Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hanging The Wreath

Hey everyone! 
Cerise lay on the couch, reading a new book she got yesterday.
"Hey Ceri!" Cupid greeted as she balanced a wreath on her head.
"Uhhh, what is a wreath doing on your head?" Cerise asked suspiciously.
"Isn't that where it's supposed to go?" Cupid asked.
Cerise laughed.
"Uh. No." 
Cerise got up from the couch and grabbed Cupid's new "hat" from her head.
"It goes on the wall!" Cerise laughed.
"Like this!" Cerise said and hanged up the wreath.
"Hm, I still think it makes a better hat," Cupid replied.
Briar popped up.
Briar cleared her throat.
"That's not what you do!" Briar Beauty corrected. She grabbed the wreath and tried to move it.
"It's not centered!" 
Cupid saw that they could just move the couch. She pulled the couch to her.
Cerise almost fell!
"Cupid!!! What were you doing!!!" They cried.
"Oops!" Cupid smiled innocently. 
Briar Beauty and Cerise calmed down on the couch.
"What's this?" Briar asked.
"It's this new book I got. It's about a girl called Sadi who has totally ruined Christmas. She even spelled it wrong," Cerise explained.
"She even burnt all of the presents!" Cerise continued. Briar and Cerise chatted more.
But they didn't know that Cupid had her own ideas of where the wreath should go.
But Cupid fell!
"AAAAHHHH!!!" Cupid screamed.
"Owww!!" Cerise and Briar said in union.
What's your favorite Christmas tradition?


  1. LOL! That was so funny! Cupid seems so goofy! :D
    That wreath works so great for them! :)

    1. LOL! Thanks! Yeah, she's crazy!;) oh my goodness I know! I love it!:D