Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A "Perfect" Spring Day

Hey everyone! My EAH dolls and a few Barbie's thought that today would be an amazing day to go outside and just enjoy the beautiful spring day.:) But it was a bit windy so that was a bit of a problem...
The dolls all lay about in the grass. Some were planting plants, others were chatting, and others were doing other things.
Diane flew around in the sky,  but the wind was proving to be a problem. She couldn't control herself!
"AAAH!" Diane cried as the wind sent her sprawling on her friends.
"Oh, no!" Apple White cooed and hopped up to help Diane up.
Apple White helped Diane back to her feet.
Getting back to her planting, Apple White began placing clovers into a pot.
Meanwhile, Nicole was painting a beautiful portrait of the yard.

" Oh, hello, Bullseye!" Apple White greeted when she stood up, "you know, you smell like-er-well, something bad. You need a bath and I'm so hot. I would love to get wet."
Apple White snapped her fingers and a Disney bathtub appeared.
Apple White plopped Bullseye into the tub and began washing him.
Cupid joined Apple and they began scrubbing their tsums.
Even Cerise joined them with Winnie!
After the bath, Cerise took Winnie for a walk in her wagon.
Cedar lied in the long grass and sighed. The birds chirped. Bees buzzed. Cedar breathed in a big deep breath, it smelled like lavender and grass...and...stink? 
"BRIAR!!!" Cedar whined as she realized Briar's feet were in her face.
"You think she would wash her feet once in a while!" Cedar muttered and walked away.
So, the day continued on like that.:)
What do you like to do on nice days?


  1. He he he... This was so funny. :) To answer your question, here's a few things I do on nice days.

    1. Climb up a tree with a good book and stay there... And read... With no one bugging me. :) I'm an introvert, as you can tell. It's not that I don't like people, I mean, I have friends and I love my family, but, I just like to be alone. (Unless it's dark... *shivers*) lol.

    2. Outside doing a photoshoot, happily snapping pics and sending them to my friends, some of which are amazed, and some who just say, "Okay... Aren't you a little old for dolls?" I prefer the first. ;)

    3. With my best friend Allie, who also loves dolls, but thinks photography is boring. She's so much fun to be with, even if photography isn't her thing.

    :D My question for YOU, Emma, is, What do YOU like to do on a nice day? (Answer your own question) :D

    1. Thank you! Those all sound like a lot of fun! Except being in a tree (who knows what bugs could be in there ;D)
      I really like to go out and take pictures, and to go out on hikes.:) I also love reading.:)

  2. Your EAH posts have made me want to read the books. Thanks for getting me interested! :)

    1. Aw! I'm glad that I've inspired you!:D I haven't read the books myself, but I want to!:) For now, I just watch the show.:)

  3. Cute! Sometimes on nice days I like to go out and take photo-shoots :)

  4. I like going for walks and taking doll pictures!


  5. Love all of your posts! They're hilarious

  6. Nice story, Emma! Your photography was really good!