Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Counting Down Christmas - Day Ten, Wrapping Christmas Presents

Hey everyone!
I made this photostory a couple days ago and I wanted to share it! Check it out!:D
Hailey prepared her work space, her Christmas wrapping workshop. She checked to make sure she had all of her tools- tape, scissors, wrapping paper- check, check, check. She looked around at the new house they had finally moved into. She was glad that the moving was over and they could all settle down for Christmas.
She sat on the floor and smiled down at the gift she was going to give Faye for Christmas. Three Sherlock pins, since Sherlock was one of her favorite shows.
Hailey cut the paper with huge scissors until it was at a satisfactory length.
She pulled the paper over the box and secured it with a couple bits of tape. Her back hurt from bending over the present and she sighed. Why wasn't one of her favorite Christmas activities not as fun this year?
Hailey finished taping the sides up and looked at the perfectly shaped present. She wrote down who it was for and who it came from and set it to the side. She had been picked to give another sister a present and she still had to wrap that one, but she was unmotivated, which was unlike her.
It just wasn't fun and Hailey felt like the Christmas spirit she was hoping to gain had been lost and replaced with a blah feeling. She prepared to start the next present and get it over with when she heard-
Knock knock!
Hailey hopped up, "Who is it?"
The faint sound of Christmas music came from the other side of the door.
"Nikki! Can I get a sneak peek on my present?" Nikki laughed and Hailey shook her head, a smile on her face.
"You can come in, I don't have any presents for you. I wasn't picked to give you a present this year," Hailey explained.
"Aw, too bad," Nikki chuckled as she dragged in a thin box and a gray plaid shirt.
"You're wrapping, too?" Hailey questioned, gesturing to the shirt.
"Yep!" Nikki nodded and she sat down.
Hailey sat down too, and Nikki turned up the Christmas music. Jingle Bells played from her phone loud and clear and Hailey grinned.
They set back to work and Nikki began wrapping her present for Adam and Hailey started on Molly's present.
The sound of ripping paper, snapping tape, and rustling wrapping paper was accompanied by the cheery songs from Nikki's phone and Hailey couldn't help but hum along with the classic songs such as "Gloria", "Silent Night", and "Winter Wonderland".
The song stopped and a slow Christmas song crept out from the speaker.
Hailey straightened her present, oblivious to Nikki's sudden lack of wrapping.
Nikki stared at Hailey as "I'll be Home for Christmas" continued to play.
Nikki stood up and looked down at Hailey, a huge smile on her face as she began to sing along to the song quite badly, and on purpose.
"IIIIII'm dreeaaaaming...tonight...OF A PLACE I LOOOOVE....even more than I usually dooooo...." Nikki sung, her voice swelling and croaking.
Hailey laughed and jumped up and grabbed her hand.
"Pleaaseee have SNOW and mistletoe, and presents under the tree!" They giggled and sung. They kept going on through the song, making silly faces and acting dramatic.
Nikki pulled Hailey towards her and she pointed out to the living room.
"IF ONLY IN....myyyyyyy....dreams..." Nikki finished and the song ended.
Hailey burst out in laughing and Nikki cackled mischievously next to her.
"I have no idea why I did that!" Hailey gasped for breath, her sides hurting.
Nikki giggled and sat back down, Hailey not too far behind. They added the finishing touches to their presents then Nikki cried out in annoyance.
"What?" Hailey asked, glancing at Nikki.
"I put the name tag on the underside!" She chuckled and set the present to the side.
Hailey placed her gift with the stack of presents and sighed as she gazed at them. Nikki tapped the music off and stood up.
They gathered the supplies and Hailey frowned.
"I had such a good time with you, Nikki. I can tell now why I wasn't feeling the Christmas-y feeling was because I wasn't with anyone! Usually, back in Australia I was with Faye all during Christmas, which I think was why I felt more Christmas-y. I'm glad you and I were hanging out, but I have to say I'm sad that we aren't going to do anything else together," Hailey said and Nikki looked away, contemplating Hailey's words.

"I've got an idea!" She cried and Hailey smiled hopefully. "Why don't we do a sort-of Christmas countdown, where we do fun Christmas activities until the day of Christmas?"
"I love it!" Hailey declared and beamed. "I can't wait to start!"
I hope you liked the story! Nikki and Hailey (and some other dolls will be included) are going to be posting every day with what they did that day that was Christmas-y! Tune in tomorrow for a new activity!:)
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  1. This was SO me and my sister! XD I would be Hailey and my sister would be Nikki. ;) Loved the story! Can't wait for more! :D

  2. Cuute! Loved it. ^-^ Merry Christmas!!

    ~Ms. AGdoll~ :)

    1. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you, too!:)

  3. Great gifts! I love wrapping presents and listening to Christmas music, especially on a quiet, snowy day!