Monday, August 15, 2016

Em's Ideas to Make the Best of the Rest of the Summer

Hello, people of the Internet! It's Emerson, Em (or Emmy), if you'd like.
So. Summer is practically over and school is just around the corner (for some of you, you've already started), and you might be like me, and have a problem on your hands. You've literally done nothing on your summer vacation! 
I wish I could say that my summer was full of adventures and stuff, but- wait, Emma, you said you wouldn't show the picture--- 
Um. Yeah...So....I spent most of my summer napping and watching Netflix and pretty much being lazy. (^-^)
Emma: Is that drool?!?
MOVING ON!!! I wanted to give you guys some ideas of things to do to make your summer count, even if it's a very, very (very), late start. 
1. Spend time with your siblings (or friends)
I decided to be a bit goofy with Sloan- we took selfies for probably half an hour. Then our phones ran out of space. 

(Selfie! (^u^) 
2. Buy some new clothes and supplies for the new school year.
Such as new pants (that aren't yoga pants), a coat, and sticky notes! 
3. Read.
I am so not a reader, but sometimes I'll find a good book. Oddly enough, I loved this historical book. I thought I didn't like historical fiction. (^_^) 
4. Try something new.
I tried skateboarding with Faye-
"Is this safe?"
"Yeah, it's totally fine. I've got you!"
"If anyone asks, I was never here..." 
And if all else fails, watch another Netflix episode, take a nap, and try again next time. (Or don't) 
I hope you liked Emerson's post. She's so lazy.;D 'Til next time, see ya!:D
Have you started school yet?:)
Bonus Picture-- 


  1. Haha! Fun! I just started school today!

    1. Thank you! Oh, I hope you have fun!;)

  2. Hahahahahahaha! 😂
    I love the which of blackbird pond! It's so good!
    And I feel you Em, that was pretty much my expiriance with skateboarding to. 😛
    And I LOVE the last pic! 😂😆

  3. That was so funny! I've read that book too, and I loved it. I'm sorry you fell off the skateboard, but it looked like fun until then. Don't worry, I've slept my summer away too!

    1. It's so good!:D Yeah, she's not gonna get back on ever again.;) I'll tell her, I'm sure she'll feel much better!;)

  4. LOL! I love Em's personality. ;) This was so fun to read!

  5. Skateboarding can be dangerous. Be careful.

  6. Emerson you should try and read a little more. I enjoyed your post.

  7. Thank You Emerson for your tips. It is a nice post.

  8. LOLOL! That last picture made me literally laugh out loud! XD I wish I could sleep my summer away. I didn't even get summer off from school 'cause I'm homeschooled! Boo. :P You're so funny, Emerson!

    1. LOL! Aw, neither did I! I'm behind in my subjects!;D She said thank you!:)

  9. Lol! I started school last week. :( I wasted a lot of my summer, too 😅

    1. The struggle is real.;) I hope school goes well for you!:)

  10. Aaaw! I love the doll Emerson is! :)
    <3 , IrishAG