Monday, November 30, 2015

Frozen Fever Elsa Dress - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
Elizabeth got to dress up and be a model of Queen Elsa in Frozen Fever for a craft fair! If you go to Jaclynn's blog then you know she makes amazing crocheted outfits for her dolls (usually Disney princesses or characters!:)) and she needed a model for her Fever Elsa dress. I offered Elizabeth and I couldn't help taking pictures of her at the fair all dressed up! I hope you enjoy the pictures and maybe if you like the dress enough, you should go buy one on her Etsy shop!:)

A full shot of the beautiful dress!:)

The cape is so pretty and the green color is just beautiful. I think I have found a new love in green recently.;) 

It's such a pretty dress and I had such a good time taking pictures, even though I was somewhat rushed.;)
So, if you liked this dress you'll like all of the others she has! She has Rey from the new and upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, Snow White, Pocahontas, Tinker Bell, Anna Fever, and the Live Action Cinderella (which is so pretty!), and SO MUCH MORE! You totally need to check it out.;)
Here's the link-
Why are you still reading, go look!!!XD

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Birdwatching - A Photostory

Hi everyone!
Yesterday, I took these pictures for this photostory. I hope you enjoy!:D
"Thank you everyone for joining me on my pursuit for adventure!" Isabelle began.
It was a chilly morning and as soon as Isabelle's feet had hit the ground, she knew she wanted to go out and do something exciting.
"Birdwatching is your idea of adventure?" Elizabeth asked with her usual haughty tone.
"You never know what can spark an adventure. Have you ever read a book? Their adventures can start with pretty crazy things."
"That's fine, but why did you make us wear these historical outfits?" Cecile asked, gesturing to the pink fluffy dress she was wearing. 
"I thought that it would help it seem more fun!" Isabelle exclaimed and smiled. "Okay, let's go birdwatching!" 
Silently, the three girls looked around at the trees, searching for a bird.
"Are there birds even here anymore? Don't they fly south for the winter?" Cecile asked.
"There are still birds but keep your voice down. You could scare them away," Isabelle replied and gazed into a tree. 
"Has anyone else noticed all of these huge spider webs?" Elizabeth asked, her eyes wide and darting. 
"Liz, I said quiet!" Isabelle snapped, her voice lowered.
The trio continued waiting for any birds to show up and, after an hour, Cecile began to fidget. She was used to real adventures or active activities, but all of this waiting for nothing was making her restless. And Isabelle's soft murmurs of- 'Is that a bird?' 'I think I see something!' and 'Maybe that's a bird?' didn't help.
But she continued to look, hopeful that if they found a bird, they could go play a game. 
"Ooh, maybe that's a bird!" Isabelle whispered. Again. She raised her binoculars to check a tree branch, when Cecile cut in. 
"Come on, Izzy. There aren't any birds out today. How about we go play tag or hide-and-go-seek. That's still fun and outdoorsy!" Cecile said and lowered Isabelle's binoculars. 
"Wait! Is that a bird?" Isabelle pointed into the bush and Cecile sighed as she glimpsed a scaly tail fly across the dirt. 
"IT'S NOT A BIRD! IT'S A LIZARD!" Elizabeth shouted. 
"I SAID SHUSH!" Isabelle barked, then lowered her voice as she realized she had broken her own rule. "Come on guys, what books have you read where they go play tag and an adventure occurs?"
"Can we please just do something interesting," Elizabeth murmured and turned away from Isabelle.
"Just a few more minutes, Cece, Elizabeth, please," Isabelle bit her lip as Cecile sighed again. A slight buzzing hissed through the air and Isabelle swatted a fly away.
"I guess we could watch for a few more minutes, then we can play-" Cecile's compromise was cut short by Elizabeth's flailing and screaming as she batted away the fly and kept shouting- "BEE!!! BEE!!!" 
Elizabeth jumped off the ledge and darted across the lawn, hands waving as she kept going on her rampage. 
Cecile grinned and tapped Isabelle's shoulder. "Okay, never mind! Tag you're it!" Cecile raced away until Isabelle couldn't see her. 
"But guys! The birds..." Isabelle muttered something underneath her breath as she glowered at her sisters. 
"I think I have had enough 'adventure time' for the rest of the year. I'm going inside."
I hope you enjoyed the post!:D
Do you prefer reading or going out and doing?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Hair - A Photoshoot

Hi everyone!
I took a photoshoot of my Rapunzel doll on Tuesday and I am finally showing you! YAY!:D

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Rapunzel is just so pretty!:)
I really need to add her and Mother Gothel to the "Meet My Dolls" page. And my Toddler dolls. And Ginger Spice and Duchess Swan... siiiighhh....It's going to be a long night.XD

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Nothing Stops the Blues Better Than Pancakes! - A Photostory

Hi everyone!
I took pictures for this photostory probably around two weeks ago and now I am finally posting it! Yay!;)
Elsa and Aurora stood in their mostly gutted living room, sniffling. They gazed forlornly at their stacked furniture and packed belongings and held back tears.
"Girls!" Eden cried and popped into the living room. "What are you guys doing in here? All of the other girls are in the van. Why aren't you with them?" 
Aurora sniffed and tears brimmed her violet eyes. "We didn't want them to see us cry!"  
"Why would you be crying? We aren't moving far away," Eden replied, moving closer to them and setting a comforting hand on Aurora's shoulder. 
"We are going to miss our home," Elsa mumbled. 
"I know, girls. But look! We are only going to be moving right over there. We can even see it from here!" Eden pointed to the far corner of Emma'sRoomTopia. 
"We don't want to move! We want to stay right here," Elsa wailed, moved to a stack of chairs and hugged them. 
"Hey, I have an idea that might cheer you two up. We don't have a fully working kitchen but we have a griddle right there and I happened to buy some ingredients for pancakes. What do you say? You girls want pancakes?" Eden questioned. 
They looked to each other with broad grins on their round faces.
"YES!" They both cried. 
Eden smiled and walked to the griddle, plugged it in, then mixed the ingredients she had bought. She dolloped pancake mix onto the sizzling griddle until they were bubbling on the edge.  
She managed to flip them with a plastic fork and she waited until both sides were a delicious golden brown color. She pulled the griddle's plug and placed the steaming pancakes on a box. 
Eden glanced at Aurora's wide eyes and she smiled.
"Go on, you can take one but be careful, they're hot."
Aurora grabbed one of the pancakes and blew on it before taking a tentative bite. She chewed on it slowly and in silence. Eden and Elsa held their breath as she swallowed. 
Aurora spun around and held the pancake up in the air.
"It's good!" She yelled. Elsa squealed, grabbed a pancake, and popped it into her mouth.
"Mmmm," She nodded her head and Eden beamed.
"Are you guys feeling better now?" She asked hopefully. They gave each other a smile and nodded vigorously, mouths full.
I hope you liked the story! When I took the pictures, we were going to make homemade pumpkin pancakes. They were amazing!:D
What's your favorite breakfast food?
Bonus Pictures---

I cut the pancakes out of colored paper, then colored them in in the middle of the story. In this picture you can really see the color, unlike during the story, where they look bright white.;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Zarina - A Photoshoot

Sorry I haven't posted for a whole week!:( I just really haven't been inspired to post, even though I have a ton of pictures for photostories and stuff. But I will definitely try to post more!
Today, I went out and took some pictures of my Zarina doll!
(FYI, I have been taking quite a few pictures of my Disney Barbie dolls, so expect that to be coming a lot!;))

The main reason I am posting this picture is because I finally got some noticeable bokeh in my photo!YAY!
*does happy dance* 

Her cute little pirate boots!;) 
I hope you liked the photos! Zarina is such a cute doll!:D