Monday, December 15, 2014

Jess's Curls

Hey everyone! Yesterday, before I went to Jaclynn's, I curled Jess's hair!:) This is how it turned out-
Jess is so beautiful!
Her curls turne out so gorgeous!:)
Pretty Girl!:)

I love her curly hair!:)
Would you like a tutorial on how to give your doll curly hair? It's really simple!:)
I don't know if you've heard of Tsum tsums, but me and Jaclynn absolutely love them! They are all disney characters! When I went to Jaclynn's house, we gave eachother our presents! She got me the Winnie The Pooh tsum, and I gave her the Daisy, Lotso, and Peas tsum!:) This is all of our tsums together!:)


  1. Jess looks very pretty! I would like a tutorial on how to make curly hair on dolls with hair that's originally straight. That's cool. The tsums are cute, too!


  2. Her hair is beautiful! I love the curls. :)

  3. Her hair is so pretty with curls! I would love a tutorial for making curls! Wonderful post as always!

    1. I agree! Okay I'll do one!:D Aw! Thanks so much, L. Rose!:)