Sunday, December 21, 2014

Save The Stray!

Hey everyone! I've got a photostory for you today!!:)
"Nikki! Sloan! Come on!" Jess yelled.
"What's up?" Nikki replied breathlessly.
"We're going to the grocery store! Get in," Jess demanded.
Sloan and Nikki stepped into the car.
Silently, they drove on to the grocery store.
But suddenly, Jess slammed on the breaks to avoid hitting something in the road.
Sloan jumped out of the car and called the animal to her.
"Good girl," Sloan said softly and gently grabbed the dog by the scruff of her neck.
Sloan put her into the car.
"What are we going to do?" Sloan asked Jess.
Jess paused for a moment, thinking.
"We'll take her to the shelter," Jess decided. They raced over to their house quickly, to drop off Nikki- (she had a birthday party to go to)
"Thanks for dropping me off!" Nikki said, pet the dog, and raced into the house to get ready.
Jess tilted the dog's head up and gazed at her neck, searching for a collar.
"She doesn't have a collar," Jess stated.
"We are going to take her to the shelter," Jess said again.
Jess started driving again and Sloan complained.
"But I want to keep her! I've never had my own dog and I really want to-" Sloan was cut off by Jess. 
"No, we can't keep her, I'm sorry," Jess replied firmly.
The car stopped and Sloan slid out with the dog. 
"Can't we-?" Sloan began, but Jess shot her a look that said- it's been decided.
(Woah! I have no idea why this picture is so blurry!XD)
Jess went over to a nearby crate and led the dog in it.
The dog whimpered and wagged her tail sorrowfully.
Sloan went up to the crate and said her goodbyes. 
"You're a good girl." 
Sloan got back to their house. The ride home was silent and she could tell that Jess was uncomfortable.
Sloan watched the day go by, wondering what life would be if she had had a dog...
Two days later---
It was early morning and Jess walked by and plopped a package onto the floor.
"I wanted to wait to give this to you on Christmas, but I don't think it can wait."
Sloan grabbed the squishy package and started lifting the paper away from the--- the...item?
The thing wiggled and hopped out of the paper and bounced around the house!
Sloan was shocked.
"MY DOG!?!" She yelled.
"Merry Christmas, Sloan!" Jess replied and gave her a hug.
"Thank you so much!"
"What should I name her?" Sloan wondered.... What name would fit such an adorable silly little dog? Sloan gasped.
"I know! Quirky!" Sloan giggled.
"That sounds perfect," Jess responded.