Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sparkle Sweater Outfit Review

Hi everyone!
I am here with a review on the Sparkle Sweater Outfit from American Girl! I have Caroline modeling it.:)
Now, let's get on to the review!
Here is the full, head-to-toe body picture. The outfit comes with a light pink sweater, a skirt, and a pair of combat boots. 
The sweater is probably my favorite part of the set. It is light pink, with silver sparkly thread woven into it. The sweater has full length sleeves that are easy to push up for a cooler look.:) 
On the right bottom hand corner of the sweater, is a silver American Girl tag sewn onto it. 
A look at the neckline. 
The Velcro velcros all of the way to the bottom so that you don't have to pull the sweater over her head. 
The very bottom of the sweater parts as shown in the photo above, which I feel would have been better left out because it looks kind of funny. 
The sweater would be easily snagged, so I would be careful to keep it away from Velcro.;) 
Now to the skirt! The skirt is probably my least favorite piece of the outfit, but it is still cute and good for mix and match. It is bright-ish blue knit skirt, with coral colored stitching.
The pockets aren't sewn shut at the very top, but they don't go down far. The pockets have X shaped stitches on them and the actual stitching for the pockets is blue, which I am just now realizing. Personally, I would have wanted the stitching everywhere to be the same coral color. 
Only on the left side, there are six little sparkles below the pocket. These I would have left out, since they don't really go...XD 
The bottom stitching is coral colored and goes all of the way around to the back. 
There is a coral colored AG tag on the left side of the skirt. 
The skirt is really short, a little bit shorter than halfway on the thigh. 
The shoes are super cute, I love the color combination of coral and purple. 
They are combat boot style. 
The coral laces go all around the back- 
-which I like, but would have been really cute without. They would have been simpler and easier to get on without them. 
All together, I like each piece, but I really don't understand why they put them together! The colors don't match all together, with the light pink, coral, purple, and blue. I just don't understand.  
I give the outfit a 3 out of 5 all together, but separately as singular pieces 4.5 out of 5. I like all separate pieces for mix-n-match, but I can't stand it together.XD The quality feels pretty good, my biggest complaint is how it doesn't match all together.
Now, here are some extra photos of Caroline in the outfit.:)

I hope you like the review, what do you think of the outfit?:)


  1. Awesome review! I don't really care for that outfit, but I do like the sweater! :)

  2. Great review! Did you put freckles on Caroline? Could you do a how-to if so? Thanks Emma!

    I love your blog and this review!

    Allie D.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I did!:) I added them to her for a permanent feature, but I can wash them off whenever I want to.;) Sure, I would love to do a tutorial!:)

    2. Just as a warning I once did freckles on a mini doll and left them on for a long time and wiped it off later and was stained purple. Thankfully it wasn't an important doll. Just as a side note.

    3. Thanks, Bella!:) I'm not planning on taking them off, so hopefully nothing bad will happen!;)

  3. I agree- it should've matched. A purple sweater? Or pink boots? Or a purple skirt?

  4. I like this outfit a lot! Thanks for the great review, awesome pics!