apple White, Cupid started messing around with her hair.
Briar Beauty put Cupid's hands down.
"HEY GUYS!!" Briar yelled.
Cerise and Cupid talked about school and other activities.
Briar was on a roll though. She was doing Apple's hair now.
"Okay. Now it's time to go to bed!" Briar decided and carried a huge blanket and pillow to their bed.
Soon, all of the girls fell asleep.
By morning, all three girls were well rested... Wait? Three? I thought there were four?
Silly Cupid! She fell off of the bed in the middle of the night!;)
Cerise yawned as she woke up.
"Wake up, Briar!" Cerise shook Briar by her shoulder. Figures, Briar is a deep sleeper.
Cerise fell out of bed and onto Cupid!
"Ow!" Cupid cried and Cerise fell into the ground.
"Ditto!" Cerise replied.
"Hey girls!" Apple said.
"Oh! Hey!" Cerise replied, confused, "I thought that- I just saw you over there?"
Apple White shrugged it off.
"Good morning, girls!" Briar yawned.
Briar rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and realized she still had her curls in.
Briar pulled out her curlers and let them flow around her shoulders.
"Your turn, Cupid!" Briar gasped.
"Ooh lala!" Briar cried.
Cupid pulled her curls up into pigtails. 
"I'm hungry!" Cerise complained and they walked to the kitchen to get some pancakes.


  1. Hi Emma,
    I nominated you a tag on my blog! bestloveddolls.blogspot.com

  2. That was such a cute story! I love how pose-able the EAH dolls are! :)

    1. Thank you! I love that too! They are so much fun to pose!:)