Monday, December 8, 2014

Sleepover Sundays

Hey everyone! My Ever After High dolls always have a sleepover each week, and this sleepover landed on Sunday (last night)! Here it is!
"WOO HOO! Party time!" Cupid cried.
"Who's ready to watch a major chick flick?!" Apple white asked.
The girls all squished onto their new couch to watch the brand new chick flick- "Romance at Low Tide"
Soon, they were all bawling their eyes out.
"Why can't she become a human like the sailor!" Cerise squeaked.
"But she loves being a mermaid princess!!!" Briar replied.
After the third movie in the Romance at Low Tide series everyone was fast asleep.
They stayed there for awhile, all cramped into the couch, when the credits music started blaring, which made Cerise jump and Cupid fall off the couch, which hit Apple in the face!
Apple and Cupid all fell into a heap of legs and arms.
Cerise shakes from the loud sound.
Apple grabbed the remote and turned off the TV while Cupid rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.
"I'm so tired, we should probably go to bed," Cerise decided.
"Seems like Briar has already done that," Apple White giggled.
The girls all gathered around the couch and fell asleep, to the world of dreams. Cupid had an especially weird one about a sailor being eaten by a giant squid. And about a mermaid who went inside of the squid to get the sailor was a weird dream for sure....;)
  What was your craziest dream?


  1. LOL! That was so funny! :D :P That couch is SO perfect for them! :)

    1. LOL! Thanks! OMGOSH I know!! I kind of died when I put them on it!;)