Monday, December 1, 2014

The Great Expedition Part 4

Hey everyone the next part of TGE is here!
"Chelsea! What are you doing here?" Elsa asked when Chelsea appeared.
"Chelsea?" Briar appeared and took Chelsea, "what's wrong?"
"I need to know what happened! Why the Barbie's and ever Afters are against each other!" Chelsea cried.
"Well..." Cerise started, "a long time ago, the ever Afters and the Barbie's were peaceful and good friends until one day, when a Barbie and an Ever After High doll went for a walk on the BedOfHorrors or whatever you call it. A bear attacked them and the Barbie selfishly pushed one of our own towards the bear and rushed away."
"That's awful!" Chelsea awed, "it must be a mistake!"
"You must go now, Chelsea."
Briar Beauty clapped her hands and Chelsea vanished to BarbieCorner.
"Chelsea!" Heidi cried. Chelsea rattled off the story of the barbie and the ever after.
"I do remember that story, but differently... The ever after high doll had tripped the barbie and the barbie fell onto the ever after doll, sending the ever after high doll towards the bear by accident."
"We need to do something about it!!" Chelsea decided. They couldn't continue living in bitterness.
"Yes, we do! I'll come with you to EverAfterShelf," Scarlet volunteered. Scarlet clapped her hands and they vanished to EverAfterShelf.


  1. Oh, no! :-O I can't wait to see what happens next! ;)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. NOOO! A cliffhanger!! You NEED to post the next part!! ;P