Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Who Will Get The Tsum?

Hey everyone! I've decided that my tsum tsums are going to be owned by my ever after highs!:) they are the perfect pets for them. Since I only have one tsum tsum right now, my ever after highs will have to battle it out for who will win Pooh!:)
All my ever after highs were just chilling on the shelf. Apple White was taking a quick nap, Cupid was reading, and Briar was thinking about the next pair of shows she wants.
But Cerise was spending time with the new addition to their family. Pooh was wiggling about, licking Cerise's arms.
"So, how are we going to decide who Pooh belongs to?" Cupid wondered.
"How about we put Pooh in between two of us, then we both call Pooh over, and who ever Pooh goes over to, he belongs to them?" Cerise offered.
Apple agreed and stated why she wanted Pooh.
"I want Pooh because he is SO cute! And I'm a natural with animals!" 
"I want Pooh because he's so---" Cupid searched for the word but couldn't find it. "He's sooo.... ugh. I don't know how to say it. I just want him!" 
"If Pooh was mine, I would wear these super adorable furry shoes that Cupid got me for my birthday, then walk him around, we would match so amazingly!"
"I'm fine with whomever Pooh wants. It's important that he feels comfortable with them."
First Round- Cupid verses Cerise
Pooh started over to Cupid.
But then raced over to Cerise.
"Good boy! Now, Briar and Apple, you guys do what we just did, then whoever Pooh went to, they and I will do it again. Then whoever he goes to will get him!"
Second Round- Apple verses Briar
Pooh waddled over to Apple White.
Third Round- Cerise verses Apple
He chose me!" Cerise cried happily. 
Who's your favorite Disney Character?


  1. Aw, cute! Tsum tsums are so adorable, especially Pooh bear!

  2. Thanks, L. Rose! Yes, they are so adorable!!:)

  3. Pooh is cute! My favorite Disney characters are Cinderella and Belle. You should get more tsum tsums, so all the Ever After High dolls can all have one. :)


    1. Thanks! I like them too!:) I plan to! I want the Lotso tsum and I want the Stitch tsum.;) then I'm gonna need another one for the other.;)