Friday, December 19, 2014

Sledding Down The Stairs

Hey everyone! Isabelle and Adam got creative with their bonding exercises (it's for the photostory series) check it out-
Isabelle hopped into a box. 
Adam and Isabelle were going to have a bit of fun, while still "bonding".
Adam pushed Isabelle and the box to the beginning of the stairs.
He pushed the box and jumped in as it began descending.
They both raised their hands.
Isabelle screamed and Adam hollered.
They were so close to the end now!
"Oof!" They both said from the impact.
"That. Was. So. Much. Fun!" Isabelle breathed.
Isabelle crawled out of the box, ready for another ride.
"Let's do it again!!" 
"Oh dear."
What do you like to do when your bored?


  1. Caroline says that looks like fun! I like to play piano or blog when I'm bored!


  2. So cute! I like to do my doll's hair when I'm bored :)

    1. Same here!:)
      ~Merry Christmas~

  3. LOL! That was so cute! It seems like that would be fun to do! :)
    A lot of times when I'm bored, I'll put on one of my CD's and just start singing with every single song :P

    1. Thanks, Dee!:) Me too!:) LOL! I love singing too!XD
      ~Merry Christmas~