Monday, April 25, 2016

The Cookie Mystery - A Photostory

Hi everyone!
Saige, Sophie, and Eden had a mystery on their hands...Keep reading to find out what happened!:)
Eden walked to the counter with a smile on her face. Now that her carrot cake cookies were cooled, she was excited to taste the cookies she invented. 
"Wait..." Eden gazed at the counter. There were no cookies! "Where did they go?" 
"'Sup, Eden! Are the cookies done yet?" Saige said, walking onto the scene.
"No! They're gone...I don't know what happened. Did someone put them in the fridge? I hope not!" Eden ran to check on the other places that people could have put them.
She came back, sighing.
Saige's eyes widened.
"I'll be right back! Don't move!"
She dashed up the stairs. 
Eden waited for her to appear again. After a few minutes, she heard the sound of storming foot steps beating down the stairs. 
Saige raced in, breathing heavily and wearing a long, dark coat. 
"This is a mystery that I plan to solve!" Saige exclaimed. "But first... I need an assistant! For would Sherlock Holmes be anything without John Watson or, they're all I can think of right now."
She twisted her head and perused the living room.
Sophie snapped her head up.
"You're my assistant!"
"I don't think-"
"It's not a choice!" Saige yelled.
Sophie slipped next to Saige as she spoke with Eden.
"It's clear that this was an inside job. We must interrogate our sisters to find out who did it," Saige declared.
"TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COOKIES!" Saige screamed in Elizabeth's face.
"I don't know what happened to them," Elizabeth muttered, squinting in the light.
"I dont know!" she yelled.
The harsh light drooped and fell as Sophie managed the flashlight.
"Ugh! Sophie!" Saige whined and looked away from Elizabeth and to Sophie, who was scrambling to catch the light.
"Sorry," she replied, frowning. "I don't think Elizabeth did it though."
"Then which sister did it?"
"I don't think a sister did it. Well, one could but if we-"
"You're right, Sophie. A sister didn't do it."
"Saige-" Sophie started, but was cut off by Saige's abrupt departure from the room. Sophie plucked a loose eyelash from her eye as she waited impatiently for Saige to get back so she could continue.
"You were right. A sister didn't do it," Saige said and came in dragging Adam behind her. "ADAM DID! A BROTHER!"
"I didn't do it!" Adam shouted. "Wait...what is 'it'?"
"It-It-It-It..." Adam stammered, his eyes wide as Saige grabbed his shirt, pulling him to face her.
"TELL ME!" she spat and Sophie pulled her hair in front of her face in embarrasment.
"Da..." Adam mumbled, clearly terrified out of speech at Saige's blazing expression.
"Saige, it wasn't Adam either!" Sophie cried, exasperated.
Saige let go of Adam and turned her head away.
"I can go?" he questioned hesitantly, but he was already up and scooting away. Saige nodded her head and he bolted.
She walked to Sophie and looked her in the eye.
"If it wasn't a sister and isn't Adam, who is it?"
"Well...I don't know, but we aren't following the trail right. We need to go back to the 'crime scene' and follow the right trail," Sophie answered. They walked back to the 'crime scene' and Sophie pointed out the right trail.
"A good detective should look for clues, and I saw this trail of orange crumbs earlier on. I think it will lead us to the culprit," Sophie muttered.
They walked the short trail until it ended at a door.
"Whoever is behind here is the culprit," Sophie said while grabbing the edge of the door. Saige held her breath as Sophie slowly yanked the door back, revealing...
Everyone gasped. The toddlers had the cookies! Elsa held a sponge-y orange cookie in her chubby fingers and crumbs heavily littered the carpet.
"Hi!" Elsa exclaimed, waving her cookie in the air. They both were so innocent, they didn't know that it had been bad to have taken the cookies.
Sophie suppressed a smile as Saige turned to face her. Saige's eyes wandered over the floor until she spotted the flashlight and picked it up, rolling it over in her hands.
"So...I guess we can't interrogate them, too?"
I hope you liked the photostory, although it was pretty long.:)
Cookies or cake?
It all depends on the cookies or cake for me, but I might have to do cookies...Yum!;)


  1. LOLOL! That was so funny!

  2. LOL! That was so funny! XD Saige seems to be quite the detective. :P

    -Clara <3

  3. It really depends on what kind of cookies and cake they are! I LOVED this photo-story! So funny!

  4. Hehe, wonderful photostory! :D

  5. This is awesome!! I love your photo stories :D

  6. So funny, Emma! :D I always enjoy reading your photostories! :)
    ~Christian Homeschooler

    1. Thanks, Christian Homeschooler!:)

  7. Aww! What a cute photostory!I love Sophie, she's so cute! XD

    <3 maplelea <3

  8. Saige's antics made me smile! Great story!
    <3 , IrishAG

  9. Oh, and I choose cookies. Yum! :)

  10. Awesome photostory!Saige is such an awesome detective!I love disney animator dolls!I dont have any myself but yours are adorable!I LOVE cookies!COOKIES FOR LIFEEE-Sophie

    1. Thanks!:D Yeah, Disney toddler dolls are adorable!:) Yay for cookies!

  11. MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Saige made me laugh. XD That was so funny!

  13. Heehee, I love Sherlock Holmes... the books, that is. ;) Sophie's a pretty good detective. :)


    1. I love Sherlock Holmes, but I haven't read anything except for a part of Study in Scarlet and a kiddy version of a couple of the stories.;) Yeah, I agree!:)