Monday, December 7, 2015

Duchess Swan Ever After High Doll Review

Hey everyone!
I've been really bad with blogging lately.
I guess I can blame it on it being a really busy time of year...
(It's the busiest time of year and it's here!)
I'm sure you have experienced the hectic and amazing chaos that is Christmas time and how it sweeps you away from life and regular schedules and takes you away to a world of red and green and presents and family and celebrating and all that wonderful stuff! LOL!
So, yeah. That's what's going on in my life right now.XD
But I got time to take pictures for a review of Duchess Swan last week and I wanted to post it!
I feel that no one has gotten Duchess yet and I thought that it would be a good time to take advantage of being one of the few that owns her and make a review of this beautiful doll!
So, let's dive right in!
Here is a full body view of Duchess Swan, daughter of the Swan Queen/Odette from Swan Lake.:)
Let's go from the top to the botom, shall we? 
She comes with a light lavender plumage on a plastic, black, feather headband, which is a bit hard (or just impossible for me) to get on if you still have her original hairstyle in (a side ponytail). 
Her face is the normal round face shape that the majority of the EAH dolls have, but I think she might have a pointier chin, and she has very white skin.:)
She has dark dramatically arched eye brows that give her more of an evil look, she has light red eye shadow, and brown eyes. Her lips are magenta colored but the bottom lip has a shine of lighter pink painted on. 
She has long wavy hair that is a mix of black and white and has a little chunk of hair near the front of her face that is a pinkish purple color. When I took her hair out, it looks kind of oddly waved and not uniform. And there are a lot of straggly hairs that are coming out of her wig.
Closer view.:) 
She has a black pendant as her necklace.
She wears strappy sleeves that have fun tulle flurries sewn onto them.:) 
She has an extremely light purple (almost gray) bodice with a white pattern on it which I have yet to figure out what the pattern is, if it's random or if it actually is something! LOL! It's pretty, regardless.:) 
Over her bodice she wears a removable solid black girdle that has some engravings in it to give it texture. I think that the girdle really helps the outfit be tied together.
For her skirt she has a tulle overlay with a sparkle and feather pattern on it.
And something fun is that the skirt isn't combined, but there is a silky skirt underneath the overlay. It has a net or criss-cross pattern, but there seems to be little parts of the pattern that are missing lines. I don't know what that's about...? 
She comes with netting tights (these things are so fun, I love them) that are very well made. I haven't had a pair of these tear or break yet and I don't think they ever will. 
Her shoes are just so cute! They are formed to look like ballet shoes. They have a plastic, painted purple bow at her ankles that crisscrosses and connects to the black shoes that are made of the same plastic as the necklace, headband, and girdle.:) They have swirly engraving all over them except for the platform part of the shoe. 
They have convenient slits in the back of the shoes that make it easy to get them on and off. 
Another look at the sides.:) 
They have engraved bows on the toes which is just another adorable little detail.:) 
Now onto the jewelry and accessories!
 Her silver, feather earrings are removable and super cute.
She also has a matching silver bracelet with a tiny swan pendant on it.:) You have to take the doll's hand on and off to get the bracelet off, but that is how the dolls are designed, so don't freak out if they come off!;) 
She also has a matching silver swan ring that easily comes on and off.:) But it's really tiny, so I would recommend keeping a close eye on it so it doesn't fall off and you end up losing it.:)
She also comes with a plastic purse that does not open. The purse has pinkish purple ruffles and a white "clasp" that reaches over. It also has the recurring swan engraving on it. 
If I have one main problem with this doll's outfit, it's her purse. The strap on the purse is made out of some sort of weird and bendy plastic that I think will break after hard play. I was really shocked when I saw how bad quality the purse was, usually I don't find these sort of problems with the other EAH dolls.:/
All in all though, I think she is a beautiful doll despite some small problems, and I am very glad that I got her for my collection.:) Here are some extra pictures-

My rating of her is a 4 out of 5 stars, the only reason I took away a star is because of her hair and purse. :)
Would you like me to do more reviews? If so, on what things?


  1. Cool! Reviews on any toy is fun to read :)

  2. Awesome review,love Duchess!! WE are giving away an Ever After High Rosabella Beauty doll right now!! Here is the link if anyone is interested!! :)